Yes its a double hitter.  I will be on two shows today of course Esoteric Radio and the Isis Wisdom Radio Show. This is perfect for those who cannot make today's show early. As I have said already, they know I Know, I must release this information and I need all your help.


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It's ON now!


Wholeness All, 


it's the 27th not the 24th, right?

How do we access this interview of sister Isis Wisdom with Sevan?  I don't see it as one of those listed here. 

Thank you:)


This show has been rescheduled to Wednesday at 5:00 PM Central TIme
Okay Ayaan I feel you 100% let Us continue this evening.
in 30 minutes

Wholeness and balance Sevan,


Since our sun has been moving into the galactic center and receving all that energy from there: 1) what does it mean that we are moving into another part of the galaxy and how will that affect the matrixes [tricks]; 2) why don't they want to evolve?

I will answer the first question in a little but the last question, Why don't they want to evolve? From what I have many of these negative energies cannot actually go higher than the place they are on the spiritual plane because they are in league with other energies that are basically all dragging each other down. Thus they only have access to certain regions and they work to maintain control of that.

Wholeness and balanced vibrations Sevan,


Thank you so much for your efforts.  We are right there with you Brother, please feel and know this.  Love to you.  I have one question, kind of similar to mi estrella's first one - Do you agree with David Wilcock's position that the galactic alignment will bring about a flipping of space-time into time-space (like the inversion of a donut)?  Or is it something like this event will bring about the portal which will allow everything you dream and intend to majestically manifest?  If you have covered this in todays presentation, I apologise and will catch up asap.  Thank you

This is the video where David Wilcock discusses some of this, its quite an amazing presentation for the uninitiated.  Does he represent your views?

Sevan is Awesome!! I agree with you Orangedynamite!







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