Sevan Bomaer transcribed from Esoteric Radio - 2/26/12 - Can You Help My Friend?

An Esoteric Radio production & an Innerstream of Consciousness present:


Subtitle:  Are You Strong Enough to Tread on Snakes & Scorpions?

By:  Sevan Bomaer


 (edited by David Mathematics)

We are treading on snakes & scorpions right now because of the frequency/density we’re on, and how people act.  You do something nice and they’ll sting you – such is the behavior of the scorpion/snake


However, when you are on a mission that sting can’t touch you.


I recently had an experience with a young boy in Costa Rica – and gained a higher

Level of Innerstanding --- Can You Help My Friend?  My friend is the world – it’s dying.  We can find the goddess – she’s everywhere. We can’t find the god because he’s hidden inside of men – and what men have done – they have turned themselves into monsters.  There are good gods and bad gods – women understand this more than men – as women can detect good men and bad men from a distance.


In this context – u have a good god and a bad god.  The bad gods have made the good gods forget who they are.  When you say ‘god’ you’re referring to a woman as well.  Goddess is found in Nature – but the female not only has nature – but also has man.  When you say ‘lion’ it classifies all lion – male and female.  But within male and female amongst our human categorization – there’s an illusory division – but She is not just nature – She is men too.


“Why can’t I feel my body circulating within?”


If we move all the time – why can’t we feel the movement?  ‘because it’s too slow’ is what they say – but does that have anything to do with why we can’t feel it.  If the car is moving 2 mph – you can still feel it moving – but if your body/planet is moving – you can’t feel it at all.


Why is that?


The sun in 3-d is a spiral – you would see everything spiraling around the sun – which is in the center.  That is exactly how it has to work – but when the 3rd eye is open you see the rotations around the sun.  You also see huge beings – perched in a gaze directed to the sun - locked into the position of the sun – and they have wings.  The sun itself appeared to be a gigantic, crystal, elongated skull, radicalized.  The skull itself continued to spin.  In the Mayan text, it says: “what first Father did – only the skull remained” as all of his body was consumed in order to make reality.


We have so much potential because we can see what other stages there are.  An egotistic problem is when we assume we are all One.  There are different versions and kinds of creation.  When you see the spectrum – you see it as a ladder of lights.  You can keep going up and increasing who you are.  How you get up these steps is you have to find a mission.  Your mission is your driving force.  You need to find something that you can really connect to by your heart.


Often times for us it is the compassion.  I had a powerful worldly experience observing a young boy in a poverty-laden situation.  I came to ground zero to see how it is – the little boy didn’t have an opportunity.  He made straight A’s and he was only 6 years old.  On that particular day hadn’t eaten all day – it was 5 pm .  I put him through an aptitude test – and he picked up on the first round/level immediately.  I can’t even pick up on the first round/level right away so that tells you the gifts of this kid.


In Costa Rica – the slums are nearby as it’s a duality of mansions and ghetto.  There’s a woman just minutes away from the slums where 1.2 millions dollars is expended just for the upkeep of a yacht.  The old lady of about 75 is sitting there getting manicured.  The Universe now asks her:  Can You Help My Friend?


If you live for yourself – they’ll eat your ego alive.  But if you go through the higher stages of consciousness and spiritual development for your friend, then there’s a group of very advanced beings who will go with you.  They carry this frequency because they started doing it and thus are in tuned to that frequency.  They set out on a mission a long time ago to help their race – just like what’s happening to our race.  Do you not think there were intelligent people who couldn’t stand to see atrocities in their reality – just like ours – and also developed abilities such as turning on 3rd eye/chakra systems to set out to find a cure and/or advanced beings to assist with the problem on their planet?  Many have set off on this mission to find how to fix the problems on earth.


They learned how to translate the current – how to put the world inside themselves. They saw in 3-D – they knew how to sense the planet’s flora. 




The evil gods cloud vision very fast by giving them a large amount of materialized things.  They put men into cities and shielded them from the ground-zero because the evil gods know that if the good men see clearly – the compassion in them will cause them to summon the god within them.  Each person has this magnificent being inside of them that they can summon.  The ones that are the most compassionate - they try to keep it in a consistent buffer – because the hardship when you were younger was much more difficult because now you’ve gotten used to it.  So you can’t access a lot of energy because you’ve become numb to it.


Any man being encouraged to make his money any kind of way that is not sending energy into the environment is setting himself up to be a monster. 


As he is profiting off of whatever his product may be – he’s constantly spinning in the wrong direction.  Innerstand that there are meticulous levels/directions that this earth is spinning in.  To know in your mind which way the universe spins is power.  We have knowledge on it – something had occurred – this is where the reality has to shift with us thinking we don’t have a ladder to climb and there’s nothing left to access.  There is infinite access to higher consciousness it’s just whether we can tweak/change ourselves and reconstruct our vehicle in a way to be receptive to that access.


Make it our responsibility to help this situation – then we can access it because right now it’s 100% available.  With this energy coursing through you - it pulls things necessary for you to have in order to get to the next level.  We have all the tools here – it takes initiative – and the ability to be precise.  When walking over snakes & scorpions – have a focal point such that nothing can sting you en route to ascension.


Some people ask – “what is it when you feel like you are about to go into a higher state”?  You feel a tingling – and something interrupts it - and then you come down. You can feel something is going on – and you may begin to feel the rotation of your aura - slight earthquake within you but then you snap out of it.  It’s the fear of the animal body that causes you to snap out of it.  The animal body is similar to an iguana re: fight or flight.  When you run after iguana it runs – but decides right away if it fights or flights (back portion of brain/serpentine brain) – when someone is in that area – without evoking higher consciousness  - you are wholly in the physical plane – the animal body.  This is why you jump out of the way of a car instinctually – because the animal body still governs you.  So that animal body often jumps right when you are about to go into a transfer because it’s wholly subject to the physical plane and not in the astral or any other dimensional plane.


We are called to be beings who are utilizing our spirit vehicle to answer/solve problems . 


The first zodiac sign / soul star


The symbol of Aries is a horn/ram – when you go in and look in the book of symbols/amulets - found here:  - you will find that the symbol of Ra is a ram but the ‘m’ is there to signify that now it’s on earth.  The symbology/energy behind the ram is  that which challenges wickedness for others who cannot.  Aries loves the challenge – you see how we were put into conjunction with one another with different skill-sets and inherent abilities.  


We may want to ascend for only self – but the reality of this whole thing is that it doesn’t work without out all of the pieces put together.  The ego is telling us that we can operate alone and it’s all inside your body - but you don’t have the mission – so you don’t have any fuel.  Regardless of how great and activated you may look on the Launchpad – you are going nowhere.  Conquering physical problems and transcending beyond the animal body are signs that you are going on the ineffable planes beyond the physical. 


I’d like to share another personal experience of myself.


Once so many people joined the Resistance network – because of the individual that I am – when somebody says “can you help me w/ this “ I work on it and provide help.  At the beginning I thought we were going to fix people instantly and we’d be done – but there’s no end to the fixing.  I started to get hit with recently urgent messages that it appeared that people caught up to where I was.  Yet somehow I didn’t have access to what the next level would be – so I had to go and access it.  It’s only because of my deeds – things that I don’t even know why I did it – that I came to understand the next state of consciousness.  Wow we get the tools to do this on a higher level.


The sky is the ethereal representation of us – it moves fast because everything is rotating around the sun – but it’s happening right here from our planet.  When you look at the sun you should see a spiraling of all of the clouds/bodies around the sun. There’s a back part of it where things are going around it via 3-d vision.


In my life – I have pursued spirituality to its extreme.  I accessed the church as a child – and I watched those that spoke in tongues – those that danced the dance to the tumbrels and the drums – and even as a child I went to seek this Holy Spirit myself – and almost received it.


In my 20’s I got myself into a deep jam – but didn’t give up on myself.  I started to discover where this God really existed.  Then, I was energetically encouraged to say Hallelujah to access my next state of consciousness.  That was the only thing at my disposal at that point in time.  Instead of giving up on myself – I accessed it and it was humbling and everything breaks off of you – then you go on this mission to serve man/woman to better themselves.  Once I had finally exhausted that path completely – because I had already been going further and reading beyond the bible – exploring the Solomonic work which is the foundation of the Kabbalah – that gave me the notion that there’s much more going on - because a 2-d paper can effect a 3-d world – while asleep and awake.  At that point, if paper could affect things then what else was out there?  


I kept climbing and in 2005 – It was suggested to me to call upon the Tetragrammaton.  What I went thru after that was a masculine version of what the Hallelujah was – it was really aggressive – it corresponds to something deeper than can be explained – but if you’re brave enough to seek it for yourself then they give you the high level for a glimpse and then snap you back on your planet.  So to seek this higher consciousness was the mission, and thus the Resistance was born.


After that – I turned to nature.  Almost like a kid – ‘no more gods for you’ – so then I had to go to nature because the gods in the present pantheon don’t teach about nature.  Then you go in the next direction and get the grounding, the Kundalini.


I solved the rest of my spiritual experiences through nature. 


After pursuing my spiritual development further I was approached by a sentient force that said ‘do you want it to stop?’


I was in a breathing session – and I felt something come under the door.  I had already been dealing with lucid dreaming – but this was the first time something breached this dimension for me.  I felt it come under the sheet and felt it hovering over me --- and I realized then that you have to be brave or else this being would dissipate.  You have to be almost asleep – and almost awake simultaneously.  I was observing this force and it didn’t know that I could see it – but I was seeing through the apex part of my nose – and I saw a superflood type being.  It had something with it – some type of animal that walked up the blanket and went right up to my ear – made a peculiar noise which caused me to jolt and I literally saw it go under the door and leave.


Something then rushed in and said ‘do you want it to stop?’  This was the point of no return – where the real spiritual world turns on – not the book.  I sat on the bed, gathered myself – and said “there’s nothing else for me to do anyway” as I was sitting inside of a prison cell…since then – it’s been a spiritual ascent of me trusting the Universe – never stopping – able to harness all of my guidance and accumulated gnosis.


My spiritual experience then got aggressive – I was only utilizing DMT after spending 2 years in an institution that cleaned colons.  The doctor said ‘I heard you philosophize and I like your mind but your body needs help and I can help you with that – I can show you how to clean your body.”  This is when I got into the raw vegan diet and I began to use the lymphatic machine – sitting in a shower with a special echo/frequency and I’d be there for hours on end.  I was fasting/meditating – and I was able to feel as if I had no organs because my body was so clear it was like a hole I was breathing through.


I was able to sit down and take a few breaths and I could hold my breath intensively because my lungs were so strong that I could pass out of consciousness while still holding my lungs to propel into a higher state of consciousness.  Then I went to what is the ‘backdoor’ – you can only feel it when you come back – when you phase back into this frequency.


After writing the “Code to the Matrix” – I began to read modern spiritual texts in modern mediums such as youtube, various sites etc… – Prior to that, I would only read ancient texts as I had a bias against modern works that I was sure lacked the higher truths.  I then looked at the Jordan Maxwells, the David Ickes, the Michael Tsarions – then I saw the energy of the consciousness of this world – and was getting more and more input.  There are 5,000 members of the resistance and I had 10,000 eyes as I was answering emails and interfacing with all the members – and became to Innerstand the modern state of where we were spiritually.


I eventually got to an apex point where I realized that I was afraid of these grander beings.  I was afraid to enter into unlabeled territory.  This is what happens when you gain so much spiritual knowledge, you’re 15,000 books in – and after you go through so many spiritual experiences and you see so many fail – you realize the danger in breaching into the higher realms of consciousness. 


Once reaching the peak of my experience – the epiphany is –


“Can you help my friend?” 


I went ran through the entire gamut – the occult reptilian saga, Marduk, Tiamat – the god pantheons – the Buddhas – thousands of buddhas – the devout 5 times a day in prayer – the reciting – the counting – all of this is where it ends.


“Can you help my friend?”


Can you help this boy in my community?  Can you help the planet?


There’s a story of one who walked every spiritual path – and at the end of that path there was a highway – which energetically conveyed the message that you have to connect to something that you feel passionate about in order for the spiritual ascent to take hold. You can’t joke with yourself about this as the Universe will call your bluff every time if you aren’t genuine.   You will find this in the places experiencing things you don’t want to look at (poverty, violence, abuse etc..)  When you look into this – you will be able to realize that the energy they have to translate to you is just as vital as that which you have to transfer to them.


We have something else we need to do now.  We’ve been given these opportunities.  Every one has their limits – but get to a point where you are limitless.  When you are approaching these levels of spirituality – to be able to really experience what is here – because of the level of damage that has been done to the vehicle – seek the path of the Shaman.  Seek nature.  Clean the body. 


The Message of the Trees


If you went and talked to the big tree in a state of low frequency – it would not say anything.  Who is responsible for getting the message to the tree?  There’s a courier – there’s a bridge.  When you look at your index finger you are looking at the rings in a tree.  When you cut a tree that’s what it looks like.  There are already spiritualized trees out there on the spiritual plane.  There are tons of trees on the spiritual plane.  Only certain trees are responsible for crossing over the information – for being able to allow you to communicate with them to receive that information.  At what point did we believe there was a limitation on the tree?  Nature has a vast amount of diff. things going on – containing all the answers.


The reason why these other beings/energies are here is because they were in the same situation we are in.  We didn’t understand that - when you exclude the woman – you are on the path to extinction.  When the female is excluded – the womb is damaged – and thus what comes forth from the womb is weak men.  This is when other forces come in and move in on us – in a weakened/fractured state.


When we start to gain abilities – we attain new perspectives far more vast than what we saw before.  There are so many beings sitting on top of petals in the spiritual planes – the radiation coming off of them is so splendid, and they got there because they were helping others as the understand unity – and they adapted a frequency within their circle where they figured out that if they keep assisting each other – it wouldn’t be long before they ascended into a higher reality.


Our reality is not one that recognizes that there are higher spiritual planes.  This is why there are so many crazy thing happening.  If everyone knew about the higher spiritual planes – and the damage was still going on – that would be worse because in in this sense – it’s worse to violate these Universal laws while In The Know than it is while in darkness and ignorance.


You can summon this higher force within yourself and then when it returns on the dimension – you Know it.  You will begin to work step by step with such a high level of intelligence – that now you just get an unlimited power supply to help engine what the potential of our future can become.


We Are Here For You.
















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I would like to thank you for transcribing this excellent radio recording from Sevan. Just a couple of days ago I asked Sevan if there were text transcripts from the radio shows and Bam ! this post pops out. I guess it's like the saying "Ask and you shall receive" :)

WBPV family.

You are very welcome.  I'm a fast typist so I may as well put it to use : ).  Also, I learn so much by transcribing/editing it  I will be doing this more and more for the Resistance fam & beyond.


The energy of this transmission was very high, thanks for the transcription. WBV

this is such a good idea...thanks David for making it happen :)
This is awesome. Thank you!!

Thank you again David for the effort and idea. The more different formats these words of wisdom can be preserved in the better.

I heard the audio "Can You Help My Planet?" (Inner-Signal) posted by David_Mathematics and I actually broke down in tears when I heard the emotion in Sevans' Voice when he said this exact quote.  I haven't shed a tear for a very long time. 

A shift indeed..


That was truely A Beautiful Message. More words of Wisdom, and So Heart Felt. Thank You!!!



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