Lately I have been working constantly on taking the Resistance to an even greater level. What I did find is the ranks are very thin right now because of the cunning of the serpent. Here are a few things to mention to those Christians who are so sleep it making it very difficult to move this dense dimension. 

Tau or T, which is the cross is the last symbol of the Phoenician and Old Hebrew Alphabet thus Tau is the Omega, a symbol of the end. The enlightened person destroyed in the end is the story they are attempting to convey. For the record again the serpent should know Sevan will not "sur"ender and the Resistance is Fertile.:-)

1: What does Versus mean. It means to battle something right? So why are bible scriptures called Versus. In addition since the U is just another V and written as such in Greek, U.S., as in United States would be abbreviated a V.S. No wonder why there is the constant war like nature and the U.S. is always attacking things of course behind a government that rightly represents Christianity. These people believe they are using christ in vain along with the Catholics. That is simply not true, christ, and jehovah are being used exactly for what they represent, division though diversity.

2: Sermon means Serpent Man or Serpent Moon depending upon your source of etymology, of course the Moon was always depicted as a Masculine until just recently. So the Sermon on the Mount is really the Serpent on the Hill/Mound. 

3: It would be totally different if the story was Jesus is the good serpent redeeming the reputation of the serpent with his good works. But that is not what is being conveyed, in fact the beginning of the bible starts with the serpent as a sworn enemy and continues as such.

My question to everyone is what do you think will happen when the Christians find out they are worshipping a Bipedal serpent because its bound to happen? Will they just continue to worship or will they depress the dimension in the greatest betrayal ever. I personally think the New Age movement was hatched to try to bridge this gap and thus they have even revealed themselves more for the hoax they are. Not to mention this faction is extremely racial and cannot be the chosen faction to bridge the gap of worlds.

Here we go with the mess. How stupid do they really take Us to be. After looking at this one should be very clear about what is happening and what needs to be done. The pictures are those circulated amongst the New Age movement depicting their "ascended master". The fact is most of these individuals do not exist beyond Photoshop as they have no history written before this modern movement. The rest are just as they appear, replicas of the same oppressive idealism of saviors yet to arrive in the clouds.

Vitoria - The V

Paulo Veneziano

Sanat Kumaru - Jesus is that you?

Hilarion - 8 Points

Lanto - Lando? Hmmm

Kuthumi - Cthulhu Me?

Confucius - Who was a Jesuit check wiki

Rowena - Somebody had to add their mom :-)

Seraphis Bey - Serpent Ruler?

Nada - The exact amount you will learn from them

Sananda - Starting to see the trend here?

Chohan - They can't be serious with the turban.

Portia - Like I said when any of these people show up let me know.


Will the real Maitreya please stand up, there are so many now oh I forgot there is more than one, hmm seems like something would be done about the Earth situation by now in that case.


So if I put my head in front of one of those glowing things it will do more for PR eh.

Djwhal Khul - What can you really say?

Afra - No records simply a token.

Ashtar Sheran - This card advances the player 1 space in the Galactic Role Play

Wait a minute I thought this was Jesus

St. Germaine 

Okay I'm getting agitated with the play so this is about enough for me. Surely if We don't start speaking out and stop being played as a Species Our condition will not increase, we are not being taken serious. If the masses keep believing in this mess it is only showing the controllers that they can keep it going. I invite all to be bold and courageous about what we are facing on this dimension, its not just one person's responsibility. Awake your Neighbor.

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this all the preparation for project blue beam duping the mass into a false ascension... the new agers call them ascending masters, right away that should hint a person to their duplicity. instead the people should be mastering their own ascension.
"My question to everyone is what do you think will happen when the Christians find out they are worshipping a Bipedal serpent because its bound to happen?"

Nothing. I'm from Suriname and in Suriname christianity and serpent worship go hand in hand. They see the snake as a vessel for their ancestors and as a symbol of wisdom. They have their ceremonies and rituals were they honor the snake and get possessed and then go to church the next day and get possessed all over again. When it happens in the rituals they say they are visited by the ancestors and when it happens in church they say they are visited by the holy spirit.



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