Lately I have been working constantly on taking the Resistance to an even greater level. What I did find is the ranks are very thin right now because of the cunning of the serpent. Here are a few things to mention to those Christians who are so sleep it making it very difficult to move this dense dimension. 

Tau or T, which is the cross is the last symbol of the Phoenician and Old Hebrew Alphabet thus Tau is the Omega, a symbol of the end. The enlightened person destroyed in the end is the story they are attempting to convey. For the record again the serpent should know Sevan will not "sur"ender and the Resistance is Fertile.:-)

1: What does Versus mean. It means to battle something right? So why are bible scriptures called Versus. In addition since the U is just another V and written as such in Greek, U.S., as in United States would be abbreviated a V.S. No wonder why there is the constant war like nature and the U.S. is always attacking things of course behind a government that rightly represents Christianity. These people believe they are using christ in vain along with the Catholics. That is simply not true, christ, and jehovah are being used exactly for what they represent, division though diversity.

2: Sermon means Serpent Man or Serpent Moon depending upon your source of etymology, of course the Moon was always depicted as a Masculine until just recently. So the Sermon on the Mount is really the Serpent on the Hill/Mound. 

3: It would be totally different if the story was Jesus is the good serpent redeeming the reputation of the serpent with his good works. But that is not what is being conveyed, in fact the beginning of the bible starts with the serpent as a sworn enemy and continues as such.

My question to everyone is what do you think will happen when the Christians find out they are worshipping a Bipedal serpent because its bound to happen? Will they just continue to worship or will they depress the dimension in the greatest betrayal ever. I personally think the New Age movement was hatched to try to bridge this gap and thus they have even revealed themselves more for the hoax they are. Not to mention this faction is extremely racial and cannot be the chosen faction to bridge the gap of worlds.

Here we go with the mess. How stupid do they really take Us to be. After looking at this one should be very clear about what is happening and what needs to be done. The pictures are those circulated amongst the New Age movement depicting their "ascended master". The fact is most of these individuals do not exist beyond Photoshop as they have no history written before this modern movement. The rest are just as they appear, replicas of the same oppressive idealism of saviors yet to arrive in the clouds.

Vitoria - The V

Paulo Veneziano

Sanat Kumaru - Jesus is that you?

Hilarion - 8 Points

Lanto - Lando? Hmmm

Kuthumi - Cthulhu Me?

Confucius - Who was a Jesuit check wiki

Rowena - Somebody had to add their mom :-)

Seraphis Bey - Serpent Ruler?

Nada - The exact amount you will learn from them

Sananda - Starting to see the trend here?

Chohan - They can't be serious with the turban.

Portia - Like I said when any of these people show up let me know.


Will the real Maitreya please stand up, there are so many now oh I forgot there is more than one, hmm seems like something would be done about the Earth situation by now in that case.


So if I put my head in front of one of those glowing things it will do more for PR eh.

Djwhal Khul - What can you really say?

Afra - No records simply a token.

Ashtar Sheran - This card advances the player 1 space in the Galactic Role Play

Wait a minute I thought this was Jesus

St. Germaine 

Okay I'm getting agitated with the play so this is about enough for me. Surely if We don't start speaking out and stop being played as a Species Our condition will not increase, we are not being taken serious. If the masses keep believing in this mess it is only showing the controllers that they can keep it going. I invite all to be bold and courageous about what we are facing on this dimension, its not just one person's responsibility. Awake your Neighbor.

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human beings are not the illuminati, it is the demonic entities along with many many diffrent alien beings from our solar system a very large presence of venus has been exposed. reptilians are real. Im just tired of the people who are only half awake, to ever truly wake up you need to let go of all old religions and beliefs that have been promoted by the same evil force that created them, lets stop seeking exsternal forces for help wen the power to live is inside. a human being is what i am and thats what i am proud to be, ill never depend on any dieti or the gods for my happiness, i have the strangth to love and thats all we'll ever need. so WE ARE NOT ILLUMINATI we are HUMAN CONCIOUSNESS and we are all beautiful and powerful.
Again some may look at this and say why does Sevan behave this way. :-) At this point I have talked to hundreds of people that have been involved in these new age movements and 90% of them have never had any real experience even after being devote believers in the New Age movement. They come out with less understanding than they had before and a lot more naive than ever before. Thus these so-called ascended masters are not even assisting people personally which is easy to do if they are omnipresent like they claim.

For those that had an experience it was from some long haired Pleiadian Nord, this I've recorded in several instances by women, that was draining life essence from their atmosphere. Of course they invited them. So again what I'm saying is this is not just based on what I think its based on what is really going on. It is only when you have a site and exposure to people of this nature that you can truly know what is happening. Everyone else is just on the outside looking in, judging it based on a couple of halos and the mass effect.
I thank U for sharing this. Please don't take this in offense. We are people of Color. I am HUMAN. I detest the word black used to discribe a Beautiful People. I know we have been conditioned to use the term of the day. Look up Black in any dictionary. That is not me nor is it U. U have a proud Story and so do I. We are all citizens of the Planet. I agree color plays a role in what we go through in many countries. Try living in Germany!
Why is this here? Did I miss something?

I want to thank you for posting this information. This topic in particular, St. Germain, Emil, Masters of the Far East series, Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially Course in Miracles text and workbook etc. has been a bone of contingent in my home particularly. My significant other was exposed to this information and has been trying to indoctrinate me with it since before I found out about this site. Not having the benefit of some of the research I know now, I knew that there was something in the doctrine that would not settle in the spirit right. Jesus is spoken as being the "Lord of Miracles", given the ability to to shorten time to create a miracle.
He used to read it to me every day and try to get me to do the workbook which is a 365 day course of exercises. Also given the fact that he is still practicing the same bad habits as before with that information and the complete and total change in myself given the path that I have been on- this makes it even more clear to me I am on the right track- within.

Thanks again!

Abrasax - Mr. 365 - Solar "Cock - Clock" (deciphered)

Like I said above, once the "blind believers" figure out what's going on totally I wonder how they are going to take it. One thing is for sure We wil need to be thee for those ready to put it behind them and move on. This is the bridge that I speak of. The Adept, Gnostic, Cardinals, Priests, etc. all know what's going on. There are so few that really know for one basic reason. If you know than you don't talk if you talk you don't know. I find myself sandwhiched in between the 2. I know because I had a very heavy dose of gnosticism and a firm innerstanding of the occult for years, that paired with the Cipher gave me all the overwhelming evidence I needed on what makes everything tic and tock. I talk about it all in detail because nobody else does. I have already seen many people walk away form these so-called "faiths" once they find out, but most never turn back to see if they can free other fellow members from it. In most cases they simply lack the ammunition and the facts as they to have not really "practiced". People should not be surprised if they directed people to Christianity blindly, they may be responsible for leading people away from it. Thats called balancing out. The world is not a free-for-all as people think, everything will be in measure.
I agree with where the responsibility lies. People are beginning to know what I'm going to be talking about when I'm around them. There is just no shortage of examples to draw upon, especially now. Being armed with the "firm" understanding is the thing though, the library on the site has helped with that. I've noticed that many of these people did not need this much explanation when they joined the religion but they want unequivocal proof that this is breakdown of whats going on.
So very true, didn't take much to get them to sign in, but it takes everything to explain to them why they might want to sign out while there is still a little time.
No doubt Ayzik. There are better methods being developed daily but here is the biggest thing. Attempting to wake people up is a noble deed as they will be abruptly woke up in a moment. Doing this also keeps you awake as there is something that must be done why this last bit of Time is passing. One trains continuously to develop the ability to the point that it becomes natural. This is what I will talk about also on this Wednesday's show that parallel world that cannot and will not be ignored. Those that will be caught by surprise in the greatest time of mental manifestation will manifest hell for themselves that cannot be avoided. I will say this again to all, avoid being a 0 in a world that 1's actually exist.
It's just so difficult to speak the truth. People just always blow it off or think you're crazy. Because American Idol and People magazine are more important.
Actions speak louder then words. truth speaks for it self.... is for the worthy ones to seek beyond! The time is now..... we are it... we will get our chances to speak to the world.... I mean arent we already "resistance2010".
-I speak of the changing minds, if the world is saved, it will be saved by those with changed minds-not by programs but by people with changed minds. Its difficult for people to credit this notion, because they dont see what we have here, eevery bit of it-all the triumph and glory of the suppress or those who resist something so small as DES-Tiny(atleast the one painted with doom) and catasrophe of it-is the work of people with changed minds or the awaken good O'Light bulb...
Old Nick means DEVIL.... Council of Nicaea... NICaEA.... EA is also Enki.... or Nike.... NIKKE is dutch for DEVIL.... Jesus in DUTCH is Jezus... ZEUS... which is Thor... who's Bday is Dec.25th.... NICaEA is now called IZNIK.... IsNick.... get it? Problem is.... when you have the rug pulled out from under you.... and you realize it is all a crock of crap.... it feels a bit lonely... for what is it then? What is the truth? For me... the truth is SEEKING the TRUTH.... that is the journey.... and I do not believe their is a destination... just a journey... I have reclaimed my sovereign soul's right of independence from this sphere. Individuality over the HIVE mind of Satanically inspired RE-Legions of the Damned. Worship and Serve the LOA... Or become a being of light with your brethren in creative imagination.



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