A powerful subtle energy tool attuned for use exclusively with the Self Healing Hand Book – The Advanced Hand Book of Soul Transformation.

The ‘SELF HEALING Facilitator’

In line with our aim to offer the best to empower people directly we present the ‘Self Healing Facilitator’. This was designed to facilitate self accessing of multi dimensional realms, deeper explorations of your
own inner self while supporting deep soul level transformation. They are
made as pendants to be worn around the neck. This tool is a combination
of the original tools presented on the Soul-Healer.com web site. The
Personal Unity Facilitator and the Collective Unity Facilitator.

Subtle Energy tool for Self Transformation

It is designed to support and accelerate the work you do with ‘The Advanced Handbook of Soul Transformation’ e-book which was written specifically for use by this energy tool. It holds many thousands of A subtle energy tool for self healing and soul transformationenergy
shifts as well as releasing and clearing blue prints that help you to
release yourself from negativity and attachments, to integrate lost soul
parts and energies, to resolve issues and release yourself from
debilitating traumas and so on. It actively works on all levels within
all dimensions and all existences within ALL THAT IS in this multiverse
to do this. Basically, this tool shifts your S***. It is powerful and
effective and works in alignment with ALL that is promoting and working
to facilitate your transformation at this time.

Please note that this is not like many of the subtle energy tools ‘out there’ that often work either by monitoring and continually adjusting your energy field to achieve a balance against ‘something’
deeper that is responsible for the imbalance or to flood your energy
body with ‘positive’ resonances or ‘nice’ feelings to make you feel good
or nice. These don’t actually deal with what is causing you to be out
of balance or not feeling good or ‘right’ in the first place. I cannot
see how covering some trauma ‘shit’ with a nice energy blanket and then
filling your energy body with the equivalent of some smelly ‘air
freshener’ is any different to taking something like Prozac. This subtle
energy tool holds energies that help you engage with and open to issues
which at the very least is a start to resolving them completely. When
you get to the underlying causes and deal with them properly then you
don’t need balancing tools or techniques or systems.

Does it actually work?


Get more in touch with your Multidimensional Self

Designed to facilitate you to get more in touch with ALL THAT YOU ARE on all levels. Its function is three fold:

  • To help in the resolution of debilitating issues and traumas.
  • To facilitate you to become more aware of yourself to progressively deeper levels.
  • To help make you aware of faulty beliefs, limited mind sets and conditioning from all levels and all existences.

Unlike many self help approaches, this tool is not about reading stuff or understanding things, it offers you the energies and capabilities to actually DO IT. The energies within it cover four main
areas, these are;

  • Communication with Spirit: The SHF gives you a simple, immediate and direct communication with your Higher Self and Divine Spirit. The communication, when used by those with poor intuition will guide
    them to work with appropriate areas from the manual and booklet.
  • Multidimensional Awareness and Awareness of YOURSELF: It facilitates you to develop a greater awareness focused on you exploring YOU. It will help you more effectively access other realities within
    which parts of you already exist. With time some become directly and
    progressively aware of different existences that they have had and
    others that they are having NOW.
  • Strengthening of Intent: Without a strong intent you will not move forward much. With this in mind, one of the main and most effective functions of this tool is to greatly magnify your focus of intent or
    will. In effect what you ask for is then much more likely to manifest.
    So, movements that may have taken you many lifetimes you will now find
    can be completed in this one.
  • Transforming and Evolving: The majority of its energies are strongly focused to help people clear all that prevents them from embracing ALL THAT THEY ARE in UNITY.

LIFE CHANGES that this energy tool facilitates

From our experience of those working with this tool many of the following life changes hold true when you work with yourself with commitment and focus.

  • You become progressively more secure, centred, content and confident within yourself and about yourself not matter what is going on.
  • You have more ability to do things that you want to do, rather than what you have been conditioned to do, have done to gain approval or done to fit in.
  • Increasingly stand up for who you are. This results in you becoming less and less tolerant of non-honouring environments, situations and relationships.
  • Move into a greater level of acceptance and find it harder to make judgements about yourself or others.
  • Become less controlling and reactive, more open and much more in tune with yourself such that you are able to flow with life rather than against it.
  • You find yourself naturally forgoing expectations and preconceptions to live in the moment.
  • It becomes easier and easier to let go, to drop barriers, to put down the armouring while at the same time being less affected by difficult and stressful situations, people, relationships and so forth
    than in the past.
  • You become less and less dependent on others to give meaning and confirmation to your life, as you gain this meaning and confirmation from within yourself.
  • You move more into joy, humour, happiness, delight and so on. However this is more in a full being / feeling sense rather than a heart or head localized sense.

AWARENESS CHANGES this tool facilitates

We find that as you focus on releasing yourself from inner and outer restrictions and limitations then this automatically increases your level of awareness with respect to other realities as well as and more
importantly to YOURSELF here.

  • Your awareness of your soul qualities, experience, talents and goals gradually manifests as more inner wisdom and intuition.
  • It facilitates you to develop the ability to access hyperspace (multidimensional realities). You may then take on a multidimensional awareness in both your thinking, feeling and eventually Being. You also
    with time become more aware of your other dimensional selves and your
    multidimensional and shall we say divine nature.
  • Your consciousness and awareness will increase, you will change your thinking and let go of limited beliefs, knowings and truths to move into less limiting beliefs and truths.
  • You will feel a deeper communion with Spirit and a deeper flow with ALL THAT IS, making it easier to recognize and flow with your inner guidance and intuition.
  • It will empower you to take the driving seat with regards moving into and transforming ALL THAT YOU ARE.

What people have said about earlier versions of this self healing energy tool;

‘A very effective, powerful and useful tool.’ – Y Stebbing.
‘The scope and breath of what the Tool can do is amazing’ – D Murphy.
‘A tremendous sense of being supported and guided by the universe’ – P Quinn.
‘It’s like having a direct line to Spirit – No fuss or long winded ritual to be performed’ – J Deegan.
‘I had issues arising at a much faster rate and was able to clear them so much easier’ – A Sefipour
‘I am spending more and more time in the here and now.’ – J Deegan.

The ‘SELF HEALING FACILITATOR’ in greater detail

The Personal Unity Facilitator holds a broad spectrum of energy shifts and energy movements to help you within all that is limiting you within your past life existences and a little beyond. As the user makes
movements the energy tool will ensure that support teams appropriate to
the new movement are at hand. It’s basic agenda is focused Soul
Transformation which means that it will facilitate putting you in touch
with yourself, your limits, so that you can then understand and from
there it will help you to resolve or let go completely. It will not
involve itself in unethical or separating agendas however strong, nor it
will not involve itself in facilitating avoidance or suppression. It
will facilitate in the following areas and beyond;

  • To focus directly on what is required to bring all parts within a dispersed soul together, it will work to remove barriers and blockages that are preventing this.
  • Realigning and re-balancing energy bodies, energy connections and energy associations on all levels all the way back to soul birth.
  • Working directly to facilitate you to merge with your higher aspects and soul forms to help you embody and express them here
  • Will facilitate in the removal of human based design restrictions.
  • Energy Clearing; It will facilitate in the release of so called negative energies (emotions, energy blockages, suppressed traumas and so on).
  • Releasing unexpressed and therefore unreleased emotions relating to or any other existence on any level all the way back to soul birth including the more debilitating ones received in soul culture
  • Breaking bonds & ties from any being on any level whose continued association is a limitation to your soul expression and or that is keeping you out of alignment with a movement into ALL THAT YOU
    ARE and UNITY.
  • Releasing entity attachments from past lives, lower soul forms and higher soul forms including shape shifters and so on.
  • Release from third part hidden or unknown interference.
  • The presentation and speeding up of all issues from any existence, level or dimension back to SOUL BIRTH or beyond so that they may be resolved efficiently. This may occur in dreams, in this life situations
    or through awareness and entity interactions to reach a solution.
  • Resolve conditioning and traumas obtained from soul child hood and soul parenting, soul culture and soul ancestral situations and environments.
  • Release from repeated multidimensional carry over, when trauma is so bad that it is automatically re-expresses itself lifetime after lifetime.
  • Release from pacts, agreements, vows, oaths, rituals, ceremonies, promises, contracts, spells, energy focuses, curses and so on. This can be done irrespective of which level – from embodied existences all the
    way back through soul cultures.
  • Release from affiliations with religions, cults, secret societies and so on. Again these can be dealt with on all levels with respect to all existences.
  • Release from debilitating spiritual affiliations including; gurus, masters, avatars, ascended masters, leaders and so on. Paradoxically these are the worst. For many years up to 40% of our processing has been
    focused on dealing with spiritual groups on all levels who see our work
    as a threat and who come up with increasingly novel means to either
    stop or distract us from bringing what we know here. We find the
    contradictions in those presenting what they do as a spiritual path
    while suppressing others appalling.
  • Resolving ancestral carry over from human existences and beyond again all the way back to the ancestors of your soul family and all existences between.
  • Release from agendas, missions and so on that are not in alignment with a movement into ALL THAT YOU ARE.
  • Release from higher level soul culture traditions, ways of being, focuses and other constraints.
  • Releasing from engrained conditioning, beliefs, mind sets, constraining attitudes and collective conditioning from all levels back to soul birth including ancestral and cultural conditioning on all
  • Removal of electronic, crystalline, ceramic or organic type energy implants.
  • Removal of energy caps, energy inserts, energy barriers, energy body implants.
  • To reclaim all lost parts, lost energies, lost aspects, lost memories.
  • To bring together or reunite soul split forms.
  • To achieve acceptance and integration of soul aspects and soul cultural forms.
  • Facing and dealing with your dark side, your aspects involved in manipulation, control and suppression from all levels including soul culture levels (and we all have them).
  • We very rarely focus specifically on the following areas as they seem to happen automatically with the focus that we have to make a complete movement; re-writing DNA, re-generate cells, erasing or
    re-writing cellular memory and so forth.

I’m not impressed with terms like DNA activation or holographic re-patterning or activating your light bodies or Merkibar vehicle or ‘whatever’. None of these are the point; it’s about working on your
issues, it’s about fully healing your issues at their cause. Over
impressive names are a glorified way of distracting people from getting
on with the hard work. I used to be a scientist remember; they revel in
complex and obscure names – overall it’s a way of making someone’s
knowledge seem important (when it’s often not) as well as of making
things sound more sophisticated than they actually are.

Summary of what this tool does?

Well bottom line it was designed to hold all the resources that I collected that enabled me to do what I cover in the book. So, for example I sat every Saturday for 6 months releasing one entity after
another; and figuring out all that was needed to do this; all the energy
blue prints or ‘experience’ of negotiating and making these release’s –
about 3000 of them are held within this tool.

It makes no difference how waxed and polished your Merkibar vehicle is or how bright and shiny your light bodies are or how many oil changes your DNA has had – none of these are going to impress or deter any
belligerent entities – not one bit.

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Really glad that this is useful for some of you. I liked it too! We need every tool we can acquire to heal ourselves and focus inward on our power. Much luv and light
Thank you soo much. wholeness to you :)



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