Seeking to connect with Resistance Members in the Bay Area of California

This might not be the ideal place to post this, or maybe it is? I dont know, however I figured it would be nice to connect with local family in the bay area that are seeking a room mate or perhaps a partner to rent out an apartment together. I'm in the east bay and would preferably want to be in the oakland, union city, hayward, san leandro area. If you're familiar with the Bay, I work at Bayfair mall in San Leandro so that's why I'm sticking to those areas. Preferably. More and more people have been coming into my life that are more motivated than I am to expand so I am extremely grateful and look forward to remain perpetual ya diggg?!!! haha no but really, it's an awesome journey and I want to share it. I know that I will most likely attract into my life exactly where my vibratory frequency is resonating so whatever happens and wherever I end up is just part of this never ending process of growth and learning. I never thought I would've ended up thinking this way and meeting so many people that feel the same so I'm as open as I can to whatever input someone may provide pertaining to my situation. Thanks for reading and I want you all to have a beautiful experience. Wholeness.

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