One of the greatest keys to self discovery is hobby. We must admit in a society such as this one where our every emotion is being played like a violin to get Us to react, it seems the old ideas of adventure and discovery of a natural none technological tone may be lost.

But not quite. By the end of this year the Resistance plans on launching retreat and activation programs for members who are able and available. Part of that experience will be a rare conscribed adventure through the jungles, waterfalls, hot springs, oceans, and volcanos that are all in the vicinity.

I to in the past have been very effected by the Silicon world. Passing by something like a Best Buy would send surges of energy and excitement through my mind to go and examine the new integrated circuit do-dads. 

Since my major transformation I have developed different interest that are much more natural and terrestrial based and to my astonishment, even more exciting than a Wacom, 4G, Earth Synced, Skyping, Flexible LCD, DNL, Bluetooth, Open Source, Handheld, Wirefree, Handsfree, Even Free After Rebate, Lithium Powered, Servo Cluster, Droid.

Without further delay I present my personal Art. INSEX


A Very Short Documentary 


As I continue my vast studies I find the theory about Earth being a very unique Planet with so many Species that continue to cross breed from various dimensions more likely to be true than false. Once We begin to unplug We will find the remaining knowledge of the Quest is in what they call, "the wild". As it says in the Ancient works, Solomon learned a great deal of his wisdom from watching the animals, mainly the insects. 

Introducing Mobus

Click Pic for larger view of Red Eye Mobus.

Mobus is equipped with a special feature that lets Us know that there is still so much to discover. See the video below to witness Mobus Lighting.

What makes Mobus so unique to me is 1- He actually glows florescent green not the standard white or yellow you see on light bugs. 2 - Mobus has a dome like helmet over his face that looks very peculiar as if it serves another purpose. 3- Mobus's menacing red eyes clearly show that he is a little agitated or stage fright. Mobus obviously does not realize he is one more step closer to getting his SAG Card. ;-)


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Yes studies show that if one remains in a completely dark room for 2 weeks the eyes shift to seeing infrared. Reports say a whole different realm becomes visible then. When finding the last pyramid they located a room that appeared to be occupied most of the time by the ruler and his shamans. This room was completely dark with reclining chairs designed from special stones. Again, they said the ruler spend most of his time there rather than enjoying the material luxuries.
Cool, thanks Mobus! He reminds me of the June Bugs I use to see in B-Ham when I was a Child. They lite up green on the bum as well, but they had an array of colors and they sang at night.
This last image is really intense, words greatly spoken Ayzik and Sonn.
That last Crystal pic shaped like that womb......everything leads back to Wombman every single thing...
Thanks for the much needed different perspective on my environment. Often so much of the information that I receive comes from the computer thus I've begun to spend too much of my time there. Also, given the "outside world" is so full of imagry and information to guard the mind against, I tend to seclude myself. Also,  unfortunately it's easy to get the viewpoint that the appreciation of Nature = Zionist/illumanati Agenda 21... because of the New Agers. I have to keep in mind how wonderfully evident the Earth represents the Creator. Although so much of this creative power has been used for sinister purposes, it is still spiritually enhancing to recognize the source in our home.
Also like you mentioned though there is so much in our surroundings that represent the system that we are apart of, THE CUBE...that has to be dismantled and destroyed. "Bringing everything to the queen...always someone with the power over us...always depending on someone to tell us how to be...      
Quite the odd fellow he was discovered while examining the window. Quite a different makeup, like one of those Klingon Cruisers if you ask me. The study of life continues.

Fly Ship from Sevan on Vimeo.

OTS 44 is a small galaxy or universe that contains life that rides in mini spaceships disquised as birds and flys...other animals I wonder secretly of course.....

This is what I was saying, we are expriencing this thing with nature they know what is happening and they are trying to reach us, I was sitting in my small concrete yard and the red bird cam right on the fence just looking at me and me at him he seem to know I wouldn't hurt him even when I got up he never flinched just cocked his head and continued watching me. We can learn from Nature, but Nature is watching and learning about us also....
it's been a while since i've been out of the concrete jungle, can't want to go on that retreat.... thanks
Yes i will definately be attending that retreat, sounds great! Thanks everyone
Nature is very spiritual for me. I'm a gardener and I feel I must touch dirt daily. After several hours of yard work I relax and watch the small animals visit as if to communicate with me. They drink from my birdbath and sing the most beautiful songs or are they talking ? There is so much to learn from just observing nature, meditating in the open air, sitting under a tree, and putting your bare feet on the ground.



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