Wholeness to all :)

I've struggled with Seborrheic Dermatitis for quite sometime and I wanted to know if there is any way I can get rid of this?? From what I've researched this is just an over growth of candida in my body. It's very common on the scalp but unfortunately I have it on my face. It keeps getting worse throughout the years so if anyone knows how I can get rid of this please share. I have looked into a few natural remedies like putting tea tree oil on the irritations but it stopped working after a couple weeks. Should I just do a full body cleanse? 

Please point me in the right direction! 

and please be very specific

Thank you all 

p.s. since body mind and spirit are connected could this be linked to anything else either?

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topical treatment is very temporary. sort of like cutting weeds on the surface of the soil.

they're just gonna grow back and sometimes stronger. you'll have to address this internally and embrace the challenge being presented which once engaged may lead you to vibrant health and the ability to assist others in achieving wellness, especially those suffering from the same troubles you are.

first don't blame yourself or chastise the poor selection of food you may be making.

with more information you will have much better footing to stand on when you make your choices .

one thing you can do now is pledge not to eat anymore products that list sugar as an ingredient,

doing this will start a major shift in momentum for the better.

start a dietary journal-put down everything you are eating and drinking.even snacks.

find good sources of water. then start buying 3 gallons a week. (incorporate mms eventually once you have month or two of doing this regimen. start by drinking at least 40oz per day of water move up to 80oz once you're ready but don't drown yourself with water before your body can adjust.)

can you get concentrace mineral drops?http://www.traceminerals.com/products/liquid-tablet-minerals/concen...

add that to the water.

purchase dandelion and burdock tea. http://www.dandeliontea.org/dandelion-tea/facts-about-dandelion-tea...   http://www.burdocktea.net

brew enough up for the week and promise yourself to have two cups a day.

find a leafy green you like…maybe its spinach, maybe kale, maybe arugula, maybe romaine. start with one.

can you purchase moringa or a green powder online? http://leafpower.wordpress.com/moringa-benefits/

if so i'll send you suggestions.

is there a health food store near you? buy pau d'arco.http://www.healthfreedom.info/taheebo,%20pau%20d'arco.htm

have you looked thru realm dynamics? http://store.realmdynamics.com/blogs/biochemical-cell-salt-faq

cell salts will help you anchor the changes you make during this dietary transition by satiating your body at a minute cellular level.

get into the habit of either jogging, light exercise, stretching and deep breathing. even a steam shower will work. you want to break a lite sweat daily.

rosemary oil for your scalp. http://www.organicfacts.net/organic-oils/natural-essential-oils/hea...

start here before moving on to more drastic changes.the only subtraction being made is sugar…all else is being added to your routine. if u can do these things you will have proved to yourself you have what it takes to overcome.

don't let appearances fool you into distress.

there may be many suggestions on what to do.keep it simple at the onset.

all i ask you to do is read the labels. eat nothing that LISTS sugar,any type, on the label. if its a blueberry, it won't say sugar on the label because its naturally occurring in the fruit, that kind will be fine.

as for beauty products, a nice hydrosol made of rose water will be helpful followed by a lite moisturizer or simply an oil like argan or tamanu. depends on the climate where you live.

most important, have patience with yourself. you can overcome this difficulty but one step at a time is advantageous. people who move too fast often fall back further.

if you need specific detail let me know and i'll help to the best of my ability.

more power to you sis cuz as you open up for guidance you will receive it from all angles.

a full cleanse is in your near future once you can get a handle on the water intake, the avoidance of sugar and the incorporation of greens.

wholeness and balance, may that be the vibration dominant in your being.

lol I was wondering about makeup products too and you included that ! Thank you for all the information. Looking at the vid. now and will invest in the links later. 

I'm adding you if I haven't done so already to let you know about my progress. It'll be a bit hard to make this a reg. routine but I will manage. This has been very bothersome for quite sometime but hopefully it goes away soon.

Wholeness and thank you again

The links are for you to read . If you decide to order there are better sites to choose from. I'll send some options layer today. Take care.

I work for a blue-green algae company and have been communicating with two clients who suffer with candida, one client has totally lost hope in her fight, and the other had broken out of the helpless mindset and has had great success. The client who still suffers primarily uses oxygen therapy (food grade hydrogen peroxide, as I understand), her results seem to be an uncomfortable detoxification, which doesn't seem to let up. Now the other client who had shown great results explained that they had gone through a cleanse prescribed by their naturopath and changed their diet into a paleo-style diet eliminating wheat, a lot of fruit, and 'carbohydrates' as she described. She explained that these changes along with grapeseed and the cleanse helped her tremendously. I know this information is a bit slim, but hey, every bit helps! Best of luck on your wellness.


Dr, Darrell Wolfe , detox tea



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