Scientists Create First Living Organism With 'Artificial' DNA 

I'd like to hear some thoughts or comments..

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When it starts with "American scientists blablabla and furious ethical debates whether man is playing god"... I was about to turn the video off. Why should it be important whether its american or russian or cientists from Cambodja? We know why, don't we? But anyway, they can create everything they want, still will be synthetic, still won't work right, still shows how much they dont have a clue that man already is God. If only they knew that not only they live in another completely dimension of thought as they are the ones creating that dimension, maybe they would wake up. Synthetic biology to me should be like some sort of hobby, kinda like doing doodles, it's fun, might show different perspectives and all but taken seriously it looses all the fun and it turns to waste. "Organisms like this could produce a whole new kind of medicine" - oh sure it could. We know what kind of "medicines", dont we? They would treat you right wouldn't they? Sure.

Exactly. Sounds big bright and exciting, it/s amazing that such a feat was even possible. But masked are the alterior motives which are never revealed. Messing around with DNA is scary, overwhelming really. What are your thoughts or comments Sean?

Hey Enoch,

Your comment is my sentiments exactly. The applications sound promising if applied properly.It is clear that the day is here that they are replicating unnatural genetic structures, it's still all synthetic. Not taking away from science but it still leads me to some skepticism.   



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