Hey everyone, new member to the site here. I have been educating myself on as much as I can but have so many questions that I seek answers to. 

One of the main questions I have are about a mental disorder I was diagnosed with about 1 year ago, Schizoaffective Bipolar disorder. In my case, I hear voices quite often. I don't get paranoid or go off on some episode when I do, but after I was diagnosed as bipolar (which I think has something to do with my being an empath) I told my psych that I also tend to hear voices while no one else does. 

They aren't clear voices though, it is more the sound of a crowded room or bar and lots of people talking but I can't make out what they are saying other than a few specific, general words. None of the words I am able to make out seem to have any type of relevance to me so I don't know if it matters whether I can understand them or not. 

I have dealt with this my entire life, it isn't overwhelming or anything but I feel like I hear these voices for a reason. As if I am supposed to do something or maybe something is trying to contact/communicate with me.

Any advice or insight is appreciated. 

Much love,


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Hi Mark,

I've dealt with similar issues on my path.

I had to relearn how to connect to my body and my feelings. I'm extremely sensitive and an empath as well. Meditation helped a lot.

I found Medical Marijuana very effective as a tool to allow me to manage insomnia and depression symptoms. Also, reading the proper books have helped me heal: mentally, physically, and spiritually. I've been off of all psychiatric drugs since this past Wednesday.

I systematically went through my habits, thoughts, and experiences. To understand myself was a very important step in my healing process. Possibly the most important.

In regards to hearing voices; it's rarely anything useful. Usually it happens when my anxiety is too high or I have too much adrenaline in my system. Regular exercise is really important for me to stay healthy as well.

If you have any questions I'd be happy to help.




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