The celestial alignments of today, their geometry,  allows for in tense awareness of the present. As the following Vedic Astrology book explains, astrology is really a study of time:

Time is unreal.

Saturn or Chronos is the lord of time.

As a method of learning and relieving karma the temple of Saturn ( court room ) is a location of intensity in collapsed waves due to the right angles and square geometry. In this cubic environment one can bring high frequency energy into the Earth Grid as courtrooms are always located over magnetic ley line power points. If you do not have karmic baggage you can go to court and "pay it forward". When the Druids were tried in Roman courts they would bring in a Dragon's Eye or ammolite, the Aquarian gemstone formed from a 165 million year old, compressed fossilized creature.

The stone converts negative energy into a harmoniously flowing spiral. The Blackfoot Indians called ammolite the Buffalo Stone as Buffalo represented wisdom.

Stimulating survival instincts and encoding your lifepath, Ammolite offers structure and clarity, and relieves birth trauma affecting craniosacral flow. Called the Seven Color Prosperity Stone by Feng Shui masters, Ammolite has absorbed cosmic energy over aeons and stimulates Qi, life force, through the body. Keep it in the home to attract health and prosperity, and in business premises to promote business dealings. As jewellery, it imparts charisma and sensuous beauty.

One of the main factors in distinguishing a karmic lesson is Saturn, as this planet is the lord of Karma. If Saturn signifies obstacles and limitations in life, it is because either your desired goal was incorrect, or a karmic reaction has been imposed. As such, Saturn's placement in your chart can indicate the areas in life that one needs to work on. Saturn's movement with time, through your natal chart, induces various scenarios to force growth in certain directions. When we ignore our real goals, certain crises' can occur in adulthood as Saturn orbits the Zodiac forming particular stressful aspects to the natal chart. Therefore, if you fail to conform to certain ways in this life, Saturn is always there to induce a karmic lesson, either immediately or in the future.


You can read about the huge storm on Saturn from a science magazine here:


The Resistance has other articles about Saturn's changing frequency or you can google around using the term Vortexijah.



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This is a very interesting post. Thank you for sharing it! Wholeness

2 weeks ago I appeared in Traffic Court, which is really criminal court, which is really Ecclesiastical Court. The Book of Ecclesiastes was written by a man through the eyes of a woman:

 The chair arrangement within the gallery was a 6x6 geometry for the dead, ie. debtor, defendents and a 7x6 for the creditors, the plaintiffs:

Total number of seats is 36 + 42 = 78 the same number of cards in a Tarot deck as this number is also the total number of directions that will define the "Cube of Space":

Saturn governs the 6 to 7 transition.


Here's an interview where the topic is the "Cube of Space":



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