“Saturn is the HARD DISK of our localized reality dimensions, and it is being RE-FORMATTED. The system will reboot in 2012.”  http://www.aton432hz.info/NU.html


"The coming years will be a golden era for interstellar magnetism studies, due to recent advances in radioastronomical techniques... Interstellar magnetism is an important science driver for these telescopes."  Magnetite is OCTAHEDRAL !


"...The rings of Saturn not only look like phonogramme records, but release Saturn's Electrostatic Charges in the entire radio range. The rings of Saturn broadcast radio programmes from 20,4 Khz to 40,2 Mhz, for some 10 hour periods. This is virtually the entire radio range, and it is induced by superconductivity... The rings also are the greatest and the best radar section trackors of the entire solar system objects."


An OCTAHEDRON ( diamond, Carbon-12 ) is the best geometry for an antenna to either broadcast or receive.


Octahedron Fractal »
Six octahedra are placed at the vertices of a larger octahedron. The voids within the large octahedron are filled with tetrahedra to form a composite solid octahedron, which is then placed at the vertices of yet another octahedron, and the voids again are filled with tetrahedra. This process constitutes two stages of a fractal structure.
In The Fractal Octahedron Network of the Large Scale Structure, Dr. Battaner suggests the geometry of the octahedral matrix is “fractal,” meaning it has “self-similarity at all levels.” Larger octahedra are made up of smaller octahedra, which are made up of even smaller octahedra, and so on, ad infinitum. This conforms to the ancient teaching of “As above, so below,” the idea that the Creator is reflected in all things.

However, up until a month ago, we did not know whether all the smaller octahedra in the matrix truly assembled into one single, vast octahedron. There is one enigmatic crop formation that appeared in West Kennett Long Barrow on August 4, 1999, seen here in Figure 8, which suggests that this is indeed how the universe functions.

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i agree with your perspective and I am on the same page completely. i've been pondering the frayed ends as well. "whiskers" and hair are certainly the physical "hint" that our "nervous system" extends beyond the body. hairs are physical antennas that extend the range and sensitivity of the physical bodies electric system. I think the reason most "institutions" require certain hair cuts is related to this in a negative way more then just "hygiene".

Hey Mike, I know how you feel. I think the easiest way to find the right place in your heart for those who are operating at a frequency you no longer condone is to realize these people are you. You can only have a phantom hand if you deny one of you hands is your own in the first place. if the finger nails on the hand you let go "phantom" get long, disgusting, and dangerous from the neglect, chopping off the fingers or hand is not only unnecessary but only going to make things worse. Some patients, precision, and tender loving care can restore such a situation to better than new. Doesn't a course in miracles also say something about, "there is no limit to the healing one can receive." what will revenge and punishment matter when we realize we can transmute anything and traverse any where. What's more important, learning how to resurrect ourselves (all our ancestors and loved ones) from the nether realms or sending more of ourselves there. Compassion for others is compassion for ourselves. Think where you might be if you hadn't been awakened by someone or something. the unawakened are very much like ferrule animals and even we ourselves may slip back into this from time to time. the current situation has already changed in a quantum way and will continue to do so even more. the problems we face are warm up exercises for the wave of activated humans stepping forth. the "programmers' will be revealed as the foolish, frightened, children of ignorance that they are and we will deliver the cosmic-sized hug the little brats so desperately need. if they had any real power they wouldn't need more technology than the wizard of oz just to misdirect our attention which is all they are doing and they are still failing at that. Prepare for this year to surpass your wildest dreams. WBV

Hello Fellows!

"Suffering is present in everyone’s life, but relating with wisdom and compassion to our own experience turns ‘poison into medicine’. Thus we develop the awareness which both accompanies and also initiates new stages of our spiritual journey."


January, named after the two faced doorkeeper Janus is governed by Saturn. Janus is the god of beginnings and transitions, thence also of gates, doors, doorways, endings and time. He is usually a two-faced god since he looks to the future and the past. The concepts of January and janitor are both based on aspects of Janus.


Melanie's ground breaking work on Chiron helped open the eyes of the astrological world to its importance in understanding individual and collective experiences of suffering, and the potential for distilling wisdom and healing from those situations which cause us the greatest pain. In this volume, she explores both the importance of Saturn as the boundary between individual and collective realities, and also offers exciting new insights about Chiron and the 'Centaurs', small objects lying between the orbits of Saturn and Pluto. These 'messengers' from deep space refer to experiences of transpersonal reality, and act as energies of integration.


Here is a very good, brief article about Chiron: http://www.zanestein.com/chironreturn.htm

By the way I turned 51 on January 6. I cannot help but write including my personal connection and I hope this doesn't come out as being self centered. I have difficulty with group / individual positions. Right now I am a hermit. It was either that or become a pilgrim and go on walk about.


It's my feeling that fear and anger are closely connected in a similar way to suffering and compassion. The difference exists in whether the individual internalizes or externalizes their reaction to extreme stimulus. A self resonsible indivdual knows everything happens for a reason and we create our own reality. It's just that we are just stepping onto the path as creators and are at the beginning of collecting experience.


To bring this conversation into the now, I rewatched the Jodie Foster movie "Contact" last night, right when I read Neil's comments on my iphone. ( I can't reply using that device, but I can read emails ). Her name is Ellie or "El", she wears octahedral earrings Ellie and Arecibo

and as a young ham radio enthusiast she asks her dad, "Can we talk to Saturn?"


I found this page has the clearest chart showing the connection between planets and our chakras:




Represents the higher principles of justice, law, order and detachment


Detachment? To suffering? Yes... That's where Chiron helps as its energy is:

healing - pain - empathy - resolution - charity - personal - compassion - hope - sensitivity - piety

Chiron is all about communication.


Take care,



Because the second opeing quote in this topic was this:

"The coming years will be a golden era for interstellar magnetism studies, due to recent advances in radioastronomical techniques... Interstellar magnetism is an important science driver for these telescopes." 

and Saturn is not a planet, but a dying star, interstellar magnetism applies to this celestial body and the Sun.

I will post the following link here:

Magnetism : The New Secrets of the Universe   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93v6rGjxb5U&feature=related

The internal structure of the magnetic field is plasma. That's what M.T.Keshe says at the 1:08:00 mark in this free energy presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCFO3-MOCYE

The 24 symmetry is revealed as the "Templar Cross" here: http://www.jainmathemagics.com/page/2/default.asp

Jodie Foster, the EL-lie ARROWay made "CONTACT" with Vega in the Lyran system using the radiowave frequency of "hydrogen x Pi", why?

The signal from space is being transmitted at a radio frequency equal to the emission of hydrogen times the constant pi (ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter). This is significant because hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe, and pi is a very basic and universal constant. The signal incorporated both of these so it would be easier to find by someone searching the skies for alien transmissions, since there are so many radio frequencies -- this would help to narrow the search, since you could assume that anyone looking for your message would have a basic understanding of science. It would be unlikely for a natural phenomenon to give off a radio signal with a regular pattern at this specific frequency. (The signal was also being pulsed in groups of prime numbers, an unmistakable sign of intelligence).
Further about the hydrogen hyperfine transition line that is a phi spiral made from the 5 magnetic fields in our limbic brain:
Ellie Arroway says "hydrogen times pi" suggesting the microwave frequency is pi times 1.42040575 GHz, the hydrogen 21 cm line of its hyperfine spin-flip transition.

That would be about 4.46233627 GHz - a perfectly reasonable microwave communication frequency of 6.68 cm wavelength and indicative of artificial orgin for combining two fundamental universal constants. The "hydrogen line" (which is the frequency of the spectral line created by hydrogen = 1420.40575 MHz) times pi (which is the ratio of a circle's diameter to its circumference = 3.14159), which results in 4.4623 GHz.
As M.T.Keshe says, "life is everywhere in the universe there are 4 states of matter solid, liquid, gas and plasma"
so if we polarize 4 we get the octahedral 8 fractal for 3D life on Earth. Are we an interference pattern?
The answer might be yes.


Hi Myles!

Herschel has a very professional website which I really enjoy. He references Platonic Solids and the Cosmic Tree and I strongly support that as well. I studied with another fellow who claimed to have died after being boot kicked in the kidneys by a gang in Milwaukee. The doctor operating removed his adrenal glands as well as the ruptured kidney. He was on a gurney in the hospital hallway when a nurse saw his heart flutter. After being dead for 9 minutes they did a "Code Blue" revival on him and he was never the same. He came back with a vengeance, never slept for 3 years, worked two jobs and went to school fulltime. You can visit his website here: www.dwmlc.com  Sometimes they call these new people, "Walk Ins". Drunvalo Melchizedek is a self proclaimed walk in. He says the old tenant was aware of the process through a life contract agreed to, prior to the transfer.

David-Wynn: Miller does language seminars for people dealing with court issues, especially the Hawaians.


Herschel only has a high school education but the work that guy puts out?! Amazing!

BTW, what is an unattached freemason? No affiliation to a specific lodge? Someone who is just monitoring the goings on, like a student at universe city can audit a course?




Hi Myles!

Have you looked into these books: http://thewordfoundation.org/b-Masonry_and_its_Symbols.htm

from Harold W. Percival ? "Thinking and Destiny" was his other opus. It's my feeling today that we can go much deeper in our understanding by looking at the torus or hypersphere. those books were from the popular period of masonry. Anyway, they are free and I do resonate to the concept that thoughts are the real building blocks of reality.

Those theosophist books from the 1900's really do not compare to the info one can find on websites like this one: http://www.light-weaver.com/

Please check out the "Dynamic Symbols" 1 and 2.

thanks again guys, this is great. just trying to wrap my head around this info is still tough but also very fascinating

Hi Mike!

Feelings and thoughts have to be in synch to know anything. The heart connection to reality overides the head as its EM field is 5000 times as strong. Freud had some strange behavior himself so look for a second or third opinion on the nature of the psyche besides Freud's. He had 16 mouth operations and never could quit the phallic cigar smoking:

Freud's passion for psychology was matched by his passion for cigars and smoking. His unsuccessful attempts to kick the habit led to multiple health disorders, including cancer of the jaw, which was diagnosed at the age of 67. For the last sixteen years of his life, he received constant treatment and extensive operations to attempt to control the malignant ulcer's growth in the hard palate.

Despite treatment, the cancer metastasized to neighboring tissues including the upper part of the lower jaw, the base of Freud's orbits, and eventually his cheek. In his second operation, after slitting the lip on the affected side, a very extensive operation transformed the nasal cavity and mouth into one. None of the operations were very successful and Freud's sufferings were ended in 1939 by a combination of heart failure, cancer of the jaw, and a morphine overdose.


Today we might conclude that Freud was orally fixated: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oral_stage

 I tell people, including myself, that if my goal is to kill my ego I might as well blow it up. We are all aspects of god or the hologram and fractal geometry allows us to all be connected. Freud didn't have the access to information we enjoy today

We think in words, behind words are numbers, math means to awaken. So to role model our thoughts we use mantras like the little steam engine poem. The best part of church is always the singing because we find harmony there. I hope my musical thoughts lead to a future of infinite sharing. As Saturn is a radio station the tune it's been putting out is going through a big change:



and your passion is appreciated. it's very motivating:) WBV

Hi Mike!

As Saturn and Time go together we need to look into the "time domain" and Scalar Waves>


In astrophysics and hydrodynamics scalar wave fields exist in a fifth-dimensional, non-linear, context. Third-dimensional laws of nature do not operate here. Scalar wave fields exist out of our relative time (4th) and space (3rd) dimensions and as such, do not decay over time or distance. As we explore higher dimensions, we begin to encounter new parameters, new ways of thinking. World consciousness is becoming aware of the imminent electromagnetic interface encountered when one moves from one level of ‘reality’ to another. See previous Siderealview posts on quantum and dimensional awareness


Humanity is learning how to think as Group Consciousness, but that we shall have to speed up our ability to use this intuitive capacity — this inner loving guidance system — very rapidly, if we are to weather the storm and defuse the threat posed by such massive weaponry as some less-disciplined nations possess.


Saturn is the g-ate or 7/8 , g/8 as in 7/mobius strip that we go through, the squared root chakra which connects us to the Earth portal crystal

http://www.halexandria.org/dward118.htm  All about angular momentum and Saturn triunes with other planets.

The anomalous energy being radiated by the giant planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune can be explained by Hyperdimensional Physics.  In essence, these planets’ energy output is “over unity”, i.e. they are giving off more energy than is being absorbed from the Sun energy impinging upon them.  Furthermore, when Uranus and Neptune are “normalized” (i.e. their different distances from the Sun are taken into account), these two planets are roughly equal in their output.  Hoagland then explains that all of this can be accounted for if we assume:

“The existence of unseen hyperspatial realities... that, through information transfer between dimensions, are the literal ‘foundation substrate’ maintaining the reality of everything in this dimension.”  


Mike, to me chemtrails and HAARP go hand in hand with all the church / court house locations around the planet. Getting people to worship some entitiy outside their self, feeding the lower 4D metaphoric entity thoughtforms via the Earthgrid. We need to connect the trinary Sirius star system into this web. Chemtrails seem to fill the ionosphere with interference in an attempt to block access to the noosphere ( Akashic Field ), Earth's memory brain or membrane. If we do not who we were, it's difficult to know where we are going. Amnesiacs cannot lay out a schedule for their future. That's our role here, to poke holes in that blanket of interference.


Time as linear is an illusion. Julian Barbour has some good videos to watch at the bottom of this wiki:







I reread Julian Barbour's book: "The End of Time" in whcih he explores time as nonexistent, which as he says is an old debate about motion being an illusion both theories describing a theory of everything and astronomical priests looking for the stillness point around which everything moved. Barbour writes about Einstein's theories being OK for large celestial bodies but falling apart at the quantum level where only probabilities can be used.

- Myself, I prefer the material here to either one of those theories! http://feandft.com/

Tom Bearden who is a physicist explong "Zero Point Technology" would say that statistics can be used to engineer the quantum flux which is the vacuum. As I am a simple man who follows the logic of Occam's Razor, where the simplest explanation is the most accurate, I fall back into sacred geometry as the subject that will connect the physical / EM / light composition which humans are, the MerKaBa ( light/EM/matter ). Geometrically we know that a photon is a torus, EM is a spiral relationship and matter is a constant flux between a sphere and a cube. Shapes are shapes regardless of whether they are small or large. Dan Davidson wrote an interesting book called "Shape Power" describing this:



Starting with matter we can look into making squares out of circles:


13 is the center of the CIRCLE, or wheel or round table attended to by the 12 tribes or astrological houses or knights, or blah, blah,blah


5 is the center of a SQUARE and it also represents a star being born, the pentagram.


Pine cones and our egg shaped aura is comprised of 8, feminine vertically rising spirals intersecting 5 descending male spirals. That's direct from Viktor Schauberger:


The symmetry of the pine cone demonstrates the condition of "Balanced Imbalance" which arises out of the
harmonic interaction of two antithetical, complementary, but oppositely charged forces. The 5 positive male spirals of
energy descend towards the 8 rising negative female spirals of energy. Where these cross each other a union of both
forces occurs and there the seed of the new life is to be found. The male forces decelerate and the female forces
accelerate to arrive at a mutual state of resonance.

There are more synchs to Saturn including a Resistance2010 post regarding the upcoming Valentine's Day here:


The Saturnian Jesuit Black Sun is loaded with Symbolism from the masculine saturnic energy with the

straight rays To the feminine luciferic energy with the spiral rays

There is an interview here: http://www.redicecreations.com/radio/2012/01/RIR-120119.php exploring the ancient reason for worship of Saturn as it was fixed in the heavens and strongly connected to the Electric Universe Theory.


Saturn's auroras do share characteristics with the other planets, they are fundamentally unlike those on either Earth or Jupiter. When Saturn's auroras become brighter (and thus more powerful), the ring of energy encircling the pole shrinks in diameter. When Earth's auroras become brighter, the polar region for several minutes is filled with light. Then the ring of light dims and begins to expand. Jupiter's auroras, however, are only weakly influenced by the solar wind, becoming brighter about once a month, at the most, in response to solar wind changes. Recent model work has suggested that the key feature that make Saturn's magnetic environment special, is Saturn's strong magnetic field that works together with a dominating process where the magnetic field lines break and re-connect with other lines.

Saturn's auroral displays also become brighter on the sector of the planet where night turns to day as the storms increase in intensity, unlike either of the other two planets. The new images also confirm that, at certain times, Saturn's auroral ring was more like a spiral, its ends not connected as the energy storm circled the pole.









Saturn is not a planet but is a brown dwarf star:

"Space and time are indistinguishable, except for the fact that one is the reciprocal of the other. For this reason, the properties of one are likewise properties of the other. Time, as well as space, is three-dimensional (not a fourth dimension). More space in any physical phenomenon is equivalent to less time, and vice versa. For every physical phenomenon, there is another phenomenon which is an exact duplicate, except that space and time are interchanged".

"The light which we think we see is but motion. We do not see light. We feel the wave vibrations set up by the motion that simulates light, but the motion of electric waves that simulate light is not that which it simulates".





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