This post will take me a moment since there is a limit to what can be publish initially, however the comments have no limits so I will post everything as a comment. We will tell you this. This Hollow's Eve will be like no other, as many get ready to play demon today many will fuse with those demons,incubuses and succubuses and it will be irreversible. As they have waited for a long time for this particular Holloween when the Moon is closest to being full. Stay on your guard wise Ones. Be sure not to embark on any new relationships on this day, business or personal. I'm headed to the Astral to see if I can foul any of the many sacrifices taking place today. May the Most High be with them in their final hour. Behold man and woman have laid waste to their Earth and made devils as their partners, desiring to be like them and instructing their children to do the same.

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As far as singling out this year as being any different from the other years before.... what I meant to say was; has anyone sensed any difference this year surrounding this approaching day / time - is there greater intensity or less.

Oh dear... my apologies.. I'm having difficulty formulating my thoughts today! 

Yeah, one time I had to clean some eggs off of my mom's window and it was a real pain and annoying to get off.

it's no problem. and no apologies are necessary dear. even just sharing your feelings and thoughts is a blessing for the rest of us. Sometimes just taking the time to post a question or a comment can open up and allow others to let their guards down. Anyways, I digress. For me today, was very tough but I like a good challenge so it makes things more interesting and I can learn more under difficult circumstances. As far as working with fear, we have to be mindful to not be too apprehensive as that is what some entities feed off of, that is the fear. We can combat this by just smiling or being more loving, kind and compassionate to those we cherish and to others who may seek to harm. Let's keep trying to be strong as much as possible. Even as the babes fall when they are learning how to walk it makes them more knowledge in their approach and balance and stronger in their legs. be of good cheer and face that fear until it gets so small it disappears. 

while holidaying on greek islands I contracted amoebic dysentry. Lost 30lbs in 2 weeks and was in and out of reality for 1 week it was there that I met with the different voices and many visions all of which I resisted I told them to go away. I felt no fear. They did.

I would not recommend any one go through it in that way but for me I saw another realm.

I constantly remind my children that they are investing in demonic worlds. I hope that they will someday soon understand where I am coming from. 

Age 16 early 1970's I worked with 1% Hells Angels  at local fairground for six seasons during which time I learned about Aliester Crawley etc. I am a sponge and soon realised how potent this stuff was.

Not for me.

Whilst before I understood now I innerstand what it is all about because Sevan you brought to light the inner realm the realm we had forgotten.

I am not a number I am a free man.


Resistance builds Strength



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