This post will take me a moment since there is a limit to what can be publish initially, however the comments have no limits so I will post everything as a comment. We will tell you this. This Hollow's Eve will be like no other, as many get ready to play demon today many will fuse with those demons,incubuses and succubuses and it will be irreversible. As they have waited for a long time for this particular Holloween when the Moon is closest to being full. Stay on your guard wise Ones. Be sure not to embark on any new relationships on this day, business or personal. I'm headed to the Astral to see if I can foul any of the many sacrifices taking place today. May the Most High be with them in their final hour. Behold man and woman have laid waste to their Earth and made devils as their partners, desiring to be like them and instructing their children to do the same.

Data Being added Below in Comments.

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OK-I wish I would have read this yesterday morning. I didn't celebrate Hollow's eve but I did carve a cool design on a pumpkin and put a candle in it. Cause for concern? I will smash the pumpkin when I get home from work.
Excellent. Very interesing stuff Sevan. What are your sources/references? I want to know more.

Thank you,

Thanx Seven. The more  i seek the more i receive. im beginning to feel as though i need to get away from my family due to the fact that they are so caught up i can't even figure out a way to address them

Lov you just have to keep strong I have the same problem with my family &  they are all very headstrong and stubborn.

Never give up! Maintain Balance and Wholeness will follow.

this is a treat!

I was strong with my older children in saying no to halloween.  They did not get too upset with me, but did expect some sort of alternative.  I just found this post while seeking something to read my younger son about true origins of this day who wishes to participate in halloween in a couple weeks.  Sevan, it is encouraging hearing what you say about your Mother today.  The kids are just surrounded by this everywhere they go.  Even with being homeschooled there are a plethora of things being thrown towards them while we are out.  Just so happens that the whole town will have an all day celebration in various parts of the community.  There will be a big part happening in a small park area just outside my doors where my balcony overlooks.  Perhaps it will rain;)  I met literally ONE older woman in this area who sees where I am coming from. Of course all the children that we know are participating.

  Any other parents with ideas to share or anyone in general with anything to share is appreciated.        

observing a bit of the energies of yesterday's Oct. 31 Neewollah, appears to have quelled some of the planned events, especially with the east coast, snow storm and all of the power outages related to it. 

chakra tuners and fequencies seem to be playing an important role at this time, as they are being utilized in many time and notime zones by resistance members. and therefore wherever i am i can feel a surge of positive energy when the tones are on.

Wholeness vibration, for the knowledge sharing prior to major events.




I discovered the meaning behind hollow's eve yesterday but man Sevan you took to another level, WBV. What I have never understood in Da Vinici Code is how did the Catholic Church steal symbols from Paganism (Ex. trident) if the two were in opposition? It's not like Egypt and Christianity were opposing fractions in the same time period when Osirsis attributes were projected unto Jesus

re-up on this cycle. i'm feeling more motivated and invigorated. lots of funky energy, but still kind of fun to work with it. 

take care everyone

very eye opening its amazing how deep the symbolism goes and how much we forget. I live in UK Nottingham outside the townhall it has 2 sphinxs sat either side of the town hall entrance WTF!  Bit off topic but still kinda related being aware and awake is so important. MAny thanks for the continued efforts to bring truth and light I aim to do my best to become a beacon of balanced whole enery along with my brothers and sisters.

I agree with u Sevan, People go out and get in-toxic-ate-d and play with Demons.....for this reason i stay at home mid Oct to mid Nov. it is the dark time of the year.  

Any thoughts of this year's 'Hollow's Eve?'  

This is certainly the time of year I dread most; from October to December. I'm actually planning on not being home tomorrow evening especially; although I'm a bit leary as to what to expect when I return.  Some people do get their homes egged if they do not take part in this ritual of 'trick or treat!'



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