Hey everyone, I know how to store energy inside of the lower dan tien but it's like after awhile....I'll start to burn up a lil bit lol. I think doing the breath of fire everyday for a certain amount of time can solve this problem but I'm not 100% sure so I came here for help. 

I've read books about self/dual cultivation but for a little while it's just been me self cultivating my own energy. Do you think I should ejaculate here and there because, every time I self cultivate the energy I build up alot of yang energy but that's not really good I need yin energy to balance me out. So when I don't ejaculate or lose semen for weeks or months my lower organs start to get hot. The 6 healing sounds will help me out for a little bit but I'm looking for a way to keep the energy balanced while I'm on the go. I'm looking for a way to keep my semen and then be able to sustain that energy since after awhile I'll see that my stomach will lock up and make it harder for me to breathe/digest food...This is where the breath of fire can help out some. 

Well I'd be cool to hear from somebody else's experience so I can get some insight. :0

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