So from what i understand so far the universe is made of fractals and shapes. It seems that the so called controllers have quite a bit of knowledge on this and thats why they build pyramids, and washington dc layouts and what not. Then theres phi. Im no adept but if we understood how geometry affects energy couldnt we all just build a new grid, even on a small scale? Around my house or in my room or even live in a pyramid myself. Wouldnt i technically be in control of the flow of energy internally AND externally at that point? If thry could use it to control people, couldnt we use it to heal people? I was observing my quartz crystal and i realize that crystals are the only naturally occuring linear thing in nature. It makes me think, ALL energy is free flowing, but if you "direct" it with a line, wouldnt that mean i super amplified it.

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Thank you, i will check it out. Balanced vibes to you my dude.



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