So from what i understand so far the universe is made of fractals and shapes. It seems that the so called controllers have quite a bit of knowledge on this and thats why they build pyramids, and washington dc layouts and what not. Then theres phi. Im no adept but if we understood how geometry affects energy couldnt we all just build a new grid, even on a small scale? Around my house or in my room or even live in a pyramid myself. Wouldnt i technically be in control of the flow of energy internally AND externally at that point? If thry could use it to control people, couldnt we use it to heal people? I was observing my quartz crystal and i realize that crystals are the only naturally occuring linear thing in nature. It makes me think, ALL energy is free flowing, but if you "direct" it with a line, wouldnt that mean i super amplified it.

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you percieve linearity in the crystal but nothing is linear. 

If you want to know about bio-geometry try reading Ibrahim Karim, he has written much on the subject and has documented success with its healing properties on an urban scale.

Also try reading Dan Winter's material, his websites have some lectures. His studies into the golden spiral is pretty interesting stuff. Hes also a member of this site i understand.

Also, try the website - they have a key chest with loads of material on alternative sciences suppressed sciences, and free energy. Among this you will find information on sacred geometry and earth geometry as well as its healing properties.  Many gigabytes of information.

Furthermore, it is my understanding that although the geometry of things can be used as tools to assist in healing, consciousness focusing, energy and so forth, it is actually built into all of us intuitively to be able to do such things without the tools, but we have forgotten this ancient knowledge.  During meditation try visualizing forms and placing yourself within them , and visualising the flow of energies in response to these forms. I usually visualise the flowing interlocked toroids with the energy spiralling. I dont know if this is the correct thing to do since im new to this stuff but it seems to work for me and i definately feel tingling sensations and vibrations when i do so.

But most of all, i find the metaphor hidden within sacred geometry, phi and pi to be fascinating.  Think about it like this.  Modern science and mathematics is focused on quantitative analysis, it looks for answers that can be distilled into a numeric figure, a discrete value. When phi is taken from its proportional relationship and converted to decimal form, it become irrational, extending to infinite and loses its inherent meaning - that of relationship. Sacred geometry, pi and phi are all about relationships between things.  It speaks of the nature of this universe - all things are connected and need to be considered in relationship to each other.  In the same way, our consciousness needs to be considered in relation to its surroundings, and in relation to collective consciousness. Striving for an ideal of 'perfection' becomes then a fascist pursuit, searching for 'final form'. Instead, it should be that we strive for ever more experience, always bettering ourselves for the journey is infinite. Its not about the destination, its about the journey.  This is what the geometry speaks to me anyways, and i think its kind of beautiful.

O wow, thank you, thats loads of info. And you are correct, nothing is linear and everything is infinite. Yes we too are shapes and fractals but i feel like if we develope this externally AND internally it would help greatly. I myself enjoy the scientific approach to alot of things it keeps me in motion. But if we all icorporated this knowledge we would be alot higher and fluent in vibration is what i feel like.

Yeah, check out Dan Winter's work, he talks about magnetically mapping your room, and dowsing, and making rose-shaped gardens and the like. I just can't wait for future cites and communities to be build this way, where everyone has sacred geometry gardens and completely organic houses. :)

Thats the vision i keep in my mind everyday. It makes me happy. I would love to see that coexist so everything flourishes and where everything is organic and lively as opposed to making organic a luxury. Thats one of the main reasons sacred geometry and free energy have me intrigued. Apparently with the proper placement of things everything just flows smoother. Nature and technology can coexist if used properly.

You are on the right track. something I picked up through the study of cymatics and that is,  sound is geometry and geometry is sound or waves. When we think in a coherent holistic pattern we create the shape, and these shapes have imbedded  knowledge that we all have access's to. This knowledge is us as the universe is us, If we think in a way that is not of Truth then we fall into a curse of ignorance and the law of natures flow  will  work in opposition  to us This is how some forms of  mined control are perpetuated  buy lying to the masses about the nature of reality putting some of us on the wrong side of the flow of beneficial thought patterns. Example, five and six pointed star shape was and is stigmatized buy, Holley Wood ,some Religions, Pythagoras, U.S  pentagon, Nazi's and  Freemasons.

By having a negative though patterns about these and other shapes we in affect,  are set in opposition to the flow and are in essence turned agents our selves.  Our  DNA,cells, Water and all biology and the universe are related to these Shapes, patterns and  mathematics. This is were the term  THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE rings so true.        

Thats a great explanation. About the part where people have negative thought patterns about hollywood and other things, correct me if im wrong, but thats why most people are broke and negative and are pretty much opposed to success and actually attack their opposition mentally is because of higher universal laws such as LOA, Law of tolerance, deliverate creation etc. So in theory its not necessarily whats wrong externally but whats wrong internally that causes the oppression and with the right knowledge of patterns and fractals, one can apply that knowledge to creation and self, correct? If i took you reply out of context i didnt mean to im just trying to gain clarity.
Thanks for posting these great questions and good responses, sacred geometry has always interested me but I've haven't had a chance to dive deep into it, I'm humbled by this conversation, I don't have much to add but I do a little gardening and done a short course based around permaculture (permanent agriculture) which is based on a lot of nature's principles, mandala garden beds are a great example.
Thats awesome. Im sure we can have infrastructure that works perfectly with nature so it looks good, functions, and is as natural as possible. Im not too sure what permaculture is but its sounds similar to what im talking about. like why dont we have more pyramids and stuff, or rooms aside from 90 degree angle walls. It might make one feel more "spaced out" or open.

You are correct ,Amir.

I think you get what im saying in essence.

I have lots of geometry in my house like,  icosahedron ,dodecahedron ,pyramids. there is a subject called " biological architecture"  very interesting,  basically when you have lets say a pyramid  and you place a seed in it, and try to propagate you get 1/3 faster then with out the pyramid. Why?  because the waves are constructive, the shape resonates with nature creating  life, this is why we have the U.S pentagon  shaped that way, it resonates  so to give the people in side a charg!  and at the same time most people will associate this shape to the WAR MACHINE !  so good it's rilly good for them and bad for the ignorant mined. Another example  is the castles and cathedrals of Europe  the work of freemasonry in general  create buildings with  fractal geometric resonating attributes that

cause unsuspecting people to FEEL spirit filled and euphoric,  because of the way the buildings

are constructed, then  they LIE LIE LIE   and people will just FEEL its true. But we need to remember

all good lies have a thread of truth.







  Other things to understand  is geometry it self is Frequency,  so in essence, it's a technology that can utilized to appose or attract,  this is a secret of how marketing works

attracting customers with  colors, geomitry, sound all working together to give you the FEELING of nature

utilizing  Fibonacci  numbers ( biological  patterns with math)  golden miens ratio, Pi and pretty much any form of media utaliz this as a tool to manipulate the mined of the masses








I think its awesome. In a sense its like soul treats. You take in different frequencies and something happens. And you can amplify it by creating it externally. Do you have any good resources like books or things that you know of that i can look into?

This book on water changed the way I think about the world and showed me that the hexagon was life, this was the KEY the powers at be told us that a  HEX  A GON  is a hex  ooooH but to the contrary, it is the  Hexagon that is sustenance of life !  So though this  I come to know  how  we get deceived  and how the water can change with  just a intention, prayer,or writing. Love has a shape and hate dos too.  utube it. 



Biologic architecture  video with Dan winter, Dan has Many videos. well worth the time!!!




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