I am interested to know if any members of the Resistance have had any experience with the Rife Machine. For those that do not know - Rife created a device that utilized sound and light to destroy certain malignant cells without harming surrounding healthy. For those old enough to remember Memorex once had a commercial where Ella Fitzgerald (jazz singer with amazing harmonic ability) sang at a lower frequency and raised it until it matched the frequency glass where upon the glass shattered.

My research indicates his work was considered revolutionary... for a short time. At some point the powers that be came down hard. He went from hero to bum quickly. He was black listed, alienated, and discredited by the medical community.


For those in the know - any input is appreciated.










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Wholeness Michael,

As your reference to Ella Fitzgerald, the principle of the Rife Machine is to target several organisms (virus, bacteria, fungus  & parasites) trough RESONANCE. I've been using for a year now an amazing machine which can be programmed to target specific organisms e.g. "candida" or so many others.

The dr. Clarck program is very effective (7-20-7-20-7) , the results are AMAZING in specific problems. Absolutelo NO side problem on using this frequencies,

This is a MUST as a complementary cleansing, very powerful tool to target the "wild forest" within our bodies.

There are simpler machines (zappers) but you cant vary frequency or intensity so they have a more restricted application.

Hope this helps,

Wish you a great day!!




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