So, because I've been a musician for over 10 years and an audio technician by trade I have suffered at the hands of hearing loss. As most reading this are aware, the ringing in the ear is a common symptom of the activation process and thusly I have been back and forth on whether I'm listening to the ringing of tinnitus or it is indeed due to the activation process. In all actuality it is probably both.

On several occasions I have had, after exposure to high sound pressure levels, experienced a ringing that is the little hair in the ear, that picks up a particular frequency, die off. When this happens you hear that frequency for the last time, hence the ring. Being an audio engineer I typically say to myself "there goes one between 5-10 khz" because it's my job behind the board to identify and remove harsh or unwanted frequencies from the sound system.

So when I randomly get the same frequency ringing in my ear or a particular group or band of frequencies my left brain starts looking at the patterns and questioning. You can find here on the site enough information on what the spiritual sort of ringing entails and means. But I have just discovered that the frequency I hear come in most often is 528hz, roughly. I came across this this morning when putting on a solfeggio track tuned to 528hz. For me there is no doubt this is the pitch/tone/frequency/vibration/sound I'm hearing come in.

Now, this could be a "3rd ear" type thing in which the tone of the earth becomes audible, or perhaps it is my own frequency vibrating close enough to 528hz to sound identical. I'm not able to A and B them (match them side by side) or pinpoint the exact frequency but I most certainly trust my practical training and discernment. 

In any case it is an interesting discovery I thought I would share with you all in a more physical form ;)

If anyone else has some experiences/input on this please share. 

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I'm in the same situation as you Tettrah, Music lover, musician, home producer & have the Tinn ear lol. started in my late 30's & gradually became louder ( 51 now ). But mine is not @ 528 Hz, My tone is closer to 2204 Hz @ 3Khz and sounds similar to a square wave than a pure tone, like right now with no background noise to mask it as i sit & type in quite my ears are ringing & zinging, I'll never hear silence again, back ground noise does do a good job of masking it most times & my poor brother has it so bad & loud he has tried to kill himself over it, it has totally ruined his quality of life.

My ringing is not in the Solfeggio band, I tried & tested with side by side audio tone testing, I also get the Loud high sound pressure & deafening ring for like 5 seconds as my the small fibers die off. So I can relate.... It may or may not b related to activation, but since i became somewhat activated in my late teens, OBE's & astral traveling, I didn't have the ring then nor in my 20' s or 30's... so idk.... just thought id share.

I don't think we are talking about the same thing. I have that tin ear thing too (I'm only 25). What I'm speaking of is independent of hearing damage, though it does sound similar and maybe uses the same neurological faculties to interpret the information. The 528hz ring has no "fuzz" to it, or is a sine wave; I'm not adept at identifying waveforms but I do know the differences. And I can't say it's 528 hz 100% of the time as I've heard it higher and lower in pitch. I know it is not due to hearing loss, especially lately, because I have retired from loud noises for approximately 4-6 months (when festival season ended) and the ringing occasionally comes in. 

This is so common among audio professionals and the worst part is it's a permanent loss of something that allows us to enjoy something we work so hard to become proficient at. You can get musicians earplugs from the ear doctor and they essentially reduce the SPL without altering the incoming frequencies. 

Thank you for clearing up the confusion, that is quite interesting indeed that you hear another tone independent of the tinnitus or alongside it.  Well, I guess there is hope for an old fart like me after all... LoL Thanks, Im aware of the plugs too. WBV 

I have lived with this on and off for the past 3 years and it has become persistent and constant... something I have accepted as the norm. I have gotten tests done (hearing ..diagnosis - excessive hearing lol)...and an MRI twice (results.. nothing abnormal to report).

I don't know which is worst.. hearing 528Hz; or even 2204Hz... My tone was around 8000Hz about a year ago.. now it's just over 10,500Hz. You can only imagine what living with such a high pitch is like.  I cannot tolerate any other noise of any kind; and yet I often have to tune into external noise to get some relief. Some times are worst than others .. but basically, all I can do is accept it and hope to get some relief one day!

Anyone have any tips on coping mechanisms that you have been implementing...other than just flowing with it?

Just thinking about the sound you brought up here made it start ringing in my head. I would have no idea what frequency it is but I get this sound at least once a day i'd say. In my opinion, you are experiencing the same. If you focus on this sound and it gets more prolonged than usual, or gets louder and/or higher pitch, it's most likely not from damage and part of the waking up.
Best of wishes of course and wholeness and balance vibrations!

when i get ringings in my ear's

some time its the left or right.

. its means something interesting will happen...

and that for me means pay very close intention 

Interesting. I am attempting recall of various audial phases of activation, of course this being on going. Yet a simplistic method that seemed to work for me, and the 'cause' of tones not being a factor, was to focus an intention to manifest an easygoing process. Easygoing may be different for each individual. Balance.

i also have this OFTEN... I learned somewhere it is a tuning with the universe... or third ear... happens alot when meditating... to my understanding it isnt fortelling anything... but happens immediately after an event or thought.. like a sign telling you to pay attention to what u just saw, heard or thought...
iv had a ringing in my ears that i though was hearing damage, but a recent hearing test showed my hearing to be near perfect. i did some investigation and matched the pitch to be 16384hz, or c10 in scientific tuning.

i thought it odd to be so specific. does anyone have some insight on this matter?



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