So, because I've been a musician for over 10 years and an audio technician by trade I have suffered at the hands of hearing loss. As most reading this are aware, the ringing in the ear is a common symptom of the activation process and thusly I have been back and forth on whether I'm listening to the ringing of tinnitus or it is indeed due to the activation process. In all actuality it is probably both.

On several occasions I have had, after exposure to high sound pressure levels, experienced a ringing that is the little hair in the ear, that picks up a particular frequency, die off. When this happens you hear that frequency for the last time, hence the ring. Being an audio engineer I typically say to myself "there goes one between 5-10 khz" because it's my job behind the board to identify and remove harsh or unwanted frequencies from the sound system.

So when I randomly get the same frequency ringing in my ear or a particular group or band of frequencies my left brain starts looking at the patterns and questioning. You can find here on the site enough information on what the spiritual sort of ringing entails and means. But I have just discovered that the frequency I hear come in most often is 528hz, roughly. I came across this this morning when putting on a solfeggio track tuned to 528hz. For me there is no doubt this is the pitch/tone/frequency/vibration/sound I'm hearing come in.

Now, this could be a "3rd ear" type thing in which the tone of the earth becomes audible, or perhaps it is my own frequency vibrating close enough to 528hz to sound identical. I'm not able to A and B them (match them side by side) or pinpoint the exact frequency but I most certainly trust my practical training and discernment. 

In any case it is an interesting discovery I thought I would share with you all in a more physical form ;)

If anyone else has some experiences/input on this please share. 

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chakra yoga book explains this very well. its on the opening page of this website

I'm a musician, and I've been hearing tones in my ears for maybe a year or two.  I know it's not hearing damage or listening to loud music, as I rarely do.  I notice it more in the morning or later at night.  My tones are accompanied by very sensitive hearing.  I can hear my wristwatch across the room.  From what I've studied so far, it has partly to do with the flow of prana and/or chi.  I've started trying to redirect some of it to other areas, other than my head when it gets to be too much.



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