I get a ringing in my ears at the same spot in my bedroom and i feel like my head is floating, spinning everything seems really strange for a minute, like im reaching another dimension or something its really weird..

What could it mean?

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Your breaking throught to the higher dimentions, sound carrys you through! Enjoy it flow with it! See if you can follow it to the end! Like the sound wave of tibetan bells! Sounds of your soul lifting!

Peace and love!
In Feng Shui they clearly have indicated that their are certain areas in the house that have "openings". These opening can be anything from portals to just pockets of open energy. I would explore it, be sure to tie a rope with a bell around your leg, no let me be serious. Do you have any pets like cats? They will often lay on these areas as they can charge from them. Is there a T.V. in the bedroom by the way?
Hello Isis,
Love your radio shows, very enlightening!!

How do you feel when you get the ringing in your ears?
Sup homie :-) If you just have to have that T.V. in the room when not in use be sure to unplug it and cover it with something black. York used to do that all the time with every T.V.
LLLOOLL Sevan... tie a rope with a bell around my leg!!! You're funny!!
Yes, there is definitly some kind of weird atmosphere going on but i have to look into it.. I dont have any pets or a tv in my room, but i believe there was a tv in my room in the past because there is a connexion plug... But the ringing is happening VERY often and its beginning to happen in my kids bedroom too!

I think you could be right Diah, but what info? i have no idea myself.. ive been multiplying experiences lately so im a bit lost in what i should look into.. I think im just gonna go with the flow and keep my eye open.

Yes Funky, sound does carry through but i dunno what to do when i hear the ringing, its a very high frequency, but i notice that its not always the same "tone"...
As talked about in the book the ringing is definitely the presence of a non-visible but audible life form. Left or right ear determines its intent, however, that must be calibrated personally as some read negative on the left while others read it on the right. Also keep in mind there is nothing to fear of these beings I always just say so what's up if you are here by request of the Most High hen convey what you need to convey. If it feels like a negative experience or something is going on that moment that you know this "energy" is attached to, you can finish off that statement by saying and if you are not here by permission of the Most High I ask that you go in peace and I will request that you find peace, or something of that nature. Be sure not to be rude, there is no reason for it unless you are being violated which seldom happens when joining Us here under the Shield. In addition some sounds that may be heard are actually coming from oneself as Our Chakra activates making a similar audible noise. The way to gauge this is to wear earplugs and listen for your frequency and get familiar with it. When you know how to bring it up or down consciously, well lets just say you have began to master the cube.
Let me know what you find out I'm all ears, lol.



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