Hello all, I had 2 days of journeying through old habits, all deleted again now. How or why isn't important, here is what I/we learned.


The game is called Rift Online.


It revolves around ascended man travelling back in time to save the future by altering the past. One side of the divide uses machines/technology, the other uses the 'gods' to give them these abilites ;). Plenty of symbolism there then! Of course both are flawed, as is often the way in the standard media, if you took both in 5D we are all these things at once (for better or worse), as that is what is around us at the present NOW, but I digress.


The game is of course of conflict, so you can expect plenty of conflict on the astral if you do engage in it. You do see the wall pushing you on here that Sevan speaks of, as it is an awakening of a sort, in the material that is here. Only it is done through the survival chakra, the conflict with the undead, zombies most of the time, the old sleeping/dead consciousness that your spiritual self can find itself trapped in at first. A place I woke up when I first woke up no less :)


This is also why many experience fear when they first begin expanding consciousness out of that chakra, as many of the mirrors in that chakra are of fear.


Rifts open through which undead or elementals invade, tears in the fabric of the veil - more symbolism there then! The Archon is a master controlling class, I almost laughed when i saw this, not to offend any overly much as I was there too, but do you really need to be in a game in that capacity? :). 


At this point you won't be surprised when I tell you that the high general of the game is Asha (Ashtar Command anyone), and is heavily featured in all areas of the game as a leading character.


*I wouldn't touch this unless you are skilled up on some of the symbology else you'll pick up plenty of junk programming no doubt, as I did. The hints in the media there were worth the trip to bring back. I wanted this warning in here, the last thing many of us need are more thoughtforms on our grids.


Love to you all.


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Its funny you should mention this Karrade as I too have been playing a game similar to this. Its called Amaleur of Reckoning and you basically have three classes human elves and dwarfs and youre all either practise magic rogue and warrior typical. Anyhow I chose the mage which had drawn on third eye and afterwards you had to chose to worship the Gods and gain favor or no powers lol! After further traveling in the games I was finding these gems outside myself called chakra-m ( mountain) and harvested them to placed into my armor. This is similar to alot of armor back in the day like Aaron in the bible who had the 12 gem armor for example to give him strenght. However this game is very animate and the viewers is discourage to see it in this way. In the game I would visit demons who were telling the it was the end of the cycle and there was nothing I can do to stop it! I also met a floating eyeball like in the lord of the rings that said this. Further on in my journey my quest was to find my treasured spear or spirit to gain my divinity back; yet again searching outside myself. I am warn that it requires much discipline and it that it was uncontrollable, of course a fear tactic. When playing the boss it was of course an one eye monster with snakes for hair and the way I finished her was driving my spirit into her I or eye. I'm not sure what this means hear but I'm open to others interpretation but I believe that she or her soul absorbed my spirit when I chose to kill her or a part of myself either way. THe game was very good and I recommend but i became very annoying when every couple minutes you would hear "THE CYCLE IS NEAR!" lol. This games are ridiculous now a days 



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