Sevan mentioned that our experiences can be gauged by how fast time seems to be and how to know if there is a loop in tv system in other words it has been hacked- I would like to share eke techniques perhaps to act as solutions for these types of scenarios as to break free of a convoluted time structure where won chakras may be blocked etc. some tools for reintegrating with an expanding mind may be deep body oxygenation, deep breathing in an area with pristine nature (balanced electrical fields), connecting with ally such as someone with an expanded mind and love for others- something as simple as looking in the eyes or a hug from someone who is activated will assist the reality to form to be more self embedding ie highly energetic - also Toning in a sacred space either with trusted trained individuals or by oneself can rapidly influence ones experience of reality- starting with basic tones such as vowels can be effective for opening the flow between chakras - as for anti aging I have thought of practicing the merkaba meditation in which the Merkaba spins in opposite directions while the surrounding geometry spins to the left has anyone had any experience with Merkaba fields who would be open to share a turtorial? Wholeness and balance

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