Hello Family. As you may know water holds memory and is very receptive to things like sound as I believe Sevan posted in another discussion. The water crystal becomes symmetric when treated kindly with mozart music and/or word as oppose to insults and rock n roll. The majority of our body is made up of fluid so its important to treat each other with respect and kindness as it creates an empowering force underneath the surface. The reason why I'm posting this today is to help you restructure your water along with using mms if you like. One of my favourite author, David Sereda, combines physics and spirituality all into one comprehensible structure anyone can injoy. He has uncovered such experiments by nasa where they have recorded the sound of the sun. The best part is this can be done sometimes in long periods of meditation. What the sound does is it decode the matrix program inside and restructure it. The sun does this to all the planets and its inhabits as it has the power to send photons and see the world before us and decode it however we please. I have attached an audio to the discussion for all to enjoy. It is best to place the glass of water in front of the speaker. Now lets go out there and reprogram our true selves. WBV

sound of the sun.mp3

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Russell you are most welcome.Objects in nature might be smooth stones such as quartz or ? in your area. Not exactly round but smooth.You can find the Psychic Discoveries book @ scribd.com.Also check out Victor Schauberger's work which is there too.He spent his life as a forester in Austria observing water in nature and duplicating the living water in nature and even built structures to re-create the same effects.Flow forms are a result of this research which you can google and even build yourself if you're a do it yourself guy.Psychic Discoveries book is kinda dated (like me lol) published 1971,but if you like to research google the russian scientists that did that research and dig into their work.

How deep do you want to go,Russell?  I ve been at it for over 40 years and still going strong!

In addition John Milewski charges water with magnetite scroll down this page for more info:


I must alert you that the page contains info that may start you on a quest for ormus gold.lol wherever there is granite there is magnetite.

Thank you again Hoot.

I will look up the Russians and look in to magnitie.  I live in montana and there is a lot of opprotunity for raw material gathering up here.  I have definately heard alot about ORMEs already, some of it even came from this site.  Thank you for replying.



Use zinger magnets in groups within small pipes  say no more than 3" diameter and as long as you want now pass water through the system and see, feel,, know the difference!

Thank you

Thank you WhiteKnight!



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