Hello Family. As you may know water holds memory and is very receptive to things like sound as I believe Sevan posted in another discussion. The water crystal becomes symmetric when treated kindly with mozart music and/or word as oppose to insults and rock n roll. The majority of our body is made up of fluid so its important to treat each other with respect and kindness as it creates an empowering force underneath the surface. The reason why I'm posting this today is to help you restructure your water along with using mms if you like. One of my favourite author, David Sereda, combines physics and spirituality all into one comprehensible structure anyone can injoy. He has uncovered such experiments by nasa where they have recorded the sound of the sun. The best part is this can be done sometimes in long periods of meditation. What the sound does is it decode the matrix program inside and restructure it. The sun does this to all the planets and its inhabits as it has the power to send photons and see the world before us and decode it however we please. I have attached an audio to the discussion for all to enjoy. It is best to place the glass of water in front of the speaker. Now lets go out there and reprogram our true selves. WBV

sound of the sun.mp3

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I had a further thought, what if we went a step further and restructed our local water supply. Which though our imprinting(minor programming) may state as distasteful to think about, is exactly what we are doing as we pass food or water through our bodies.

A step further to this would be to actually take a glass of water to the ocean, that you'd just recently done this frequency on and pour it in. Think about all the local dreamers you'd be helping to give coherent structure to. Pretty immense as you'd be altering the entire ocean for a time (time you made from your timelessness), crystal carries charge, and you might give them their memories back to some sleepers.

Not a bad idea Mark. Theres actually a company that plays mozart while bottling water and music such as that actually helps people think better so imagine what it did to the water. Your plan is definitely better for the long run as we cannot only focus ourselves but our other selves

Thanks so much for this and wholeness to all!

amazing stuff thanks so much for posting on a related matter regarding water restructuring in some of sevans latest videos he has spoken about restructuring water with magnets. I found a site in the UK which offers high powered magnets to place on the cold water pipe going into your property to treat water. It would be great if some resistance members with a little more  knowledge could advise. Would buying this or even obtaining high power magnets and making own version be a beneficial thing for restructuring water at low cost perhaps in conjunction with mms treatment. Please note this isn't an ad I am in no way affiliated with the website offering the magnetic devices. As is UK based may be one for other uk members to pitch in on. Worth it any poss home made cheaper versions for those on lower income poss any thoughts guys??


Hey Samantha

Thats very interesting magnets. I was studying magnet therapy last summer so I just want to add if they're neodymium magnets you can apply them to your body too for extraordinary healing potential. I'm sure they're tons of books on the web, if you're interest, let me know

Hey White Knight any pointers or recommendations for reading etc would be extremely helpful. Applying magnets to the body for healing also sounds really interesting. So I would be most grateful for any info you have :)

I read the book Magnet Theory and Practice by Neville S Bengali, but I found the theory part to be repetitive in this book and other similar books. I would recommend focusing your time on the practice part and I found the book to be simple and straightforwards.

been working with water purification for over 25 yrs. Just place speres in clusters like fractals ( 10) and better using ball  neo's not cheap to buy but you will only buy them the once ...so get on it, it works. also works with zinger magnets too!

you can loop this with no glitches..i recommend just using your own vocal cords..


micheal, do you think that old hot water tanks would be a proper type chamber, say 6'tall x 2-1/2' wide? I am thinking about the proper size of the spheres, or the material of the spheres, i can not decide what would work best..  would the metal tank that is not magnetized cause a problem, or would it be ok to use?  What about 55 gal. metal drums. or old wooden barrels? I might just have to try it and see.


Excellent ideas Michael.Back in the 70s when researching and building fractionating column distillers for vehicle alcohol use,we used glass marbles inside the columns for more surface area and increased production.Similar configuration to your idea Michael however glass marbles could contain lead which may pose a health hazard.What comes to mind are quartz crystal spheres,smaller would give more spheres and surface area and the quartz possibly energize the water even more.

Magnetic spheres very interesting.The book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain tells of research by Russian scientists flowing water between magnets in various configurations,ie both north poles both south poles and north and south poles.It's been a while,have to revisit that info.Anyone familiar with this?

Also what size chamber,Michael and why 10 and equal size spheres?

Russell you're thinking big,I had envisioned a 2 or 3 inch diameter pipe with smaller spheres.

 Thankx guys.More thoughts?


Thanks for repling Hoot!  I began to think about your smaller pipe.  It sounds like you and micheal have alot of knowledge on the subject. Do you know of any objects in nature that are shperical or close to shperical and would work in the pipe?  Something that wouldn't need to be manufactured would be nice, if it is possible or neccessary.  Thank you for the book suggestion, I will try and find it.




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