Hello Family. As you may know water holds memory and is very receptive to things like sound as I believe Sevan posted in another discussion. The water crystal becomes symmetric when treated kindly with mozart music and/or word as oppose to insults and rock n roll. The majority of our body is made up of fluid so its important to treat each other with respect and kindness as it creates an empowering force underneath the surface. The reason why I'm posting this today is to help you restructure your water along with using mms if you like. One of my favourite author, David Sereda, combines physics and spirituality all into one comprehensible structure anyone can injoy. He has uncovered such experiments by nasa where they have recorded the sound of the sun. The best part is this can be done sometimes in long periods of meditation. What the sound does is it decode the matrix program inside and restructure it. The sun does this to all the planets and its inhabits as it has the power to send photons and see the world before us and decode it however we please. I have attached an audio to the discussion for all to enjoy. It is best to place the glass of water in front of the speaker. Now lets go out there and reprogram our true selves. WBV

sound of the sun.mp3

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How would U Do th@?

Thanks for this, deleted my last reply as I realised I read your wording wrong. Really interesting material.

Does it retain this memory through distilling? How does it clear itself for more experiences? As water is eternal, and infinite, is this why the subconscious is infinite.

Really really interesting stuff. 

What then is the result of adding distilled water, programmed by a strong frequency crystal or 1D sound frequency to a larger chaotic pool of clusters? For instance the ocean or a lake?

Possibly something along the lines of what happens in dreams and life with activation, but do you have a higher or more simple example I can look to, as dreams are extremely subjective.

Many thanks for all these threads to follow up, sending you deep gratitude my friend :). When I mean that I sit and create it for a minute as well, hope it helps you in some way.

Thank you Key for that, I had this thought in the back of my head when researching this

Yes Key explain

Very nice White Knight, I just bought a vortex magnetizer  to structure my water along with an ozonater to put oxygen in it. I also use the ozonater to sanitize the air in my room and im about to use on my skin for eczema (so many uses) I dig it. Wish there was a cheap way to get fluoride out of the the water.

Me too Matt, its just one of those things we have to accept and move on. Whole on the website found this one kit that may teach how to do with household items but you would have to ask him. Personally I bought alkaline bottles from ebay which were around 20$ each and last 2 years before replacing a filter. If you ask me thats a deal compare to some of these machines which are 1000$ or more and if you grab a ph strip you can test it. I really want to get one of those vortex magnetizer when I get cash they look very cool could you tell me again why they structure it in a hexagon shape? I could understand the magnets and the spiraling of the water but the form does that count too. I also have an air purifier that transmit negative ions in the air for better energy flow but now I'll look into the ozonator to see its beenfits

Thank you White night for providing a better structure to what is 70% of us of the physical level not to mention what goes beyond that :). When people begin to think of it like that, and they use things like this, it is incredibly empowering.

It strikes me that if our subconscious is the ocean, it would follow that 70% of us being programmed the right way, would translate much more naturally to the ocean's water content in dreams or our psyche.

Food or in this case drink for thought perhaps! :) Just had mine.

Yes we should think about what we put in our body as I mentioned above water is very receptive and emotional. Hitler used fluorite water to sedate his prisoners back when so its important to unbind our watery self. I like how you made the connection between us and the earth as I was thinking that when creating this post as we the earth are very much alike and so is the galaxy as it too is just loads of space with little material. There must be something to it 

It Really Feels Good Juss Listnening 2 it.

Thanks White Knight


Yes, us and the sun share many properties together, thats why we do the om meditation as you notice that raises our vibration plus the sun makes that sound



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