It has come to my attention from friends that Elder Resistance Member Jack Crompton just recently passed away in to a greater plane while doing what he loves. Jack Crompton of Vilcabamba, Ecuador suffered a series of heart attacks on the coast of Ecuador, where he was engaging in his favorite of all pastimes ... playing music with friends and familiars. Other than an excellent and very talented musician and song writer, Jack was a writer, artist, digital designer and professional golfer. We will truly miss you Jack, however, We will meet again on the Plane of the Immortals!

Jack was a great friend and prolific booster of The Resistance movement and responsible for more than a few members joining the site. He was a fervent opponent of Statism and ever-present governmental intrusiveness into our lives, a vocal warrior for Freedom and Fair Play. He raised his fist to Fascism, voting with his feet by becoming an Expat.

if you know Jack or would like to get a message to those that were closest to him in Ecuador feel free to connect with Jacks long time friend and close comrade Count Zero. To access his page click the image or hyperlink. Wholeness


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Wholeness and balance from my heart and this digital abyss .We have lost a few over here as well recently .May they be free to go foreword free from this and may they retain the better part of themselves

we may have lost another here, but we gained another there.. :)

rest in wholeness

Back To The 1, Rest In Balance, Resistance Salute!

rest in paradise, may your soul be whole once more.... your still with us in spirit

To Wholeness my friend..

Safe passage, Jack!

love and light to you

May your spirit live on Jack

Rest In Power



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