Wholeness and Balance brothers and sisters. I have been putting together a huge care package for the Resistance and it is almost complete. I wanted to share with you some picture and I will keep you all updated if you're interested in me sending you anything. I am also doing some wire wraps if anyone is interested in pendants they can wear.

all of these contain amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, black tourmaline I dug up myself, obsidian, rainbow flourite, kyanite, rose quartz, shungite, celestite, labradorite, 12 biochemical cell salts, gold, silver, titanium, tin, copper, lead and iron. During the crystallization process I mantra in my mind Wholeness and Balance while playing 528hz directly to the resin.

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it looks beautiful, i'd like to purchase a few, heres my email - willokinho13@hotmail.co.uk

wholeness !

great work,  vibrations from your post :-) josh... Wholeness balance vibrations

Hello Josh very nice work. I followed your link and briefly checked out the page and did not see any pendants? Can this be found on a different site or is email still the best way to contact you regarding purchasing one?

Thank you Jana. I am currently updating my page with more pieces but can definitely get you something custom made here in the next few days if you want. E-mail is ArtisticImplosions@gmail.com. Wholeness!



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