Wholeness and Balance brothers and sisters. I have been putting together a huge care package for the Resistance and it is almost complete. I wanted to share with you some picture and I will keep you all updated if you're interested in me sending you anything. I am also doing some wire wraps if anyone is interested in pendants they can wear.

all of these contain amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, black tourmaline I dug up myself, obsidian, rainbow flourite, kyanite, rose quartz, shungite, celestite, labradorite, 12 biochemical cell salts, gold, silver, titanium, tin, copper, lead and iron. During the crystallization process I mantra in my mind Wholeness and Balance while playing 528hz directly to the resin.

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Wholeness and Balance, I have some more things to finish up before I send out the package as the interest is a bit more than I could handle but I am working on that. Everyone will have their hand made orgone here soon please be patient.

Very nive ,  i agree !!!

I'm really new to the concept of orgonite rocks and what they do. Could someone explain it a little to me. What Exactly do they do? And Josh, the rocks that you've made look really good and artistic, I might have to email you about a care package, so that I can experience it for my self. Whole ness and Balance!

wholeness,..organite sucks in vamporic energy taking spirits ,i have also heard it removes or lessens wifi waves..,they do work when made properly..organite is very easy to make,buy a muffin tin,buy a 20$ 2 part resin bondo at walmarts or auto store,go to a local machine shop,u can get a ,i used a plastic container and just asked the attendant if u could have some of their steel and alumium millings,thin ones,i said i needed for a project.you will also need a pam cookin spray,to spray in the cupcake tin,to prevent the bondo from sticking,last ingredient,quartz crystal,look up a rock shop in your area,and you will need a paint stirrer also good wire cutters for cutting the millings...ok lets start ...place your tin on newspaper,outside,a 20$bondo,should make 6 cakes,get your millings,best to use gloves,cut the steel and alumium millings 1/4 inch,fair amount in each container,...in a plastic bowl mix the bondo and resin together,mayb 4min stir,,it gets very hot and use caution,bad vapours,carefully pour resin in each container 3/4 way,drop a dime size piece of quartz crystal in center of each tin,then fill tins to top with remaining bondo,let set up 45 min.it will b hardened,an should come right out of tin easily,wen first prespraying with pam or oil nonstick spray. that easy,after a few months of use,bury them in the ground,youl want to make more,they do work...wholeness and good success my friend.

if both organic and inorganic substance are combined, then you get a flow of both positive and negative ions coming out of a device. Negative ions are very beneficial these days however overabundance of positive ions will make the body sick. It's good to mention that if you use an organic resin and an inorganic metal like steel and the resin is toxic then a form of electrolysis is going to happen and you can get resin inside your body. -same holds true with copper if there are inorganic material mixed in - copper in the body is going opposite direction from rainbowbody. Also, since the organic and inorganic are random (not layered) in a poured molded form the output of positive and negative is too difficult to determine and can actually fluctuate so that overabundant positive charge still gets in the body.

Hi I would like you to make one for me email me savagemongoose104@gmail.com 

that is so cool,i made organite approx. 6 mos ago,in cupcake containers,using shaved millings from a machine shop,i cut the thin millings of steel and alumium approx 1/4 inch into tins ,filled with resin an dropped a chip of quartz crystal in center of each tin.45 min they were set.i put them in my bedroom.that nite, approx 3 am.cause this woke me.i visioned,crazy...it looked like draconion male an female the female wore a crown,this sounds off, but it looked like the queen an her son,but they looked like dragons,and...they had no conscience,i felt intuitively,they were blood sucking and very vamporic,when i saw this at 3 am just before i awoke,i saw them get sucked straight into the organite.this was my first expierence with organite.it also change the atmosphere of my room,i could feel my own positive expansion in my area,and likewise could my son and daughter.pretty cool,does work.

nice work, i wanna order some.

2questions for you..will you be creating a make it at home kits or only pre made?

one more…i think i heard seven say we should throw our orgone out once they've been used to capacity or fulfilled their role? can you clarify?

Orgone energy is different than Orgonite in technical terms. Orgone is what Freud called libido, but it is essentially sexual (6, electro/magnetic) energy. This is an electric universe (body) and where electricity is, magnetism is. Orgone is referring to Organic or Orgasmic energy. Sexual energy/Kundalini is the most powerful "weapon" on the planet. Let it be clearly known that the term "Orgonite" is not what I am involved in. That is a term used by Karl Welz and does not contain crystals of any other elements of any kind and in fact another term used by him the trademark owner (you can be sued for selling "orgonite") for "Orgonite" is "Resin-metal matrix" and so "Orgonite" is a resin and metal matrix. A resin metal matrix combined with crystals and other elements including the rays of the SOL itself, then you have somethoing entirely different. "Oregonite" contains elements balanced with intention and many crystals to transmute and amplify many elements of our electro/magnetic(6)system. The metal attracts these energies, the crystals transmute them to prana. The prana cannot be measured only felt, breathed without breath. What Sevan calls the Nobles, a higher way of living. To observe what a Moldavite does on it's plane is to experience what Oregonite does on the physical plane if you really have the wheel to see. This is entirely different work which is why I called it "Oregonite" because it is made in Oregon on the 45th parallel of balance on the planet. This is a spiritual art, and can be slowed down to witness and experience.

The short answer is YES, if you have ORGONITE you need to clear it or bury it after you use it. This is because ORGONITE is a "resin-metal matrix" and does not transmute.

What I am offering OREGONITE does not need to be cleared or buried after use and transmutes and actually makes energy of it's own due to it's peizoelectric effect, it is not vampric.

Just like a crystal, Oregonite is structured geometric forms that connect with all lifeforms. When a river is nearby, or when you are near a waterfall....the Orgone energy is high so all the Oregonite you have on you is being charged and others can actually receive that energy with their consciousness the moment they see it. Charging is a real thing and it is super fun once you get dialed in.

thanks for the informative response. do you craft these oregonite structures for others? if so i'm interested in investing in one. thank you

whoops, sorry about that. Was interested myself to buy some the other day and found that link

no problem at all brother, moving forward

wholeness and balanced vibrations



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