Wholeness and Balance brothers and sisters. I have been putting together a huge care package for the Resistance and it is almost complete. I wanted to share with you some picture and I will keep you all updated if you're interested in me sending you anything. I am also doing some wire wraps if anyone is interested in pendants they can wear.

all of these contain amethyst, sodalite, aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, black tourmaline I dug up myself, obsidian, rainbow flourite, kyanite, rose quartz, shungite, celestite, labradorite, 12 biochemical cell salts, gold, silver, titanium, tin, copper, lead and iron. During the crystallization process I mantra in my mind Wholeness and Balance while playing 528hz directly to the resin.

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II also climbed up this steep slope and charged these up in the water. As soon as I put them in the water it started gushing way harder, and almost everytime I put something else in it would go crazy and splash everywhere. We even had a bit of DMT a friend extracted for us from Mimosa Hostilis and we puffed on that. I felt my legs power up and instantly expanded...and well, the rest there are no words. Lots and lots of synergy here.

looks like a universe is inside there. damn thats pretty awesome I wish I could buy some high lvl crystals like those. And those 12 biochemical cell salts are probably reacting amazingly together. Have you checked out the cymatics for 528hz? pretty much perfect symmetry. I really like it good job.


try integrating pearl ex pigments in the next maybe?

definitely, thanks for the tip and the kind words. Just send me your address. Wholeness.


Very nice brother, wouldn't mind paying for one of those to have around.

e-mail is the best way to reach me, artisticimplosions@gmail.com

freakin awesome. ill send you an email when I get some money

don't worry about the money just send me your address. To everyone on the list already please be patient as there is more interest than I expected and I want to send them all out at the same time which should be in about a week when I get paid. I still need to do some fine tuning too (everything is hand sanded) Wholeness.

I would donate funds as well, your orgonite creation looks utterly amazing! :)

wow thats awesome dude thanks!

thanks check these freshies out....you can't really see from the picture but this selenite is putting off some rainbows and it's all spiral polished. I don't know how many people would want pendants they can wear around but I slept with one on the other night and was lucid all night it was a lot of fun. Wholeness everyone, please be patient....I had some unexpected things happen the past 2 weeks otherwise I would have sent the care package already. Balanced vibrations to everyone.




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