Hi there, I am intrigued by the current logo for the resistance and wanted to know what it meant or where it comes from. I ask because everytime I see it, I wonder about its origins, does it have a deeper spiritual significance?

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Yes it does. The logo was developed about 5 years ago. I opened up a logo program and just let it flow. The Resistance logo was the finished product. Since then I have inquired even myself about its designs and it continues to have more and more meaning. Per a conversation with me and BossladyJenee this has come up.

Each Orb is a Planet that a Star Seed has come from to assist Earth in its transition.

The Violet Pearl in the center is Earth awakening Anja or Crown Chakra.

The Rotations are the wheels within wheels or the movement of procession.

The 5 Colors used are to express certain Charkas but using to many colors would give it a rainbow effect which we wanted to steer away from. Im more than sure different members have different meaning. This would be a perfect place to express what it may mean to the individual.
So, the rainbow effect is something to avoid? Why do we avoid that and what is it? Is that the illusion/maya? Is the "light" also the illusion and a concept/idea to avoid? Do the Chakras exist apart from the representation of the colours for them and the various sound vibrations that also correspond? All the vibrations, colours, and levels are illusions? Everything is so confusing with all this information/disinformation floating around. I am in this huge labyrinth. I want to escape this wonderland, but is that just me chasing another carrot I will never get? The logo looks to me like intertwining circles coming from within and expanding outward. Is the circle a better model for human beings than the pyramid? Maybe we each exist in a "bubble"/sphere. These all have openings and closings. Ideally, the "bubble" should be closed and contained. A self sustaining entity energetically. The all seeing eye is the creator of this matrix, hijaking are vision/imagination/energy and using that for the great work, which would be complete domination/control of the universe. Our souls have been kidnapped and now we recycle/reincarnate until we activate? Activation is the process by which one achieves "enlightenment" and escapes this prison of duality/chaos/destruction/suffering/judgement/decay? To do this, we open and clear the chakras? The most high allowed this matrix to be created and for what end? The new breed of humans will now turn the world upside down which is the actual right side up.
"The most high allowed this matrix to be created and for what end? "
How I see it is we are all Creators. That is why the Universe is ever-expanding, because every relationship creates something new and that new element becomes involved with some other element, etc.
Out of the chaos, the Invisible, we are free to create anything we please. We create in order to learn and grow. To use the matrix as an example, the matrix is a system which can be used for administration or control. When the power is abused, control/fear/negativity is the end result. The greater the negative result, the greater potential for more growth and positive after that.
Sevan, thanks for response, that clears a lot. A weird thing happpened last week when I began looking at this logo. I briefly gazed at it while listening to one of your shows and then went about my day doing other things. To cut long story short within a couple of hours I somehow found the image I have attached while reading about some completely unrelated stuff. Found all this strange which is why I had to post this topic.
The image attached is molecules undergoing cold fusion. I find it weird how this image kinda looks like the logo. What are your thoughts guys?
Hey Boss Lady,

IA about the inner circles positioning. Also if each orb represents a starseed planet what do the distinction in colour represent - character, purpose or timing, but as Karey mentioned might be interlinked flows or sequences which is why I was curious about the neutron emission image attached as it relates to a reaction of certain elements to produce limitless energy. NE way as you all can tell, don't know a lot about physics still interesting though.
SON im diggin the explanation, feeling it... all i have to say i logged on and i see this post. how about the other day i was looking at the cards me and mr. spirit matter made with that logo and i caught my self staring at it thinking to my self this is us (resistance). but also intrigue by what those this realy mean...? been wondering ever since to come into the site just to find this... is amazing how is all unfolding..
Man this is awesome, your talent is accelerating at a phenomenal rate Son. Superhuman to say the least.

A sigil (pronounced /ˈsɪdʒəl/; pl. sigilia or sigils) is a symbol created for a specific magical purpose. A sigil is usually made up of a complex combination of several specific symbols or geometric figures, each with a specific meaning or intent, and given spiritual "power" through prayer, meditation, ceremonial magic, sex magic, or other methods.


Sigils are graphic symbols that identify and represent spiritual beings. Often, but not always, they are generated from the names of spirits using mechanical methods, so that each letter in the name gives rise to a particular part of the symbol. They are usually simple, two-dimensional abstract designs, and may be either black and white or colored. The sigil is the design itself, not the surface or thing upon which it is drawn, painted or inscribed. In magic, a sigil is employed to summon and control the spirit it represents during rituals, or to infuse the presence or influence of the spirit into a specific power object.

The word "sigil" is from the Latin sigillum, meaning a little seal or signet. From ancient times until a few centuries ago, identity and authority were verified in largely illiterate cultures by means of personal, family or state seals that took the forms of small cylinders, blocks, stamps or rings. These were impressed into clay, and later into wax, to leave a distinct symbol by which the legitimacy of the bearer or the object impressed with the seal were confirmed. It seems to me probable that the use of sigils to identify spirits has its origins in this familiar and widespread practice.

In magic, the name of a spirit embodies the identity and power of the spirit. By knowing and controlling the name, the magician is able to control the spirit. This is the basis of the god-magic of ancient Egypt. The sigil is a graphic form of the name. The name is manipulated upon the living breath by means of chants, mantras, invocations, imprecations, execrations, prayers, hymns and similar vocal forms used in magic. The sigil is manipulated within the imagination by means of meditation, concentration, and creative visualization.
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You're on a roll, Son!! Keep rockin'!! These posts are awesome!! Bless Up, Ipharadisi ~*~
nice logo!!
You be on it bro . . . looks dope!

You think you can create a GIF picture format of one of these animations?



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