It is a most troubled era when citizens of a world look first to their governments when a catastrophe happens. One should sit for a moment and think just what that implies. If this is true in Haiti like it was in China, how can a world live in fear of some "act of god" caused by man who is a god also? In addition, what is the next phase of this fear as if it has taken off in this direction it is sure to get much worst.

With shear resources the government is just about the only organization that can mobilize and do something when things happen of such proportions, thus this brings more light to the fact that the activated human is the only thing that can balance this equation, it will not be because everyone came together, it will be because someone took it serious and knew what thy were looking at when they read such works as The Children of the Matrix. It is clear, a bunch of unfocused, unguided people all together only make a greater death by square meter as they have little focus beyond external means which is not a solution. Why?

It is now obvious that when you absorb most things from the outer world it is here to hinder the process. Go to most restaurants, get just about poisoned, go to a movie, get mind controlled, go downtown get contaminated by ley-lines put on some weird frequency by a mad masonic scientist.

In all of this I see something though. I see a way. I see they have gotten a little ahead of themselves and their machines are idle waiting on someone to jump in them and turn the tables. I see the soldiers becoming enlightened, I see something that I do my best to bring out in man and woman worldwide, Melanin Dominant and Melanin Recessive like the positive and negative on a battery, nothing to do with evil, and everything to do with what it takes for something to really work.

So many are lurking around looking for something to hate, let it be turned back and confused, can one not see the clear sign, to hate is to perish into the lower dimension now, life will be fleeting and on the next arrival one will be assigned a brute, and they are ever trouble. One should seize the time now to let go of the weight of hate, there will be no other warnings.

The government is not here to assist, the idols and icons have done the rest by draining the Consumer and Sumer, the Sunny events of civilization, is conned again.

Now as the Voodoo card is sure to be played, as Ayzik pointed out, I'm sure the next message that will go out to those of color by individuals such as I've discussed like Hemmitt, will be "they are attacking you, you better use you power, learn to use the power of your ancetors" but the fact is these are not really anyone's ancestors and Voodun, as highlighted in the book, sems to be a sick evocation from Venus. But as these are architects and archons at work, when one practices the same darkness and attempts to use it against those who have higher/really lower command, the victor gaines the power and the loser death, even in the second life.

We already pointed out magic is not something to practice, one wrong mistake and one can be Set. They mention the right hand path and others mention the left but I must chime in Straight is the way.

Further, there does have to be a system of checking in place, thus, those who We know that are experts on HAARP say you must have the tell tell rainbow. They say it is something that can not be avoided when using the HAARP device. The sky must look like the picture below, see also videos on China's HAARP stimulated earthquake.

I will admit this does have a Katrina feel to it and those LEVEE's/LEVY-LEVI-EVIL were tampered with but of course there is something more that is the as below resonator for such a strong occurrence. It will uncover itself very clear in a little time, which is why I took some before posting anything at all about this. 7

Another very interesting situation is two days before this happened early in the morning when the sun was rising I happened to catch a solar wave and I was off in the astral body. I came to in the back seat of someone's parked car. In the superfluous body I passed through the door and I was only anxious to ask the three men that I had seen walk by the car window where exactly was I. They were 3 black men of what I thought was African decent but something was not totally African about them meaning something about the whole place did not seem like Africa but I could not put my finger on it as it was very rundown. I caught up to the guy that was lagging behind, there was a Exxon gas station in the distance, I asked him where was I at, and then voice came out of the sky and said "they can't here you", I then made the decision to fade back into this reality. It took me till this morning to figure out that I was actually in Haiti, possibly there to warn these men, but could not get my astral vehicle working right, meaning I could not hold signal/frequency until I became solid. Even deeper than that when I thought about it this question came to mind. If I told them they needed to leave would they even had listened? If I tell people they need to invest in themselves and get back in tune with themselves are they really listening?

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What do you know about haarp Dr Moo? Are you a scientist? I admit i'm not however try to have all ur facts. There are two such facilites in alaska alone. There is one in Puerto Rico as well as many in other contries. Now since the elite work together regardless of what country they hail from I don't think Alaska is the only possible point of attack. Maybe it was a clear day so there was no cloud rainbow. Sure we need to watch for mountain missles, and poision food, and mind control, and on and on. However, i believe that these natural disasters are guilded. I think it is a mistake to think vodoo has something to do with why these events happened. I dont think they brought this on themselves especially the innocent women and children. Now they are going to spin the situation to rob people who want to help while doing little for the people affected by the disaster. Bush was on tv and said "people want to send blankets and food, just send your money" lmao.
I still would say I need the tell tell sign but it is true that if there is something they want there, ley-lines seems to be the current priority, the disaster will ensue. I believe HAARP can shift plates, not to mention if it is not HAARP it could be something like JOSHUA, EXCALIBUR, CERN or a few others doomsday devices created and functioning.

Notice CERN is not shy in using the 666 logo. The machine you see the Terminator next to was just complete, it was built to exude the energy of a star. Much more advanced than the hedron collider developed at CERN.

Moreover OMNI abilities are unlocking within certain individuals at a rapid rate, I'm persoannly experiencing a whole new level of activation, this only means to me the world will change so rapidly there will be a struggle coming to the powers in place as they will have to wrestle against true Principalities or those individuals who have received greater power than anything built to date.

As more briefing come in it looks like Haiti is one of the major wild cards in bringing about the dissension those in power continuously promote. There are several strategies being launched at this moment, here are a few.

More racial tension is being created than ever as Haiti is riddled with many scandals that involve the French, U.S., and the Parliament, much of whom have lied and traded against one another for a piece of the pie.

The Catholic vampire has entered the port telling everyone if they just pray to Jesus it may absolve the pact they once made with the devil? This is the religious backwards brainwashing that continues stronger than ever on this dimension. Many should realize that although the topic of esoteric knowledge and conspiracy has now made it out into the open there is still a very very small percentage of people that are involved in educating themselves to such a degree. The rest make up the endless population of the "masses". Let us keep in mind India and China are still under the yoke of religious vamping.

Meaningless donations are draining the pockets of people everywhere as they are made to feel guilty if they do not assist, one can be sure it is all going into the pocket of the banksters. Red cross showed up first, money borrowed from other countries go to organizations that are run by the U.N. which in turn funnel it back into the pocket of the governments to continue to cause more terror.


"Just send your cash"

Tuesday, January 19th from the BBC - The US military has begun airdropping food and water supplies into earthquake-hit Haiti.
What? They're just NOW getting food and water to those people? The article goes on to say "Last week, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said airdrops had been ruled out because they might do more harm than good. "
More harm than good. Unbelievable.
After reading the below article today located on the site also linked below, it has become very clear that the media intends to play the race card very heavy this year. As we are multi-dimensional people We encourage all of our members to speak out against racism and against tyranny. Let Us simply consider, if one would rather meet a green one eyed alien and make friends, why can we not give wholeness to another that may be of different skin tone but the same proportions? We can not be divided at this key moment in time We have a great task in actually coming closer together which is one of Our main objective here at the Resistance.

The Article

BANGKOK – Responding to international criticism that its initial donation of $20,000 was insufficient, the Thai government has generously added 50,000 bottles of whitening skin cream to its aid shipment to earthquake-stricken Haiti.

“Thailand is a compassionate nation,” said Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya. “We noticed in the news that the Haitians are all very dark-skinned. This is surely one of the reasons they are living in poverty. With lighter skin they could be more successful.”

The donation is co-sponsored by Unilever Thailand Ltd., which has agreed to provide the 50,000 bottles of Citra Ultra White if the government provides shipping. Along with the whitening cream, there will also be 50,000 copies of Citra’s new brochure, explaining the power of Citra’s double-action anti-aging and brightening formula.

“Citra Ultra White lets you look and feel your best,” said Marlene Van Houten, Unilever’s regional marketing director. “Whether you’re standing in line for UN food shipments, or just sorting through the rubble of your devastated village, Citra Ultra White provides whiter skin and all-day UV protection.”

The whitening cream represents the single-largest shipment of its kind ever to a disaster-zone. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said that the generosity of Thais was evident because so many people had encouraged the donation.

“Everyone kept talking about how black-skinned the Haitians are,” he said. “At every discussion about aid, the skin color kept coming up. I see now that the initial pledge of USD20,000 was very low because in the back of our minds we knew that these black people needed something more than just money.”

Many people interviewed for the story seemed to agree with the PM.

“I donated some money to help the Chinese after the Sichuan earthquake,” said office worker Vasana Prasarnmit. “But these Haiti people are so dark I don’t want to give them anything. Maybe if they were lighter, like Obama.”

It is believed that the whitening cream can make the homeless, starving survivors of the earthquake look whiter and brighter in just 14 days, according to the Unilever brochure. It is hoped that by looking whiter, the Haitians might be able to secure more aid.
“White skin is the key to succes in life, whether it’s job interviews, finding a mate, or being elected to office,” said Chulalongkorn sociology professor Urmkit Srisomwattanathip. “There’s no reason to believe this is any different.”

The Haitian government has tentatively accepted the donation, but has surprisingly appealed for more non-whitening aid.



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