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This first began with this post when a member asked a question about whether or not the world we are living in is holographic or real and how not many people want to approach that question directly.


Is the world we live in right a holographic simulation or an organic womb.


It is good you talk about this, and this is a perfect question for Sunday's Livestream. Is the world we live in right now an actual living Womb/MA/Matrix/Maat or the simulation 01/Neurobiotic Hive Mind? The answer to this is very lengthy which is why this should be answered on Sunday, but here is a video just for you. We are with you, the Resistance is Awake, Aware, and in the Know. Persistence wears down all things, especially walls and gates.

I will say this, we die daily. When sleeping we enter a world. Anything 33 Degrees Latitude and below is considered the underworld. We leave constant imprints that appear as shadows and ghosts to others that can see them. There is a silver line/spiders web that interweaves from the back of our head everywhere we go, these are links, small tubes, a collective dream. When you put all this together you get that you have several bodies, if you have one, or have been given one, that can mesh with the Inorganic but damn near organic world, then you can be immersed into it if that becomes your primary existence. Whether that is this particular world we stand on right now, I will save for Sunday because that's a long answer.


I have mentioned it a few times about my eyes when I wake up I see this grid and then it fades away. This is something that I can see everyday, in the morning, every time.

So my thoughts are about how much of the environment we are actually effecting and if it was possible that we could shape the reality ourselves and the reality is simply responding to our requests. Or is there and actual engaging taking place from various factions to intercept any way it can the total plan of Ascension. There could be nothing more frivolous. ;-)

So here it is. Today after a sequence of events I was led to look up the Resistance site in Google to see just how many sites we are linked to. After about 2 pages I came to this:

It just so happens that this year there is supposed to be a movie called the Resistance. So thus the tag for the movie is. "Resistance 2010". When looking at the the people starring in the movie the lead actor happen to be none other than Jan Balder. Ms. V herself.

With a tag line like "school has never been so dangerous.....or so much fun" I thought this to be a quite unnerving coincidence seeing that we have been following this agenda for a long time. In addition it appears that we are gaining so much presence with the title Resistance in a moment anything related to such things will direct people to the site. In conclusion this movie could only drive more people into knowing what's going on, which lends more credit that the so-called controllers may be in fact ready to make themselves vividly known.

As a side note, the other lead actor Callan McAuliffe is staring in a movie next year called I AM number 4 (Tetra) (Tron). The movie appears to be about special abilities and doppelgangers. All of this makes perfect sense to me, however, the real question is with all this spiritual activity from various sectors how long will it really be before total revelation and of course what will be my lot.

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Incredible syncronicity. We are guetting closer.
its like a domino effect the more gets known the more they change the mass media to not only incorporate the known but to add a bit of the unknown to the public, movies like this show that people know whats going on and the elite are only acting accordingly as they always have been trying to be one step ahead but in all reailty they dont even see the bigger picture
there is a grid ive seen it.. ive seen the wheels aswell.. but somethign keeps locking me in. I am not able to get the full experience. another things the feeling of my DREAM state is getting real intense... i wake up like If i was realy going through it awake.. I dunno somethign weird definitly is going on...
yep, i gno exactly what you're talking about ;-)
I happened upon Rza from Wu Tang promoting the RZST clothing line about a week or so ago. Felt it was worth a mention

a movie i watched today at random on netflix mentioned a group called the resistance.  It was called 'kaboom'.  interesting story, but heavy on homosexuality. I think it is worth checking out.

I heard the Holly Wood is big on the theft of ideas like the Terminator and the Matrix movie that should have been one big flick. Lets not forget the Harry Potter movies in which the women who wrote them was so paranoid about the possible thief of her ideas that she handcuffed her brief case to her arm. Lol ...lucky You don't really care about such things brother Sevan or you'd be walking around with a vault  :)



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