1. In the code to the matrix book Bomar mentions the Kesious and Conifer tree and shows lots of pictures of the pine cone, sorry about the spelling. If the ancients used some type of pine cone juice to activate their 3rd eye then why does Reset not contain these ingredients? Reason I ask is the Pineal gland looks like a tooth to me with 2 roots. It appears they are referencing the pine cone to an ingredient to turn it on or enhance it? Thanks, J.

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you can extract a tea from pine needles. collect or order pine pollen. and process pine nuts into milk. its a great recipe if you can acquire good ingredient sources.I include it in my recipe book as a major pineal endocrine enriching formulation. Reset is a monoatomic formula and may possibly consist of similar components to those found within a pine tree. If anyone can answer more specifically, please do.

Thanks for the reply Daniel.  I saw the pine needle tea on youtube too if that is the one your referring to? I'm thinking of harvesting some from a giant Sequoia Redwood tree of about 700 feet tall.  My reasoning is, the bigger the tree, that means it's on top of a lay line that is pumping real energy into it. I have found through research that the Reishi Mushroom is best if found naturally growing on top of none other than a giant tree stump. This tells me the roots of the tree are sending their energy to the mushroom, hence the reason why this particular mushroom is consider the god herb. But this is just my theory, I think from the statues and sculptures of pine cones they are saying they used the pine cone it self?  So I'm looking to make a juice or oil or whatever from the pine cones themselves first.  There is a device called Kirlian camera that can show us the electrical potential of these pine cones but there is another device that cost about 1,000 bucks that measures the electricity/aether and gives you a real number for it. If my estimates are correct the Sequoia Pine Cone from a 700 foot tree should yield around 144,000 times more energy than any other pine cone.  Let me know what you think? Anyone else is also welcomed to join in too? 

great discussion here! :) you're all definitely rising up a quest for me to go on.. I just wonder if this would be something that stayed with you - or if it was just like...something to stay with you for like 10 hours or 1 day and then be gone... must comment to say I highly recommend if someone WERE to ever stumble upon one of those nice rarities should consider getting some Aulterra from the product store here.. -says it optimizes nutrients of what you take in..30$ for 60capsules - not a bad deal.. I'm now on bottle 2..or 3 maybe of it.. feels great when I take it with food. Makes me want to work out like 70% of the time afterward...just a great thing and I'd recommend taking one before and after eating that.. but anyway, Joey..! - please tell me brother, what is the name of that 1,000 device?? I'm currently working on gathering an array of devices as such to try to awaken others.. if you know the name of the one besides the kirlian cam that would be great.. I'd definitely save a couple checks to get that.

Hey U.P.,

It will be interesting to say the least to see what comes of this. Just a little food for thought here. http://www.fullspectrum.org.uk/kirlian-camera-sales/info_16.html this is for an expensive version that gives us all the bells and whistles. Is it really needed? Maybe not really? I'm not wealthy yet, so I'm gonna do this the cheap way.  Some interesting thoughts to share are these: The pyramids are located on the 33rd Degree Ley Line of the Earth. The Sequoia National Redwood trees are the largest giant trees on Earth some above 700 ft. tall. I believe these trees are located above a major Ley Line in California, which is powering the trees super growth? Some of the most potent Reishi mushrooms grow on stumps located in high mountains. So these mushrooms are potent because they are using the once a upon a time tree's spot, and the roots are feeding it the current of the Earth to charge it as if it where the tree itself? Supposedly our seed in our eggs sacks are our source power, and these giant trees called Sequoia Redwoods have similar Seed. Their Seed being the Pine cone itself, question is how much power is in a pine cone coming from a 700 ft. Sequoia tree? I would guess enough to power anything in my body to it's fullest potential. Keep in mind Bohemian Grove Club is just 338 miles from this pine cone source, also note the trees are pretty large at Bohemian Club as well, same trees. Why did the Vatican have actual large Pine Cone statues and staffs with pine cones on the ends?  Sharing is caring! Whoever does this first please post results, I'm planning on doing this in the next few weeks. Hopefully a pine cone tea party could awaken the Kracken in everyone?  A famous quote from Dan Winter on this site is" like 2 Pine Cones kissing" hint hint??? Does anyone else see these connections? Thanks for the suggestion on the optimizer U.P. Peace out, J.

Hi Joey, Thanks for this fascinating post - I'm particularly interested to know how you came to the conclusion of 144,000 as the mathematical multiplication of energy - did you pick this number out of the air or was there a calculation made? Just asking as this is a number that has been frequently occurring in my life and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it ! Thanks for any indication you can give on this.

Also second question -  are you referring to Sequoia sempervirens or Sequoia giganteum - I would like to order some essential oil so need this precision.  Many thanks

Actually it was by mistake I put the 144,000. I actually got it from a Jason Verbelli  on a Cavitation video via ytube. They measured a drop of Amazon river water and it was I think 44,000 times more electrically powerful on a Kirlian machine than regular tap water.  The 144,000 is really 9, ex. 1+4+4+0's=9 or 144,000 is the chosen elected to be enlightened according to 66 books of dog, flipped upside down is god and 99 or 9+9=18 which equals 1+8=9 or six upside down again.  I am referring to the Sequoia giganteum tree that is around 700-900 feet tall in California.  I will ask the Forester when I am up there because google seems to have conflicting info as to whether the trees are mixed or of their own kind up there. Interesting you pointed out the link of peppermint oil or essential oils, I'll need to research that and get back with you on that. Any info you have please share. Peace to you! J.  

Thanks for taking the time to reply, very helpful, om shanti.

Daniel what recipe book ?? =)

recipe book is almost complete. its for the mystics and shamanic healers amongst us. its actually called the SuperSunSpot Catalog. Im just working on the index/glossary then its done... and it'll be available online as pdf or hardcover.

i didn't find the pine needle tea on youtube but it must be in alignment. have you read the ringing cedar collection: anastasia? look into baobab also....one of the largest trees in the world(recreated in the movie avatar)..it produces a tamarind like fruit and is super potent.

Hello Daniel, I am on the path of the shamans and I'm always looking to absorb more knowledge on this infinite path. I'd love to read your SuperSunSpot Catalog. Couldn't find it online . Could you possibly send a link?



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