i was recently at a rave and had some tricksters on my case all night. it seems like they've damaged my "energy shield." im more numb to attacks and dont really notice when people may be attacking me, as well as having less resistance to these attacks. any ideas on how to build up my energy and get back to feeling more like myself?

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There are a lot of energies at these types of gatherings (most are conflicting). The state that you are (were) in and location have a great deal to do with the absorbing/rejecting of energies. Many people at these types of gatherings ignorantly open themselves up with the ingestion of substances. If you are not aware of yourself or intentions (or lack thereof) you can easily open yourself to these even if you are completely "sober". There are too many lacking questions. Take out some time/space for yourself.
Download the little animation I posted earlier cousin Zap those negative fields away haha! Healing with color and sound, I apologize im not a writer but just keep meditating and work on them chakras..
Take care cousin.
awesome idea! usually i just touch a tree to feel the "natural" aura of the tree, but i never thought to actually hug the tree. ill probably just lean against it and relax for a while, but thanks for the advice.

and, yeah Mr Spirit, i already checked it out. it helped get the ones that were on my mind out, but i think a more earthy approach will work better for me.
Kyanite crystals are very powerful healing tools for their effects upon the aura are greatly felt Kyanite has known several uses for chakra balancing. It is told to align all chakras automatically and immediately, without even conscious direction. It may also be used to alight the layers of the aura, specifically the astral, ethereal, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers, although this may take some conscious direction. Simply walking on some grass has tremendous grounding capabilities! The insoles of footwear cut you off from discharging of the negative energies flowing through your body. Since our bodies are naturally aligned like a magnet, top half being positive and lower half being negative. Same thing with the left and right sides of our bodies. Left being negative and right being positive. Before, the bottom soles(soul) of shoes where made out of leather which is a good conduit for discharging electricity but "they" changed it into rubber? hmm makes you think doesn't it....
awesome. without even reading this i think i might've picked up this information. hahaha. i decided to start stomping around barefoot today because i just "figured" it would help. ill look into the kyanite crystals. i could use a few around my room.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated!
Grounding (walking barefoot on earth), connecting with the sun, dancing (the "bouncing" movement cleans the lymphatic system) , sea salt bathing, sage burning, magnetics and diodes also assist greatly in the restablization of the bio field. It is important to figure out why you were feeling the way you were. Some situations aren't even ours, and are more of entaglement than we thought. Get to the core..the inner stillness. It sounds like fluff, but often a dissection and figuring of the occurance to determine if it is re occuring is necessary to change (break) cycles (are you attracting or repelling certain situations/people? Were you centered before entering this environment..?..etc.) . Another way is to "get off it" and give it no power, because it no longer "is". We have to learn these ways for ourselves. These are great ways, but yours will be yours. We are not fixed, but a process. Balance.
Nicely said VW!U~nima!
thanks! a truly great response. ive been trying to get to the source of th problem but its made difficult because i have a gf that isn't open to talking about these things, so she tends to bring them back up. but i suppose its also my fault for not being a very good listener.

Thanks for the recommendations. ill try putting a few into action.



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