Hi all:) I am beginning my journey to purify my body and I have a simple question; After distilling my water what product would I use to add the minerals back into my water? How much would I add per gallon? After watching the video by Sevan about energizing water and blood it also raised the question, should I add mega hydrate to the water directly or take it as a pill daily?
Thank you for your help!

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adding megahydate to the water seems to work better,

remember to build yourself up with megahydate and take it slowly with the amount in the beginning.

there is a awesome megahydate post in the general section of this forum in what benefits and many members posts on there experiences,

check it out

I would suggest using Ionic Magnesium concentrate it has 72 trace minerals as well as the magnesium. It is what i use and seems to work very well for me ( 10-15 drops per gallon ).  I like to add MegaH to my water, but i do occasionally pop a couple ( 2 ) if i'm in a hurry. I would start off with 2 pills of MegaH then gradually increase up to 4 if needed or wanted. You will definitely FEEL it... ;) 

I went through the MegaHydrate quite quickly with my wife and we both felt it helping and adding a bit of something extra. However I can't afford to buy more for the time being and I have been using the following product - http://www.return2health.net/minerals/concentrated-trace-minerals/d... Deva Liquid Minerals. I add 20-30drops to 3.6L of the distilled water and have found as long as I don't put in too many extra drops the taste is fine and friends which come over and have a glass of cold water keep going back for more!

I made quite a lengthy response to this question and posted it over at secretenergy.com.  

see here- http://secretenergy.com/forum/topic/water-remineralization-the-pseu...

I trust this will be of assistance.





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