I was wondering about whether or not the practice of Reiki is something that we should stay away from.  I have had 3 Reiki sessions within the last couple of months.  It has done wonders for releasing pent-up anger and opening and activating my heart chakra.  However, my practitioner calls on her "guides" to assist her.  Any thoughts?

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Hey Marcus,

I myself practice Pranic Healing and while we don't "call" on guides, we do ask the most high and holy angels for divine protection and divine guidance so that during the healing of the chakras no negative forces can interfere. I don't see this as a problem as we don't specifically "call" to any particular being and it's mostly to bring forth positive energy and focus the mind. If your practitioner is asking for her guides by name, I can see this as a problem seeing as how you really don't need any outside help when dealing with energy other than yourself. Any type of healing is energy based and is solely done by the understanding of the individual doing the healing. There is no need for rituals or "guides" to help you. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and others energetically, we just need to be educated properly to do so as too much energizing after cleansing can hurt the chakras thus manifesting physically. If she is seeking "outside" help, then some explanation on her part is probably necessary.
Thank you, Leonardo. I will have a discussion with her before I set another appointment.

I do have a question about too much energizing of the chakras. How do you know when you have overdone it or what should one do to make sure that they don't go past the point of negative returns?
My pleasure. Until you practice and get better with sensitizing and feeling the energy, the first few times you energize should be done for no more than 1-2 cycles of pranic breathing. Being aware of your patient's symptoms before and after are also usually a good indication when you have energized too strongly. Headaches or mild pains are an almost immediate symptom of too much energizing so once you are done with the session ask your patient how he/she feels. Usually they feel great and very relaxed as their body is now clean of the dirty energy and healing itself with the new, clean energy. If your patient looks like they're in pain or tells you there is pain, that's a surefire way of knowing you went too strongly. If that ever happens, just quickly scan the chakras and find which one is congested. Then just clean it and do not re-energize. You can follow up with having the patient do pranic release breathing for 2 cycles just to make sure any excess congestion settles.

Age is also a factor as you want to be very gentle with children, infants especially and the elderly as they all have a very fragile physical body and should be healed softly and with much love.

I hope this helps.
Ayzik is correct. When you are using Divine healing you let the most high guide you and that way nothing is ever out of blance. The chakras are cleansed and energized properly in one fell swoop, but most often it becomes necessary to pinpoint individual chakras and their problem areas when diagnosing ailments for accurate results. The over energizing is only a mild concern when you are attuning the primary/secondary chakras and balancing them individually (you also never energize the front heart chakra or the eyes). And even then, as I stated, it is very easily remedied with proper breathing/exhalation techniques to release congestion.

Also, the energy depletion should never be of concern to the practioner, as Ayzik stated, you are always channeling energy to recieve a steady flow, but with a patient, the scanning of the individual chakras will reveal which ones are congested/overactive or depleted and this way you can surgically treat it more effectively. I'm not a Reiki practioner so I can't comment on the actual methods of cleansing the individual chakras in Reiki and I agree with him about the questions to ask your practitioner.

One thing I will add as well is to always listen to your patient. Often times you will have a healing session and heal the patient with them leaving very happily only to have the symptoms return. When this happens and you notice you're healing the same symptoms over a long period of time, that's when you need to address the patient and their lifestyle. More often than not, the symptoms are being caused by something in their life that is recurring and manifesting physically. As the healer you are removing the negative energy and replacing it with new, clean loving energy, but if the patient is returning to bad habits or self contamination through negative thoughts, this will cause the same symptoms to return, no matter how many times you heal them.

A good example of this is when you heal someone's knees because they have severe pain in them. You heal them fully on the first session and the patient goes home feeling great. Two weeks later they call you for another session. You perform the healing again with the same results. Two weeks after that, they call you again. That's when you should realize there's something else going on here. You consult with your patient discussing any issues they may have at home and you learn that they are lacking support (knees-support) from their spouse. Until they feel confident about this situation, these thought forms will manifest physically every time. You are removing the thought forms causing the ailment, but the patient is reintroducing the same thought froms.

I hope this helps.



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