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I've searched over and over, all over the internet and on this site, but it seems the topics gets way too advanced or just lost with the responses back, but the last few weeks i've been battling with what water to drink.

I stopped drinking tap water completely as I finally realized that it was probably the only thing left in my body or that i consume that would hold me back from fully activating/expanding on command.

Ive been researching about bottled water, distilled water and mineral waters. Buying a counter top purification system, which i will purchase in the future but is not a solution i can come up at this very moment.

My question is:

1) should i really worry about BPA in the bottle water from the plastic?  Does distilled water get effected by BPA plastic?  Bottled/distilled water in glass jugs are very rare and if i do find them, they cost fortune which would not make any sense to drink daily.

2) I've been drinking distilled water, buying 3-4, 4Litter jugs a week for the last 3 weeks.  Ive come across a lot of info online that says distilled water  will weaken your bones and removes minerals, etc from your body...personally, i don't feel any negative side effects of the distilled water.  Is distilled safe for prolonged, or life time use?  I know fruits and veggies all produce distilled water...i eat a ton of those, actually it;s all i really eat now. I am living a Vegan lifestyle. I have located a natural spring an hour and a bit from me.  I am trying to locate some large wine type glass jugs to bring with me to fill them. But until then, distilled will be my go to water, unless i can be proven otherwise! I really just need clarity and i want to ensure i am not actually doing any harm by only drinking distilled.

side note: 

I came across a post on some alkaline drops for water. I will be going to grab some today from the local organic store to add to my distilled water intake. 

I am also taking ethirium gold and black ( 2 pills of each per day), (2) gotu kola pills, eating 2-3 garlic bulbs, 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and a few table spoons of lemon juice, and a hand full of cilantro, daily.  Ive have been doing this for 2 weeks now.  Aside from feeling really "balanced" and stress free, (probably from the Ethirium gold and black), I haven't noticed any negative side effects, I feel a lot better actually.  Just over all stamina and energy is up from the norm. 

Thank you!

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To alkaline with supplements does not do good to the colon ph. It needs to be on acid level to be a host for friendly colon bacteria, support imune system and ao on. Alkaline colon ph is a host for hostile colon bacteria and makes it difficult to get ammonia out of the system. It is a complex system and has a lot to do with what you eat, drink and how you live. Having read the below i am not sure if it is actually good to alkaline water above ph 7. I am not an expert either but i will dig deeper :)
(I havent checked what google translator does to the text...)
I filter my distilled water through a brita water filter and store in glass bottles for daily consumption. If it was in touch with air and was already below ph 7 it becomes ph neutral or even alkaline between 7 and 7.7.

I can also highly recommend following water documentary





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