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I've searched over and over, all over the internet and on this site, but it seems the topics gets way too advanced or just lost with the responses back, but the last few weeks i've been battling with what water to drink.

I stopped drinking tap water completely as I finally realized that it was probably the only thing left in my body or that i consume that would hold me back from fully activating/expanding on command.

Ive been researching about bottled water, distilled water and mineral waters. Buying a counter top purification system, which i will purchase in the future but is not a solution i can come up at this very moment.

My question is:

1) should i really worry about BPA in the bottle water from the plastic?  Does distilled water get effected by BPA plastic?  Bottled/distilled water in glass jugs are very rare and if i do find them, they cost fortune which would not make any sense to drink daily.

2) I've been drinking distilled water, buying 3-4, 4Litter jugs a week for the last 3 weeks.  Ive come across a lot of info online that says distilled water  will weaken your bones and removes minerals, etc from your body...personally, i don't feel any negative side effects of the distilled water.  Is distilled safe for prolonged, or life time use?  I know fruits and veggies all produce distilled water...i eat a ton of those, actually it;s all i really eat now. I am living a Vegan lifestyle. I have located a natural spring an hour and a bit from me.  I am trying to locate some large wine type glass jugs to bring with me to fill them. But until then, distilled will be my go to water, unless i can be proven otherwise! I really just need clarity and i want to ensure i am not actually doing any harm by only drinking distilled.

side note: 

I came across a post on some alkaline drops for water. I will be going to grab some today from the local organic store to add to my distilled water intake. 

I am also taking ethirium gold and black ( 2 pills of each per day), (2) gotu kola pills, eating 2-3 garlic bulbs, 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and a few table spoons of lemon juice, and a hand full of cilantro, daily.  Ive have been doing this for 2 weeks now.  Aside from feeling really "balanced" and stress free, (probably from the Ethirium gold and black), I haven't noticed any negative side effects, I feel a lot better actually.  Just over all stamina and energy is up from the norm. 

Thank you!

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Thanks for the reply!

I haven't yet tried MMS.  I did come across it though and I probably will be trying it as soon as all my other supplements run out.  So far though, the Gotu kola gives me a strange headache in the center but middle part of my head if i take more than 1 pill a day.  If i take it before bed, i have very strange dreams and find it hard to wake up.  The Etherium Gold and Black seem to work the best out of everything else.  it seems to be a mild but noticeable increase in all aspect that it claims to help achieve.  I will probably continue taking those for a long time.

I don't know what to do about the water, i am still very lost.  I want to order a water revitalizer.  Claims to put life back into the water.  It's much more affordable than the water filter machines but still doesn't really clean water, except adding life back into the water and cleaning it of all the negativity it gathers along the pipe lines, seems to be a good start. 

Anyone have experience with these types of systems? there are basically two options ive narrowed it down to: 


which is from my research the original of all of these types of systems.

and this one:


but mind you these are significantly cheaper, which makes me think they don't work because it;s not a closed system and it's not as big as the Grander type.  I did find a video on youtube of a guy who found the patent for the Grander system and basically made his own and shows how to make one. It's a bunch of magnets specifically placed with polarized ends facing specific directions.
Watching the video, i can see how inexpensive it can be to make one, but at the same time, maybe there is more to it?

I really don't want to keep buying plastic bottled water as it's really bad for the environment and it just p***** me off that all the plastic just gets dumped into the sea or shredded into pieces and all sorts of other life forms are eating it and dying both from chocking and the chemicals in the plastic. On the larger scale, pepsi, coke and nestle seem to want to be monopolizing all the water sources by buying them all up to make it the next big commodity which is messed up, because water is life. Why would we have to pay for drinking water for something that we need to survive on this plane with these physical bodies?  At this rate, if water ever does dry up and become an issue, we are going to have to pay to live by buying water from companies.  It will be worth more than gold or money! 

I have been into the water conversation for quite a long time now.

Between all of the teachers I've come across (Viktor Schauberger, Daniel Vitalis, Sevan, Don Tolman, Masaru Emoto, Andrew Norton Webber...)  and observations I have personally made through fasting (40 days on spring/distilled water and 3 day Urine Fast) and innerstandings, it would seem to me that the most important things are as follows.

Most importantly, the water needs to be clean, pure, empty and ready for 'in-formation'.  This essentially means to distil the water.  The natural earth cycle is a distillation process that feeds the planet. 

Spring water is great as well, as long as you are certain of your source.  These are the 'living' spring waters that actually spring up from deep within the earth, and most of this water hasn't seen light or pollution for millions of years.

The idea of structuring water is great.  This is like adding turbo busters to your 'chi-car' (chakras), but this is of little good if your system isn't cleaned and tuned to begin with.  Why would you want to structure and form inadequate and polluted material? 

If you have a clean operating space suit/vehicle, then the need for something to upgrade your water from an un-informed distilled 'empty' water surely seems like a genius idea.  It even has its value if you don't have an organized system, but again it is more appropriate for you to put the cleanest source into your body before it is to add an adulterated water into your system.

Your body is a distiller itself.  If you really want to upgrade your temple, use living waters that have been distilled through your own personal alchemical laboratory - Pee. 



Thank you for this!

Should only drinking distilled water be a concern in terms of health? All the missing minerals and such (i can get from food) but there is a taboo on only drinking distilled...should i be concerned?

Also, buying distilled water, it always comes in a clear bottle.  I don't have a distiller machine as of yet, but along the journey of this distled water from where it is made, to the store shelf, should i be concerned about what the water took in consciously?  Should i put the water in a dark room with classical music before i consume it to restructure it? (this is a legit question, not a joke! i know classical music can actually re structure water crystals back to what it should look like under a high powered microscope!)

There is one spring where the water just comes from the ground, it just starts at the top of a hill in a forest near by (1.15 hour drive or so) and floods its way down to a ravine.  I will be going there soon when the guide has time to show me where exactly it is. 


- j.r.

The taboo (propaganda) of drinking distilled water has largely, if not completely, been dismantled.  The simple thought is that if it is good enough for plants, why would it not be good enough for me?  Secondly, your body is made up of such a large percentage of water 70% body 90% - or at least should be - that we should be very conscious of the water we intake.  As well, consider that the we are 'breathing' water.  We urinate it, we sweat it.... And we consume it.  Are we p******, breathing, sweating away minerals, bones, muscle?... Obviously not.  The concern of enough minerals/proteins etc. is faaaaar blown out of proportion.  

Using any type of sound frequency can be useful in restructuring water.  You might consider if the music is in 440 or 432/528 hz.  There are destructive and creative harmonics that can be used to make unlimited forms of the water.  If you find the music beneficial to the ear, I'd suppose the water would too!  

The spring you speak of sounds like it might be run-off water and not an actual spring, although if you get to the source at the top of the hill and it is bubbling up and 'springing' forth from the ground atop a hill, it would seem to be a spring, and that living energetically enlivened water, that has passed down that hill may be what you are looking for.  At the 'source' you'd have 'raw' water and after it has traveled down the hill you have it 'organized by the path it has taken and it has picked up essences of the journey and the things it has come in contact with.  If this is a healthy area, then either the 'raw' or 'traveled' water can be useful.

Intention alone can restructure water, but that depends on the power of your thought/mind/manifestation.  Some claim you can remove all impurities, including fluoride, from the water - and I suppose this can be true, but I'd err on the side of making an informed choice in getting distilled water and then putting intention/music/magnetics into it.  If we are considering such questions, we are obviously not at the point of manifesting on that wave-length - just yet! 

Do what you believe assists the water, and therefore assists you. 

Again, check out Andrew Norton Weber on Youtube on his Distilled water and it's effects on organic beings. 

If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer. 



Since this is already a topic of discussion I was wondering how you go about restructuring the distilled water? Is doing harmonics sound frequency just enough? should magnets be used and how?  Zen Alchemist I watched the you tube videos with Andrew Norton Weber. I found the urine therapy videos interesting as a long time ago in the late 90's someone mentioned to me that they drank their own urine with profound results. Of course I was still in a heavy slumber and didn't think to take notice. The Andrew video led me to this woman's site who claims she can erase the signature from water then reprogram the water. However there are a lot of Osiris symbolism that is quite the turn off to me on her site so not quite sure what she is selling but my intuition was not feeling it.  http://www.waterofrenewal.com/waterofrenewal/Home.html She is claiming that certain codes can be programmed into the water but what codes is really being programmed? How do we do this ourselves? Anyone have the manual laid out? With as much propaganda that is being thrown about regarding water I am not too trusting of a lot of sources especially on the "net" however I feel the information I get from the resistance family is usually on point and resonates within me. So info would be highly appreciated as I am not 100% confident in how to go about the water as well.



If you are wondering about water, please watch our video series on the site here about the topic, also the most recent Astral Quest show Season 2 episode 4 explains alot, and the newest addition to our water series will be out within the next week.  If you are drinking distilled water, you should be making sure you get enough minerals in your diet from another source, such as Shilijit or other superfood supplements that contain High Quality minerals. In terms of the BPAs my personal suggestion is always using BPA free, Glass if possible,also, please read up a bit on the high dosage of garlic http://rense.com/general76/Dpi.htm

Hi Tom, is it really recommended to use mineral supplements when you are on a well balanced vegan diet with lots of raw stuff and distilled water? I thought organic minerals from your food will do and that anorganic minerals should be better avoided?

Re restructuring the destilled water, i would be also extremely curious to know how to.... What exactly to add? How to position the magnatics on the tube when sendng the water through? Guess it needs specific polarisation?

Thanks so much! Wholeness and Nowness!

In terms of the water please check out our series we have on water. You can be on the look out for the next installment that should be up within the next week. As for the minerals. I definitely would not recommend getting your minerals from anything less then an organic source. If anything I would recommend a source higher then organics. The organic foods are a sliding scale, I have much personal experience with plants an there are many factors to consider when using organic foods as your source of vitamins and minerals. First of all what level of organic is it? Do you know the farmers that are farming it? The genetics of the plants? Are they heirloom? What kind of light quality,air quality, water quality etc. are the plants getting? These are all important factors to consider. Also, even when consuming high quality organics, one must also take into account what they are trying to accomplish. One must look at the vehicle they are trying to power, in this case it would be the mental vehicle. I myself am pushing this vehicle to extreme states on a daily basis in order to expand it. And just as a body builder wants some reserves of high quality proteins around in order to build high quality muscles. Someone trying to build on their mental capacity too would want plenty of the higest quality minerals to fuel these things. Hope this helped brother 

Thanks TomTom, this helped! Looking forward to the next water episode. The quality of organics - it is indeed a daily challenge :) especially when you are travelling...

On distilled water and mineral leaching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ID6DCQkC... 

Basically it only leaches inorganic minerals that you don't want in your body.

Respectfully I disagree with the article about the health effect of distilled water.

In a basic explanation, organic minerals are what you get from plants.Inorganic come from the water moving in,over and through inorganic minerals i.e. the ground,rocks,etc. Inorganic minerals that pass into our drinking water cannot help us and can in fact, harm us.This is because inorganic minerals cannot absorb as nutrition into the cell walls and thus get deposited elsewhere into the body. This can cause arthritis, joint pain, kidney,gallstones and even clogged arteries. Lime (calcium carbonate) is one of these minerals. Just think about what that does to your bathtub!

Distilled water does tend to pull small amounts of the inorganic minerals from the body.However very little in actuality.After studying with a Cherokee Medicine Man through 1980's I have been drinking distilled water over 30 years.

For those who wish to research further: Dr Norman W Walker over 70 years research on water and juicing.And Andrew Norton Webber on  you tube mentioned earlier in this discussion.

As a side: Structuring of water with crystals Marcel Vogel  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq0vAqAIReI 

He also mentions shamanic drumming of which I also have experience.Typically around 10 hertz the Theta state for Trance and Dance.

Distilled water comes out at ph 7 (+/-) but in contact with air it takes on C and becomes acidity down to ph 4.5. Coca Cola ph is 2.5!!! Ionising distilled water and bring it up to ph 8.5 would be ideal, but you cant ionise distilled water, so one would need to remineralise the distilled water first.

In general mineral water that you buy would only contribute 10perc of your daily mineral need plus these anorganic minerals can hardly be absorbed by your body. 95 percent of needed mineral supply comes from food. Minerals in food are bound in amino acid compounts and can be easily absorbed by your body. Drinking mineral water to get minerals in is absolute nonesense.



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