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A few nights ago I woke up as usual, the only difference being I saw red grid lines on my ceiling, I have never experienced this before or anything of a similar nature and after speaking with a few friends of mine, we have yet to come up with an explanation that I feel quite makes sense. If there is anyone that has experienced anything similar or could offer a few words to shed some light on this situation, it would be of great benefit to me.

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Great point, I think we are getting in to spectrum now, basically if you are attempting to see something Ultra Violet or Far Infrared through the third eye optical gland. I have yet to run in to someone who has clearly opened their third eye through the use of the sun, although strange effects occur when your third eye is open and you look in to the sun. I have however heard of countless stories of those who have opened glands such as the third eye during dark room meditations. Also keep in mind that those who use fire during their third eye experiences are generally drawn in to the visions they see in the fire, it is said that such visions somewhat distract the Seeker to a certain extend, however, those who do not use fire are able to gain great depths. Just something to ponder about the ebb and flow of things.

Hello all,
I have recently read Dark room enlightenment by Mantak Chia, it really helped to explain the whole process of what takes place in dark room meditations as mentioned by Sevan, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for some more information on the topic.



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