An intelligent man indeed emails insisting Ras/Ra/Marduk is the way through his emissary Emperor Hallie Salassie, here is our response for those who feel the same way.


Yes it is true that there are believers in Selassie that depend on His return as do Catholics depend on Jesus and Islam depend on Mohammad and Jews depend on whomever, and yes it is a despairing weakness which have affected millions of people and Ethiopians/Habesha especially. but what is different with a Rasta understanding at least in my experience is with I n I there is the level of knowing that anyone can achieve Christ Consciousness / Khrishna third eye / Buddha ascension. and for a higher awareness individual to innerstand such things one can transcend such material things as Messianic dependency. I am not saying to wait for His Majesty but to meet with His Majesty where I is. for a deep understanding as a Rasta man I look to my development as a Higher entity and not in the fear that no one is here to save me just yet. I don't think that is the intention Selassie was aiming for. There is something special with this man King, Prophet and it is nothing like the sad controlling natures of other so called "Messiahs" of the past. There may seem to be something sneaky because of who he socialized with in the media but it is beyond that. in the end people needed his Kingship to reestablish the last of the Earth's Kings of Peace- otherwise why was he overthrown? please correct me if you feel I am steering in the wrong direction but I don't feel he fits the cookie cutter mold of the divide and conquer tyrant you are vehement in exclaiming. I want to know where you are getting all this information from about Him since most of the information about Him is corrupt anyway.

you are saying to look deeper and further back. I've gone back as to read the book of Enoch, Forgotten books of Eden, and even those channeled books on Earth and the garden where the Source dwells. I forget the titles. anyway it is good to hear from you. I will go and read the terra papers now but I would like to know first is how are you so sure you yourself are not being deceived? how are these books the most convincing to you? and which Eldridge Cleaver books? soul on ice/ fire? I have Ras Kass's Soul on Ice album and Nature of the Threat is my favorite empowering song. and what should I look for on Nimrod and Kush? the sources on Kush I have are very limited all I know is it is older and coinciding with ancient Egypt. as for Gold do you mean it as the original manna? the power of Gold and source of energy for the Annunaki? the blue stuff that comes out when you shake it vigorously and the technology the ancients had to extract it? its power to heal cancer better than platinum? don't know - all scattered info.

One love.


Indeed IKNOK it is a pleasure to speak with someone with such intelligence as yourself, surely it is noticeable by those who deem themselves wise and holders of wisdom. So it is also true that you innerstand reason. Here is what the Adept say, “Did you see that star? No sir I see it.” There is a world Mr. IKNOK that is veiled because the human denizens of the planet lack a few basic principles of core knowledge; this is shape, sound, number, and color. When you see the stars on the breast of a Marcus Garvey, Salassie, or even Michael Jackson, you may say ahh very nice a decorated man. Those of us who are learned in such things say ahh an 8 sided Octagon portal to Venus who is Ishtar, I quote "Even Solomon wandered after Ashtoreth who is Ishtar, and sacrificed in the High Groves as if his wisdom was naught". I quote Sumarian “Even Gilgamesh wandered after Asherah/Ishtar and her symbol was a lion”. Who would know more about this, my grandfather was Joseph Henry Lyons, our bloodline is as pure as the most noble, and just as riddled with the mess of over ambitious men. A Seven pointed inverted star ahh a taker of life and Worshipper on the Ancient Ones, Cuthulu Yog Soothoth-Hotep. Now what is before you is someone who can put the rest of the pieces together for you however if you want to pretend that you have already traversed the dimensions and know where the path of RA leads, then I know for sure you are jesting because I know where it leads. You ask how am I so sure, because I have seen it, I have seen them, We have conversed with them and I know the angle in which not to travel. A Master may choose his path, a servant is made to take one by force or coercion. Most never turn back in lure of the power of Ra Marduk, but It consumes everything in “time”, even the most sound believers and especially the pure, such is the way with underworld slave Gods, Demi Gods. Your Gods I sum up in Shemhamphoresh mere distortions of the emanations of the Most High who has no name, is not gendered, and cannot be comprehended on a mere five senses if you but knew. Leave your Gods and Messiahs at the gate if you expect to walk through the portal of no influence. One must leave everything just as when they came in this world they knew nothing of it, so they must leave out.

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