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I've recently stumbled upon a more efficient version of a book called mastering astral traveling in 90 days.However the new and the old book do not only discuss how to astral travel but how to raise energy up through the chakras. Its very short and to the point and what I also found helpful was it warns you about possible dangers of working on different chakras ( like the sexual chakra for example). This version is more efficient because it does not require relaxation and deep breathing but you're welcome to anyhow. enjoy resistance

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thank  you! 

Thank you brotha

thanks WK.   

Thanks Jon for first introducing me to this book way back. I gave up on the robert bruce first book because I wasn't  t getting results. Even if I do not obe the mobile body awareness has been of great assistance. Thank you

Thanks for this White Knight!

No problem, consistency is the name of the game here. keep those energy bodies elevated and well maintenance as we've ignore our chakra centers for too long which ultimately have been the key to our well-being. Wholeness



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