So its known that the waste of a mans semen recreates his death. 

It feels right, it feels intuitive to bring celibacy to my current relationship. He and I both agreed to this yesterday. 

But I would like to know why this recreates a mans death, why should he and I practice being celibate? What does it mean to be celibate; is it more than just not having sex?

What I am looking for are links, articles, videos that can better explain this and break it down on a seeker/neophyte level since neither of us are adepts yet. 

Articles, videos, links,advice, and/or tips that will keep us motivated on our path of celibacy in our relationship until we decide to get to pregnant. 

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Hello Gina! In my belief celibacy is not needed, it is very possible for man to have an orgasm without spilling of the semen. All it takes is practice :)   Perhaps look into tantric sex and kegel exercizes.

Hope I could help!


I didnt know that a man could orgasm without spilling his semen! Thank you

I didn't know it was possible either Gina. Until It happened to me, the funny thing is i wasn't doing anything sexual. I was experimenting with breathing techniques while meditating then out of nowhere i was like wtf. lolThis was before i learned kundalini is associated with sexual energy.

Hi Gina,

I have attached a book that I feel you may benefit from reading, it explains how a man does not have to ejaculate when he orgasms, this way preserving the semen and the energy loss he may feel as a result of ejaculation.

I would recommend that you and your partner read this together.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


WOW! Thank you. I have never heard of this practice before!

And at the same time we can add the companion book from mantak chia: 

The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

very very helpful!

just want to say thank you all who replied. My boyfriend has never felt better. I'll save the details. lol


One more question:

How long should a male continue on to practice semen retention?

Ive researched and some websites say that he should release every 6 weeks. Im guessing this is due to the time it take for semen to regenerate. 

thoughts? opinions? 



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