My first time posting but I have been looking in from the outside for a few years.

My question pertains to WW1 and a visit by Yoganada - particularly his visit to the White House.In Yoganda's book there is a picture of Yoganda with a Col House... in the back ground half hidden from drapes is the President W. WIlson.


My question: Why would Yoganada be with these (fill in the blanks)


Know that I have over 20 years in yoga practice. And more in that in martial arts. I seek the truth and mean no disrespect by posing a question which I have researched, prayed and mediated for an answer.


Much Love to All.



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My apologies... 1st for my poor vocabulary and 2nd I reference Colonel House when in fact the picture 4 of 20 between pages 336 - 337 of (Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda) is of Guru Yogananda with Mr. John Balfour not House. It is my belief that Yogananda and other Guru of his stature were essentially incorruptible. 


My question is the same.







A. Everyone is potentially corruptible  B. When one is awakened to the degree that Yoganada is/was one no longer has enemies everyone is an aspect of the most high self C. In my experience there comes a point in everyones path, although it is quiet far down the path for many, that they are confronted with the test of working with ones "enemy". D. If someone such as one of these political leaders, or anyone for that matter were to ask for help in Self Realization. Would one not be overjoyed at the opportunity to help them? E. The plight of this very matrix is the builder of it needs someone or someones with a cure to its plight as a parasitic entity...someone to "take father home". Hope this helped Wholeness Brother


I started reading Sevan's Book the Code to the Matrix at 3AM Sunday I could not put it down until finished.

Reading it along with viewing the incredible documents and attachments resonated like a ton of bricks.

In short, it provided a seed that grew into an answer to the question that I had.

Thank you for replying and thank you Sevan for having the WISDOM contained in the book and the COURAGE to share this with humanity for free.  












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