Hi guys, I'm new here and have been reading through the site to get the hang of things. NE way, I had a question about premonition dreams and recurring dreams etc. I have always had the ability to see things in the future and past through my dreams among other things but I have never had the opportunity to develop this and have no idea how to direct my thoughts to get answers concerning certain matters in my dreams. I can have a vision of seemingly irrelevant stuff or minor things and they happen for real in my life after several months after the dream but I can't will myself to get a vision about things affecting my life, its kinda weird how these dreams come about and I can go for years having the same recurring theme dreams about some thing but not clearly understand what its supposed to mean. Ne one here have similar occurences and can shed light on how to understand the power of dreams?

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You may need to clean your filters. When the spirit body attempts to communicate with the physical body about what it sees coming or has experienced through a dream, because they speak a totally different language until they are completely mended sometimes dreams come out parallel to other meaning. For instance one may be dreaming of their mother all the time but the dream is trying to say Earth, their other mother. In addition crystals clear things up and have the ability of amplifying the signal so you can get the information more clearly and thus be able to interpret it on your own. Always beware of individuals interpreting your dreams, you want to be a decipherer of your own dreams. Work on the filters, and if you can check out "ear candling" it will be of value. We are here for you.
Thanks for the info Sevan, I agree with you about being able to decipher my own dreams, something I would really like to be able to do. About the filters, what are they, how do they usually get blocked and what are the different ways of cleaning. I know you have already mentioned crystals and ear candling, I'm also guessing some form of meditation and correct dietary habits? I would like to use crystals but I'm a bit worried about going to a shop that sells them in my area, its a psychic shop. My main concern is how do you know if some of the individuals running these shops who have spiritual /esoteric knowledge don't 'lace' the crystals with certain energies/entities which you end up carrying to your home. What have you guys done to prevent this kind of stuff?
Thanks Myriam, I will have a look at the posts on cleaning crystals.



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