Hi all!

My name is Tom and i am 19 years old and have been on a spiritual quest for about a year and a half.

I recently had an extreme spiritual experience that i am unable to understand.

I was walking down the street in Wellington, New Zealand and i suddenly had a large activation of an extreme altered state of bliss and ecstasy. I followed by inner voice through this experience and it led me through various "challenges"  and to various people who were obviously trying to make me fearful. Everyday i would experience elated highs followed by extreme lows and it felt like i was about to die after every low. Anyway i made it through each day alive, but i continued to go into this extreme altered state of consciousness when the sun rose in the morning. Eventually, this high ecstatic energy led me jumping into the water and attempting to end my life(but it was a voice "let go" rather than something of a sinister nature) and at the time i thought something beautiful was on the other side.

I was then pulled out of the water by the police and i now live with my parents again. I have been diagnosed with "first episode physios" but i know this isn't true. Im not in a mental hospital but i am confused about this experience, i still have up and downs but not nearly as intense.

My mind seems to have split into two or something after this experience. I still encounter fearful people on the street regularly and i seem to draw them to me. I also see the number 13 almost everywhere now, my cat isn't fond of me anymore and bees, wasps and butterflys always fly around me so much its ridiculous.

I was wondering if anyone could shed light on what this experience means. I dunno if im cursed or being tested or activating Kundalini. I also have a large pulse almost constantly buzzing in my root chakra.

Any help would be greatly appreciated so i can get back on my path.

Peace and Love


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honestly. this reminds me of a network of clusters that the darkness plays. if i explain this please dont hurt my feelings.

okay the term darkness,. the people who play tactical games of who to crack, who to smack, and who to lok up. i falll into all those categories. i was put through the trials of ether at a young age and was burried in occult information. i learned as i went and practically understood nothing but the sense of danger. i didnt feel burdened or anything but i had alot of shitty experiences. i was too special or hard to take. it sucked that trying to come out led to being labeled insane. but other people showed me informatiom. this is a scare tactic and they used special energies to alter you completely. they used that feeling of fear on you and you picked up on it. from there it worked like a seed affecting your energy and making you think not so clearly. ive heard of it happening and i had it happen. the experience is not pretty. its something you have to break. its like a type of special programming that is issued to those who could threaten the system. but even that is a farce. its untrue if looked through my current lens. its a trap and something else pulled the strings on them.

i am unsure how a curse cancelation can be triggered but sometimes people can evolve out of their trap. sadly the tactic wasnt just to mess with you but to trap you under the gaze of some person. more than likely this could cripple your abilities. it depends on whos watching you. its a very powerful tactic and its hard to push past the barrier. this is one of the reasons my enlightened mind was chosen to cleanse this darkness. but alas ive yet to figure out how to make myself lucid where it counts. but if these beings tried something id edge them out. the real battle is in the other planes though. past the 4th dimension all my training has accumulated into a superior intelect. i dont have the proper tactics or skill but for just darn good luck i still prevail. there was a time when they did stuff to me though. im stuck in a spot right now but ive repeled them off since my trials began to increase . i am still training today actually.

the point is that the darker beings tend to mess with peoples heads especially the mentaly empowered.

i had something happen once that caused a different reaction. i was new to this life at the time  and sadly was nearly possessed. however i broke its hold,. but it was rather enraging. over the last year i learned that this is more common.

its what i know about the situation. i hope it helps.

Thank you so much man. if you have any idea on how i can break this that would be much appreciated.

Much Love Tom

i usually get out of these holds by overcoming them. like when they made me feel fear i tried hard to stop bein fearful and trust myself and my defenses. eventually my fearless energy carried me to a frequency above the hold they had on me. 

id say to overcome that kind of hold requires control of emotions and the proper discipline to be stronger. also it seems you have a bit of a parasitic entity. not so much a direct one but one that follows and feeds off energy. insects somehow have connections to be present in the face of dark threats. some people whove seen dark entities for some reason fear insects and such. there presence if unnatural is usually a sign that something is there creating negative energy. but perhaps you dont fear the insects, its just that you fear the negative energy affecting you and its effects.

as for the entity if its there, it might leave if you can overcome the pressure set upon you. but again breaking such powers is hard. ive yet to find a cureall method.. a simple negate or dispel wave might work but it has to be more powerful than the entity or entities. since part of this was that you felt the presence of a group. humans who serve the dark will not always be around though making things easier.  i would try focusing your energy around your entirety, holding it in the inner aura and then pushing it outward with great force. use the principle of ethers high speed. its quite fast compared to this dimension speed cap.

that wave is a shockwave but its good for breaking down negative constructs and it disables them with a bit of static. i used this last night on a much larger scale and nuked 50 ships over the course of a mile. however i also maintained the wave because i have tat much energy. the shockwave is like an emp sometimes and it can also be damaging at high voltage. but most people dont have enough power to harm things. another effect of the static is it disables an entity messing with its consciousness. if a human were touched by such static it would short out there grid thus being useful for nonlethal means. so if humans were using other world powers or frequencies they would have to reset their system and energize again. 

the reason the shockwave does this is unclear. again i doubt youll harm something unless they were weak enough..

to use the shockwave correctly think of the situation as follows. a dark entity or group of them casts a curse and in the proper frequency to over power your natural defenses. this curse is essentially a pressure applied to you. so to break the frequency your pressure or frequency must overpower the one applied to you. overpowering the pressure will most of the time break the curse or at least this type of them. i guess its to say only pressure based curses break under this effect.

i have a few curses ive yet to break.but perhaps saving that for another time will be best option. i hope this works for you.



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