Some say it hinders spiritual growth...

Some say it benefits....

I have been a smoker for the last 5 years, and am now just starting to wonder if it's hindering my spiritual growth...

I am on day 9 of not using, and I'm doing just fine...Haven't noticed any significant changes other than I can remember dreams more often...

I'm curious to others opinion about this that may have come to a higher innerstanding about this...

Greatly appreciative :)


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it has aided me in some meditation when I first got started but now I am looking at why I did it for so long it is a question you need to ask your higher self it may be right for you and not another
I was reading somewhere that Marijuana is not of this planet and that it was brought here by ETs long, long ago. I was looking up info on the internet about it, but the only thing I could find was the same article that had been copied and pasted all over the internet. Has anyone else heard anything like this?
"Delta 9/Cannabis Sativa (f.): Marijuana entity. The entity influences the thoughts and feelings, the outlook and perceptions of anyone who smokes or eats marijuana and thereby takes into their physical body the physical counterpart of the entity. At that point the identities of the pot smoker and the entity begin to mesh. The marijuana entity is a parasite that robs the individual of their Light blocking their ability to contact the Higher Self and leaving them spiritually and physically spent. At the early stages of use, the pot smoker usually feels exhilarated because the drug releases Light stored in the chakras. This flow of Light (which is being siphoned off by the entity) gives the feeling of creativity, insight, and enjoyment. But ultimately the person is depleted, since he is being emptied, not filled."
Interesting...where did you find this information?
i dont know where your refrence comes from about this topic .......never heard of that ....ever!
ok. just to help understand a plant that is here to help. not a drug. natural compund.
Did you ever consider that with the advent of legalized marijuana use, they may just be putting this info out there to get more people to buy it/try it/ smoke it? And expose them to the effects of the tainted marijuana (not self-grown from pure seeds ) that they are putting out there? If anyone in this country or its media was concerned with increasing our brain capacity, they wouldnt formulate commercials the way they do to sell us products because they would respect our intelligence. Just a thought...but it sounds like a set-up...
been smoking weed since i was 12 im 27. i live in northern cali. in the summer time you can smell that s*** growing everywhere you go. a lot of ppl smoke weed here. speaking from experience weed is highly addictive. i cant seem to quit the stuff but have been doing my best. weed IS NOT grown naturally anymore. indoor setups look like amateur drug labs. have you ever seen the countless chemicals mixed with the water to maximize yeild smell high etc? i have nothing natural about it. pure chemicals. also i can bless my weed or put a spell on it to do harm. same with the people who manufacture the chemicals. i hope this makes sense. look @ weed our parents smoked, nothing like the stuff now a days. the stuff today is like crack cocaine.

I'm sorry, I'm not devaluing your experience or opinion (which I see is from 3 years ago, so maybe you feel differently currently), but to set the record straight, this entire post is straight up just not true...

As far as addiction, it has been proven many times in the minds and experiences of many, many individuals that cannabis is not physically addictive and is no more mentally addictive than someone who cannot stop eating certain foods, or goes to the gym....too much. Some people have fixations and chemical imbalances (dopamine, serotonin) that cause them to react to such substances or neurochemical experiences with poor impulse control, but that doesn't make the substances themselves, in fact, addictive.

As far as "amateur drug labs", petrochemicals are what many people use on their lawns (MiracleGrow), and in that same way, much of the cannabis grown is in fact grown with chemical fertilization and sometimes with plant growth regulators as well, and this is a big problem. This is primarily chosen as a method by individuals that do not understand the benefits of organic gardening in general, or those who do, but discard them in ignorant attempts to create more money (The Monsanto way, or maximize yield, as you said). Even so, you certainly wouldn't call a guy who doesn't think twice about mixing some Miracle Grow into his tomato plants' out back, a "drug lab operator". That's ridiculous.

                                                        ^^ This is not a "drug lab"

It's unfortunate that after World War 2, there was nothing to do with all the chemical warfare elements that had been manufactured, and so the petro/agrochemical industry was born and the food system hit a sharp slide into being really, really screwed up. Cannabis growing techniques were, not surprisingly, affected as well.

Since I joined it in 2008, the medical cannabis community in California has been shifting rapidly towards organically grown cannabis being preferred and identified as the highest quality, and in 2013 there is a large part of the community that is only partaking of organic cannabis and would absolutely only recommend organically grown cannabis for any health related use. These are usually health conscious individuals in general, who also are eating organic food and working towards taking care of their bodies and minds in general. You know, people who would choose a smaller organic tomato with a spot on it over a huge, conventional, plastic-looking tomato.

It is up to each individual, like all things in life, to help curate and create quality and positivity in whatever endeavors they work on. For example, Mandala Seeds breeds organic, land race genetics of cannabis, and recommends the ideals ways to fertilize naturally and organically (i.e. not at all really, by using proper soil, like nature would), while maintaining practices to minimize any ecological effects. People can learn more about it here if they are interested in really innerstanding this concept:

So for real, telling people modern cannabis is the equivalent to crack cocaine is just not truth, even if it's grown with petrochemicals and growth regulators, it's gross, but still not equivalent. I feel this plant may have an important role in reality after humans stop digging oil out of the Earth's veins and realize we can make hemp fuel all day, sustainably. Current legalization efforts are promising, if flawed.

See this chart for more detailed info on why legalization is better than lack of legalization at this point, IMO:

Wholeness and Balance vibrations to you Zero, and everyone else experiencing and learning about this very interesting and incredible plant. I know quite a bit about it, but am very interested in learning much more about it's energetic significance and role in humanity's journey.


I feel that it helps raise the senses if done periodically with that purpose in mind. Uses meaning = smoke and then meditate, or study philosophy or prophecy (things that make you think deeply) or go out and pray or go to seek visions deep within the beauty of nature. However, if a person smokes too much, the person may experience negative feelings, which is a sign to cut back.

I say Tomato! like everything in life you have to feel like you’re doing the right thing you will now this by the gut feeling. I smoked in the past for many years, I enjoyed every minute but I was abusing it then. But it helps with my process, now many years late since I stopped! One of my doctor friends surprised me one day! He looks a straight as they come! Boyee I was shocked when he pulled out the Rizal! I said why not! I had a puff with him and it opened me up once again! The marijuana was great I got speaking to the Doctor he only used natural nicotine free/tobacco free herbs.. Made from Marshmallow leaves, red clover flowers and rose..

I will tell you now! Weather is the CRack or Natural! its where you want to take it. My 3rd eye pulsates like a rocket! I only use to find and guide my journey! I don’t use every day like I use to abuse when younger! And the tone and beats that I listen to run through me like vibrations! WOW! I'm not saying use it! All I'm saying is It what your heart what's to do with it! And how pure your thoughts are! It can take you both! it can rob you if you want it to rob you or it can take you places you've never been...

It’s you own heart and thought which will take you I try not to think too much! Use your feelings to decide things so the ghouls can't pull you the wrong way by feeding your thinking mind loads of misinformation.

Stay clam, no fear no anger just love the journey! and you don’t need to smoke ounces’ of the stuff! two, three deep breaths will open your stargate for travel! The choice is yours, not every ones the same!

But I stopped for years think it would harm me as government and TV ads say! the journey is yours! And I feel ill and the doctors told me it was the green... hmmmmmmm.... Just Kundalini awakening too strong!a bit like red and blue pill........

Instead of listening to others, listen to your heart! it will tell you if you’re doing right!

Remember the law of allowing: let everyone be whatever they want to be. Let them wake in their beds and believe whatever they want to believe. Don't judge and don't criticize, if you don't like it, either bare it, or move on. By not entangling yourself you stay safer.

One needs discipline to calm the mind and control, or your darkness comes out and pulls in the ghouls.

Learn to suffer in silence. It is pointless moaning as it calls the ghouls to your pain. Look within when you are in pain. Accept your life as it comes and then change the bits you can later on.

Love always and peace! Look inside for everything don’t get caught up in anything! It’s hard but try it!

Thank you Funky,

I appreciate your response, answered some questions I've been having.

Peace & Love



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