Some say it hinders spiritual growth...

Some say it benefits....

I have been a smoker for the last 5 years, and am now just starting to wonder if it's hindering my spiritual growth...

I am on day 9 of not using, and I'm doing just fine...Haven't noticed any significant changes other than I can remember dreams more often...

I'm curious to others opinion about this that may have come to a higher innerstanding about this...

Greatly appreciative :)


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Remembering your dreams is key. I recommend you read The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda.


Wow Agent, this is so true!! If one cannot control the urges of the mind, They're not in control. Powerful. Thank you for this important statement :)

Reasons I smoked in the past was because of peer pressure, now I could care less of what they think of me. If its my voluntary decision they have to respect that. The first time I had smoked marijuana I felt reality as if it was moving away from me, like it was far out in the distant, very hard to explain, but I know one thing, I'm never going to consume that ever again. But never is a long time.........

If it is a drug, it has to have some negative effects.
Thank you everyone for the replies, I really mean that...

Something inside of me has been telling me to quit for a long time now, and I've finally been listening to it.

Love you guys :)

Everything everyone has said is 100% true...
Hi I recently watched a dvd i bought on ebay, billion dollar crop which was very eye opening. I have been an on/off smoker for years but i 100% agree with you. The only thing i would add is it has been about the only helpful medication i have had over the last 10 years to help with chronic pain, I would prefer not to smoke it but to add to my herbal teas for arthritis and joint pain I use this last thing in the evening to help me sleep otherwise I'm up all night in pain. I'm very spiritual but don;t follow a god or anyone really, i trust what I feel, i felt this is right for me but in moderation which i agree is the key also i find i dont get the munchies i get philosophical! I've had no ill effects, for me its a stepping stone to help me through until i find something that works better, also these plants were put on the planet by the most high we was supposed to use them and know them, they don't come with a long list of side effects like every single prescription drug out there.
Hi BLJ i def agree with decriminalizing, the info on dvd was bought from ebay about two weeks ago for £2.35, if you type in billion dollar crop it should come up if you still have problems finding it try the advanced search title and description. I recommend all to watch video anti or pro as its good to actually really innerstand. I've been struggling with cigarettes for years but this made me give up straight away when you really get it that your tobacco is grown in radioactive ground!!! Which is the reason why i've swapped to tea but i'm still experimenting with different herbs at the moment i've settled for devils claw (hate the name!) and willow bark so I will let you know how it goes. Love & light carley

I hear you on the chronic pain. Plain & simple it's the hemp or the liver...the pain pills on the market will destroy the liver & the pharmceuticals have way too many side effects & addiction issues. I think in terms of what is the best I can do for myself & my answer is confront the pain itself so I've ben trying to do that. Meditation helps & I have found crystals to be helpful as well. There has ben a difference since I added MMS combo to my drinking water everyday. It has enabled me to begin working out again which is a big deal as I use to be a body builder & then just had to stop working out cold turkey. Gained about 20#'s so now I am beginning to deal with that.

I'm Actually gonna try it this month, I've learned that anything grown from the earth is good for you and is alkaline, unlike man-made acidic cigarettes, But I understand addiction as it's been in my family for years, and i've even fought addiction to things like video games, So moderation is definitely important, I'm not afraid of any dark entity, they better take heed to the no trespassing sign. lol
Dr dilbert blair says not to take quimicals, not HERBAL. don t want to say to much, only that any judg ment should be done free of civil thinking. Drug does not apply to "mary" and people tend to forget it grows naturally in the planet. Besides, evolution requires complex molecules to be bulding blocks using our brain as a catalist. So THC and natural occuring vegetal compounds ( ibotenic acid) shoul be studied, not turn illegal fo money controll( el lilly) . Let s talk drug. SUGAR, ALCOHOOL, VALIUM, COCA COLA, CANNED FOOD, BOTLLED WATTER, PROCESSED MEAT( any meat is a dead thing,think no different) and we are omnivores ), CANDY, ... so To evolve to a high complex brain, maybe some of us need a complex molecule and understand i t s a living been we are talking about, not a plastic sintetic thing...This is not a critic, just my thinking . :)
I totally agree!
I agree with what you are saying here.

On another note:

Good point Goddess,

This is a world of creation, and mis-creation.

Mosquito's, ticks, etc...fall into the category of mis-creation..

Does Marijuana as well?



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