About the book The Code to the Matrix..regarding reptilian/serpent influence...it discusses all references to serpent related symbolism in religion to serve the reptilians...do any of believe there is any significance then to kundalini when considering chakras? It is represented by a snake?

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Hi megan, saw your question from earlier, innerstanding it from a time within, the red serpent fire seated at the base of the spine as a picture. has been used in so called "mystery" schools as a symbol to gather this energy and focus it up the spinal column, which then begins to uncoil and move through and around the spinal column, like intertwining serpents, moving up the spinal chord through the chakra's or seals, till it reaches the seventh seal crown centre, creating the appearence of the caduceus around a pole.. hence regeneration born within- one movie that attempts to depict this in symbolism, is Little budda- Keanna Reeves.... when the hooded naga serpent in his aceticism day, shelters him as budda from the rain and all elements. Another attempt by holly wood is in the movie rejected by the Catholic Church before it came out. The Last Temptation of Christ...  The Dude, symbolic of Jesua, Ben Josef  had major head aches and some what insanity" moments, as it appears in the movie,  and was an attempt of a depiction of the kundalini energy rising in him, causing his oob journeys, and as noted he had to run to his wife Mary magdeline depicted in her role as the divine whore used to raise kundalini in the awaiting line of men. In the move he had to wait his turn... to balance that energy.. Understandably the Church had some bad publicity for this movie, at the time..a possible stunt to raise money for the movie as well.

Yet Keeping it simple, i do think that the activation of a certain energy with focused will (pure intent) the Breath, assists such imagery such as the uncoiling of energy to do the great work it is intended to do, in spite of any  tiny altered "ego" depiction of the Essence of this Energy.   It is possibly knowledge, implanted in the human dna, some even discard it ( i refer to it as junk in the trunk) that can become a most valuable  treasure of energy once it is opened up. with Righteousness, or Right use of..  

The I self progenitors of today's marvelous human brain,  or "God energy" and the keepers of secrets/sacred, know that  the highways and byways of neuron activity of the brain and the bridge inbetween, are like the cosmos, a Forever Expansion,  awaiting Enlightenment every moment, when Awakening and Activation becomes a prime objective of the body mind spirit, SOL,  even  the NOTHING steps in to assist in the Great Work, it can happen at any time for sure,  it is within the Ever- past present future- knowledge that  cannot be locked by that area of the reptilian brain complex, given to mankind, by the ancestors explorations, of the great VOID. possibly as a gift and a curse simultaneously,

Unlimited  Potentials abound, when one goes within to the Most High, expressly, to turn knowledge into Wisdome...

Here at the resistance family, indeed that is what is happening, Treasures are being unpackaged from the so called Junk DNA,  and the EVERYTHING now becoming the new wine of Total Awareness turning the lights on all areas  within  the so called

matrix.ma tricks..


There is probably no accident the medical profession, keeps its symbol so covered in symbolism on the outer, door,

because in fact they know of the true healing powers of the spiraling of kundalini energy upward, and what it stands for if the knowledge became common place... a real ego buster to the money maker machine indeed...

 Earth Wind and Fire, who, one must gander had some idea about Energy,  Take a look at their u tube symbolisms

Serpentine Fire



P,S. made a few adjustments to the earlier.. post to you megan,

lately I have to adjust so many thoughts to get a more unlimited point of view... Thanks for the Quest i on,

Wholeness Balancing Vibrations...

@ Neil Andna:

Very nice post. QFT. 

Awesome post.

Let us all keep in mind the Code was written almost 4 years ago now. To simplify the subject internally the energies coil and spiral and at times it feels as if it is electric, this is prana. When those who began to write down their experiences began to record this expression they described it as a snake or fish. It is clear as stated in many of the ancient books that the first "spirits" man and woman came in contact with had a major impact on them, one that made the fear spirits in the future naturally.

We also must keep in mind that our ancestors could explain anything that was taking place in this reality, especially within their body, through a description of something found in nature since the two are intertwined . Snake symbolism is almost always found with Tree symbolism attached to it since the two have many of the same features and are seen inseparable hence the story of the snake and the tree found in popular religious books such as the Bible.

After degeneration and external debasement many of the symbols were taken very external and literal. This ultimately became the root to serpent worship. Serpent worship is no different then Auroch worship as it is still the worship of the beast. Further what you will find is a mystical nature of mankind in an ability to focus energy on an idea of something and eventually get it to manifest in physicality in some way or another, this is called inception versus conception. One asking if the horned serpents of old a.k.a Nachash was here before possibly millions began to worship it is like asking which one came first, the chicken or the egg. The answer of course is, the idea. Thank Resistance Member James Paige for that one. :-)


I see it as the book denoted the external representations of the collective self. The Reptile/Snake (Earth) is a more primal version of us which must be molded and honed properly (As a collective right now it isnt. therefore it manifest on the plane as corrupt, egotistic, current hoarders). The concept of reptilians is the representation of this primal force inside that still seems to sway the average human in its direction trying to keep you in a primitive cycle or psychosis both individually and as a whole. Kundalini is the bringing together of this powerful grounded primal force and knowledge and reason through perpetuate compassion. The snakes poison may be deadly, but one still needs it to create the remedy.

Thanks for bringing it back Neil and for the heads up on the deephighlands blog - devouring now....



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