Quality Learning Tools for Toddlers & Young Children

Wholeness All,

Just wanted to know if any members have links to or any information concerning quality learning tools for toddlers and young children that will not expose them to the classical conditioning programs in use by the system and or tools that can be utilized to enhance the clear frequency that they already posses?

If anyone has any leads for me it would be greatly appreciated!


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There are these cartoons that I would have wanted someone2 show me if I were a kid. They/re on Youtube and called Spirit Science. There/s a selection. Skim through and see if there/s anything of interest2 you.

Hi deron and enochpompeii. I was a little excited to reply to this post, please forgive my enthusiasm and I hope some of my thoughts maybe helpful to you and to others.
I agree, spirit sciences are great videos for parents and children to watch together. I have grown to believe that the best way to keep my children from being programmed by the system is to keep them out of school, away from TV, be selective about what movies we watch in our home and watch one per week (avoiding super heros and princesses), avoid dumb down educational games as well a violent games on the computer, again limiting computer or iPad time (monthly in our home), and not over whelming them with outside activities like soccer for example.
Feeding whole foods, growning as much foods together as is possible around our home, and being out of doors with nature have been the best tools for their "educations" as well as reading chapter books each night, not "dumb down" popular children's books. We read chapter books that would be considered over their skill level. They pick up the vocabulary and engage in the concepts easily and I get to enjoy what I read as well, children's classics that have been lost through time have been the best like Heidi, Peter Pan ( not disney's), Charlotte's Web, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, 2000 leagues under the sea, A Wrinkle in Time, and various Native American children's books and stories like Light foot and Thunder bird. Trips to the thrift store are fun for us all and we have been able to build a very different type of library than the standard modern american familie's. Our little-big home library includes everything from picture books to old encyclopedias and the kids do get a lot of use out of our collection.
We are living our daily lives as if college diplomas and big careers are of no importance. I believe in the children's desire to learn and I know that they will choose their path on their own when they have matured. We are raising our children in a similar fashion to what is called un-schooling, a concept I found while researching homeschooling online.
The most important element of allowing children to enhance their own clear freaquancy is to allow them the time and space to get bored. Boredom, next to nature, is a child's best teacher providing them the headspace needed to take responsibility for their own entertainment and education. iPad and the internet are not condusive to allowing a child to develop their spirituality, children will have no problem learning how to cruise the internet and master educational games later in their little lives! I encourage any parent to avoid the new tv babysitter: Internet, tablets, and cell phones.
Let your children witness your eagerness to pursue your passions while they play near you like children are intended to do! Let them see you working hard, let them help you cook and garden and clean :) ~ Jodi in New Mexico (credentials: mom of three boys aged three, six, and seven! Haha!)
What you are doing Jodi is excellent and I applaud you. It is exactly what I wish2 achieve when I have a family. I/m glad 2see the path is fun and possible.

Also keep in mind musical instruments when we are talking about toddlers it is important to gauge their intake and to not introduce things that incorporate complex matrix based decoding as its simply not needed. An easel for art with all the fittings is also key http://tinyurl.com/m7dkkgx

As a child I had toys like these http://tinyurl.com/kou4fs9 and it did wonders, I can still remember the thought processes I needed to go through in order complete some of the exercises to see the results.

Go through this list for educational toys http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=bl_sr_toys-and-games?ie=UTF8&field-...

These are wonderful sources! I was also looking for educational tools teaching on trees, birds and other things of nature. Any recommendations?


You might consider looking into Montessori learning tools, a google search will give great results. Also there are many crafts people selling hand made toys and educational tools on etsy.com again searching Montessori or will give you good results there as well.

I agree with Sevan's suggestion to make art supplies and musical instruments available, try to provide a few instruments that have good sound, many children's instruments sold sound awful and a child may think he or she is responsible for that bad sound! With a little searching at music stores or online again you can find some instruments that are simple and beautiful!

Agreed on the Montessori method if one decides not to home school or if one wants to incorporate a similar curriculum at home. One motto at my son's Montessori school is 'nurturing my potential.' Maria Montessori believed schooling should instill a love of learning and exploring and believed children will motivate themselves if given the freedom to move around and choose what they would like to work on/learn. Responsibility is another factor. I like how the classroom is largely set up to the scale of young children and not the dictatorial set-up of many modern classrooms.

Enough cannot be said about allowing children to explore the natural world surrounding for there is no better teacher. Nature can aid in re-setting distortions picked up in the day-to-day. It seems cliche to note that a child will often be more interested in the box the toy came in rather than the toy itself. Or the sticks outside versus the plastic sword. Etc.

As mentioned obviously limit the gadgets. I feel this at the very least can cause difficulty in focusing as well as over-stimulation which overloads the senses.

Another parent at my son's school recommended this online site if one wishes an approach similar to the curriculum norm but that parents have more control over. I have not explored this in depth yet. https://www.khanacademy.org/

Of course children are unique and will often give hints as to what inspires their creativity. The key is being aware and open, even if the activity is not something you would enjoy. The other evening I looked out the window and a gaggle of kids were in the driveway making patterns with perfume then lighting them on fire. Looked very beautiful and smelled good :) I thought my sibs and I had tried everything but that one was new!

Has anyone got some ideas for a learning curriculum
for 8yr olds.im seriously thinking of taking my
child out of school as I don't want her learning
what were now finding out to be FALSE,especially now
we know what English really is!! If anyone home schools their
child it would help me with ideas.i have 3 older children
so I know the basics on what to carry on from basic school
work but I want to open her up to her imagination which
doesn't get encouraged and history like other things is a big
lie. Any ideas would be fantastic. Thankyou resistance family.

Terri, I am currently homeschooling my two children 8 and 6 for similar reasons. I will tell you that while I am seeking more knowledge on where and how to find more true curriculum, I cover our "basics" required by law (ugh) and kind of make use of all the rest of the time we have to exploring nature and our own interests. Good luck and blessings.

terri, I mentor 13 and 10 year olds in a local home school community for art, history, and grammar. This year I am trying something different with the 10 year olds for history class with great success. We are researching mysteries of ancient history. We are doing this by reading articles and watching videos that have opposing points view about the mysteries we find. In art class, we are creating objects inspired by the research and in grammar, we are keeping a journal. In the journal we record the findings and what we want to research more outside of class. We are also examining english as a code and learning about ways to break that code. The students are having a blast! 

Kriste, thank you for sharing this information. Would you mind listing any of the references or books you use with them, to help further indpire us homeschool moms?

What blessed children you have in your group.  This is a perfect, balanced concept - the new way for our children! :)



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